How to Style Straight Crop Jeans

I love my skinny jeans, but I’ve been wearing them a long time, so it’s exciting to see a shift happening. Straight-leg jeans are the new “it” style, and they’re looking pretty fabulous for spring.

Straight crop jeans that show a bit of leg look, especially on-trend. They’re casual and comfy but can also look great dressed up. Hourglass, apple, and athletic shapes suit this style best.

If your legs aren’t long to begin with, you may be concerned that straight crop jeans will make your legs look shorter and your thighs look wider. While it is true of any cropped pants, there are a few style tricks to counteract this.

Here’s how to style straight crop jeans to look long, lean and chic.

1. Choose a High Waist

A cropped pant hem visually shortens your legs, so if you wear high-waisted jeans that sit way up on your body, you’ll see more jeans, and your legs will appear longer.

2. Wear a Shorter Top

A shorter top also shows more of your jeans and elongates your legs. Try a cropped sweater, a top that ends at your waist, or a shirt tied or tucked in. Another good look is a longer top or sweater with a front or side tuck to reveal the high waist. A belt looks great with this look too.

If you want to wear a top that is a bit longer to cover your tummy, throw a cropped jacket or sweater over top of it to draw the eye upwards.

Straight Crop jeans - Floral Top

3. Try Heels

Any heel looks fabulous with straight cropped jeans. Pumps add a dressy touch and will definitely elongate your legs. A low- medium mule or sandal also helps the illusion of a longer leg.

What about sneakers? Sneakers or flats can look cute if comfort is key. To get the longest look possible, wear sneakers or flats that are low cut and/or in the shade close to your skin color- nude.

Booties – In the winter, you can wear booties with straight crop jeans. Ensure they have a high shaft, and they narrow as they raise your leg. They should sit under your pant hems, or at least close to them, so there is barely any gap. Sock booties are popular or pointy Chelsea boots, making your legs look long and flowing.

Straight Crop Jeans - Tan

4. Go Monochromatic

A head-to-toe all one color or tone-on-tone look always looks chic and slimming. Try this look with cropped-leg jeans.

For example, wear high-waisted, taupe, straight crop jeans, a taupe cropped sweater, and taupe Chelsea booties. Be sure to vary the textures to make your monotone look interesting.

5. Add a Jacket for Dressy Look

Crop leg jeans can look dressy and chic when you have a jacket. Wear a shorter top (like this high low one), some heels, luxe accessories, and a tailored jacket, and you are all set for a night out to look fabulous.

If you have any other questions about straight crop jeans, let me know or send me a photo in your straight crop jeans, and I will post it in my private Facebook Group. Are you a member? Join now.

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