A Cute Valentine’s Day Sweater for Galentine’s Day Too!

Yesterday I partnered with Jo-Lynne Shane to bring you cute Valentine’s Day outfits for a date night with your sweetie. Today we thought we’d tackle what to wear on Galentine’s Day.

Pink embroidered Valentine's Day sweater

Galentine’s Day

When Jo-Lynne suggested this topic, my first question was, What the heck is Galentine’s Day? I guess I’ve been out of the loop because apparently, it’s a girlfriends celebrating girlfriends gathering that takes place the day before Valentine’s Day. Galentine’s Day outfits range from super casual to fancy party wear, depending on the type of get-together you are planning. It’s all new to me!

J'adore embroidered Valentine's Day sweater

At this age and stage of my life, my way of celebrating Galentine’s Day would not be a big party. It would be more like a cozy, grab-a-tea with a girlfriend or two at the local coffee shop for a fun-filled gabfest. In this case, I’d probably wear a pretty sweater with a festive Valentine’s vibe and a pair of cute jeans.

woman in pink embroidered sweater on a pink bed taking a photo

We’d be chatting, laughing, maybe taking selfies together, and it would be very casual, so this fun, pink sweater would be perfect. I love the whimsical French vibe. See the words J’Adore (I love you) embroidered on the shoulder?

My light wash skinny jeans keep the outfit looking soft and feminine. They are from @royaltyforme, and they’re a great fit!

Pink embroidered Valentine's Day sweater from Banana republic


Pretty pink tops are everywhere this Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day. Did you see the gorgeous, oversized pink sweater I posted this week? Here are a few more to put you in a festive mood and to wear out with your girlfriends or your sweetheart to anywhere you want.

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A Cute Valentine's Day Sweater for Galentine's Day Too!



Finally, Be sure to drop by Jo-Lynne’s blog and see what she’s cooked up to wear for this special gal-pal day!

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8 thoughts on “A Cute Valentine’s Day Sweater for Galentine’s Day Too!

  1. Oh my goodness, Deborah! I just discovered your blog and thanks go to Tania for sharing your site in her blog today! I love your style and attitude. There are a lot of us women out here that are north of 40 who don’t want to look frumpy. The times they are achangin’ and style is ageless. Thank you and I’m looking forward to following you!

  2. Coming to you via 50 is not old and enjoyed your blog. I too didn’t know what Galentines Day was. Thanks for explanation. By the way, loved the pink peonies in your photo.

  3. Hi Deborah! Tania sent me over. I had never heatd of Galentines Day either but love the idea!. I think that is exactly what I would wear for a night out with my friends.

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