Yes to a Lilac or Lavender Sweater This Fall – Here’s How

When you think of Autumn, colors like brown, rust, gold, plum, and dark green come to mind… but Lilac and Lavender?  I’ve noticed that these pretty purples are becoming increasingly popular for fall. Today I’m sharing two great ways to wear a lilac or lavender sweater right now.

lavender sweater


Over the last several years, one of the biggest changes in fashion has been the crossover in colors from season to season. For example, Lavender is a summer blooming flower, so we traditionally wore the color lavender once spring arrived to signal the start of warm weather ahead. Then, once it was time to head back to school and work, you usually didn’t see it again for a while.  Now Lavender is year-round color.

I love that we have so much more choice. We get to wear the colors that look great on us when we want, instead of being locked into a calendar!

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Lavender is such a beautiful color to wear in the fall for many reasons. A lavender sweater is the perfect transitional piece to wear with jeans when the weather is up and down and you don’t feel like getting into darker colors yet.  Even though it’s a light color, it’s a knit, and that makes it look appropriate for this time of year.  You can even wear a lavender sweater with soft white jeans and booties since white is no longer taboo in fall.

lavender sweater outfit

Also, Lavender goes so well with many fall colors. It’s natural with blue denim, light or dark any time, but it also looks rich with gray and taupe and is a standout with black jeans, pants, or leggings. For a creative look, you can try Lavender mixed with dark Forest green or Wine/Burgundy!

Lavender is also a complexion-enhancing color that is helpful in fall when the sunny glow of summer begins to fade away. Lavender can brighten up your face and give you life!

lavender turtleneck sweater

I found the cute lavender mock neck sweater I’m wearing at Amazon.  It’s from their Goodthreads house brand. Goodthreads has some nice sweaters, including the rust turtleneck and the colorblock crewneck I wore recently. The quality is quite good, and the prices are very reasonable. (*Canadian link here)

The jeans I’m wearing with this are from Mott and Bow. I talked about how much I love the style and fit of these jeans in a recent Mott and Bow review that you must check out. They are one of my top 3 favorite jeans.

lavender knit

My suede Chelsea booties are a sophisticated grey-taupe color that I can wear year-round, and my bag, well, I can’t say enough about it. This is a large Chloe Wallet on a gold chain  that you can wear crossbody style. It’s the perfect size for when I’m out and about,  and I don’t want anything heavy to carry around. And that putty color with the gold is so chic!

lilac sweater outfit

Moving on, let me show you a beautiful lilac sweater I adore. ( similar here) Now some may call this pink, some may call this Lavender, but it is actually Lilac. What is the difference between Lavender and Lilac? They are both light purples. Lavender is light purple with a blueish tinge, and Lilac is light purple with a pink twinge. This is why this sweater looks purply pink!

lilac sweater

This feminine sweater is a fantastic hero piece in your wardrobe. You can see the gorgeous stitching and the face-framing V-neck. It’s a high-low style, so it covers your bottom is shorter in the front and covers your bottom in the back, making it ideal for wearing with leggings too.

Lilac sweater with crossbody bag, jeans

I’m wearing this sweater with flare jeans. These Ruth jeans are from L’agence, and it is the first time I have worn this brand. The raw edge is nice for a change, but you know me – that’s about as unfinished a hem as I’ll go. I still like my jeans to look elegant.

The only thing about these jeans is they are very long! I’m 5’7″ with long legs, and I have to wear heels with these, or else they drag on the floor big-time. Of course, you can’t hem them with that raw edge, so I save these as more of my going-out jeans instead of my everyday pair.

lilac sweater outfit

Another nice thing to wear with a Lilac or Lavender sweater is a touch of snake print. Wearing all solid colors can be too plain. These gray-black python booties are considered neutral and look beautiful with the Lilac color. The snake print adds that cool factor, so together, the stunning lilac sweater with these booties makes this a wow outfit when you walk into a room.

lilac Ted Baker sweater

There’s my Chloe Hana Wallet on a chain, again. You can also carry it like a clutch—what a great color when wearing a bright-colored top. You wouldn’t want a bright purse with a lilac sweater or purse. I mean, you could. It would look super artsy, but for an elegant look, keep your bag neutral but not boring and let the lilac color of the sweater be the focal point.

lilac sweater with jeans


Are you ready to put a little lavender or lilac in your life this fall? How do you feel about wearing this spring/summer color this time of year, and what would you wear it with? I’d love to know.

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6 thoughts on “Yes to a Lilac or Lavender Sweater This Fall – Here’s How

    1. Thanks Sharon, A lot of my readers really like this shade and it is selling well. I love fall shades but sometimes you just feel like something brighter and this fall brights are in!

  1. I see little lavender flowers growing alongside the pretty yellow daisys, all over the ditches on the coast this time of year. For us it is a Fall color. I love both these sweaters but I wish the vee neck came in lavender. I like the deeper shade. Great looking jeans and love your sunglasses with this.

  2. The Ted Baker sweater is beautiful! Actually the lavender one is really pretty too, but then I love shades of purple in general ever since growing lavender in my garden… its scent transformed me into a fan. Your ragged hem jeans reminded me of my high school days when we would cut our old or too-short jeans into cut-offs (shorts) and would just fringe the raw edge instead of hemming it. We used a crewel needle or T-pin for the task. You could do that with your jeans to make them a more practical length.

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