Cozy Earth Bamboo Robe Helps with Menopause

If you are a fan of Oprah’s Favorite Things, you’ve probably heard of Cozy Earth Bedsheets – hailed by Oprah as the softest sheets in the world. But did you know there’s also a fabulous Cozy Earth Robe?  Here are 3 things I love about mine and why it’s perfect when you are menopausal.

Cozy Earth bamboo robe

1. It’s Super Soft

The older I get, the dryer and more crepey my skin feels. So, when I’m stepping out of the bath, putting on my makeup, or just lying in bed around watching Netflix, I want a robe that is uber soft and comfy. Bamboo is at the heart of all Cozy Earth’s products. Its’ dramatically softer than cotton or linen, and what gives this robe such a luxurious look and feel.

Cozy Earth bamboo Kimono

2. It’s Lightweight

Not only is this robe soft, but it’s also very lightweight.  I’m over big, bulky terrycloth robes that make me look like the Hulk and weigh me down. This is made from a thin stretch bamboo knit and has an elegant, flattering drape.

Cozy earth knit bamboo robe

3. It Has a Cooling Effect

The best thing about my Cozy Earth bamboo robe is that the enhanced weave gives it a fabulous cooling effect. Boy, do I need that! There have been so many mornings when I’ve gotten out of the shower, slipped on a regular robe, started drinking a hot cup of tea, and begun blow-drying my hair, only to get so ridiculously hot and sweaty that I’ve had to whip off my robe!  It’s all because of menopause.

But my Cozy Earth robe has really helped with this problem. How? The bamboo fabric is naturally temperature regulating.  It breathes!  Humidity that normally gets trapped between your body and the robe is wicked away, so you stay dry and cool instead of burning hot and humid. Hallelujah!

Cozy earth white bamboo robe

Cozy Earth also has premium bamboo pajamas and loungewear, and of course, those famous sheets!  I love mine. Take your pick. They all keep you cool and dry, so they are perfect for midlife gals or anyone wanting a better night’s sleep.

A bonus – Everything at Cozy Earth is produced responsibly with a lot of care for the environment and the workers. Their products are free of toxins, harsh chemicals, and dyes, and they visit and work closely with the people who handcraft their products overseas.

Right now, You can get  30% off anything at Cozy Earth with code SUNSHINE, so be sure to take a look!

*Thank you to Cozy Earth for sponsoring this post.

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