Winter Chic: How to Style Black Velvet Jeans

Remember when velvet was reserved for special occasions like weddings or holiday parties? It was the fabric of choice for glamorous evening gowns and chic cocktail dresses. But oh, how times have changed!

Velvet has officially shed its formal image and become a favorite fabric to wear casually too.  One of the most gorgeous ways to add some velvet into your wardrobe is velvet jeans.

Today, I’m talking about velvet jeans and sharing tips on how to style them for fall and holiday time.

leopard sweater black velvet jeans

Why I Love Velvet Jeans

Velvet jeans are a favorite of mine in winter because they are elegant but very comfy, like your favorite pair of jeans.  Their plush texture and luxurious sheen make them look upscale and give them more dimension, making them a lot more exciting to style.

Black is hands down the most popular color for velvet jeans, but red/burgundy and blue velvet jeans look pretty special if you can find them.

If wearing velvet still sounds formal to you, keep in mind that velvet jeans are not truly pure velvet. They’re usually silky veleveteen (faux velvet),  or cotton velvet with a dash of stretch built in. This makes them very easy and comfy to wear.

How to Style Black Velvet Jeans to Look Casually Chic

Pair your black velvet jeans with a cozy sweater for a relaxed yet stylish look. This can be a long-tuned sweater, oversized sweater, or classic crew or v-neck sweater. Neutral tones like cream or camel keep it classy.  For an edgier look, try an animal print.

black velvet jeans leopard top

black velvet jeans

Look # 1 Black Velvet Jeans with Animal Print

The inky blackness of these velvet jeans makes this mock neck leopard print sweater pop! These skinny ankle jeans look great with this longer sweater tunic. Slim straight jeans or straight-leg jeans would also be fabulous.

I’ve added these glamorous black suede booties with the chunky leopard heel to complete the look. Animal print booties would have been too much with the leopard print sweater!

I could have done a black bag with this outfit, but I always love a touch of burgundy or plum with this color mix. A red purse would be exciting, but a burgundy or plum bag is a bit more sophisticated.


Wondering what these jeans would look like in red velvet?  I have a pair.  My burgundy velvet jeans look beautiful styled with winter white.

woman wearing black velvet jeans and red sweater

Look # 2 Black Velvet Jeans with Red Sweater

Black and red are always a striking combination. Here, I’ve paired a super soft, cozy red sweater with cute puff sleeves and a pair of slim, straight-leg black velvet jeans.

My slipper-like slides with the gold studs play up the plush velvet.


red velvet top

How to Style Black Velvet Jeans to Look Party Perfect

When the holidays arrive, and you have a casual party or special event to attend, pair your velvet jeans with a sequined top or a satin blouse for some extra shine and sparkle. Finish off the look with sky-high heels and a clutch bag, and you’ll be the life of the party.

Look # 3 Velvet Jeans and Velvet Top

This pretty burgundy velveteen wrap top shows you can even pair velvet with velvet, especially at Christmastime. This would also make a stunning  New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day outfit!

Will You Be Wearing Velvet Jeans?

Whether running errands, attending a work function, or hitting the town for a night out, velvet jeans are your ticket to looking modern and stylish at midlife and beyond. Embrace your inner fashionista, and let your fabulous self shine!

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