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What to Wear in Las Vegas to Look Fabulous!

Disneyland may be the ‘Happiest Place on Earth,’ but I have a hunch that Las Vegas comes in at a very close second for many adults. What’s not to love about the great weather, restaurants, shopping, and shows?

It can sometimes be hard to know what to pack, especially if you want to keep your luggage in a carry-on with so much to do. Don’t worry. Here is everything you need to know about what to wear in Las Vegas.



Daytime Vegas – Casual Outfits

Las Vegas is one of those surreal places. It’s like walking around in a dreamland because life goes on 24 hours a day, and most of the buildings have no windows, so you lose track of day and night! It’s an “anything goes” type of town, which means that some gals dress so super casual that it’s ridiculous.

During the day, I’ve seen women walking down Las Vegas Blvd. in swimsuits and cover-ups.  A few years back, at Celine Dion’s evening show,  I spotted a gal our age entering the theatre wearing tacky cutoff jean shorts, a skimpy tank top, and dirty plastic flip-flops.

Las Vegas is a casual town, and unless you plan on hitting a nightclub or going out for a fancy dinner, casual clothes will do just fine. That said, keep it classy and casual, not frumpy or trashy. Here are some ideas for what to wear in Vegas during the day.

What to Wear in Las Vegas - Red Tie Top

Jeans and a Playful or Sexy Top

Jeans are a perfect choice for Las Vegas. There’s no rule about the kind of top you should wear with jeans or casual pants, but I suggest you go with something fun and a touch sexy since you are in Vegas. For example,  choose a top in a

  • bright, fun color
  • playful pattern
  • with a nipped-in waist
  • sexy V or scoop neckline
  • off-the-shoulder neckline
  • cold-shoulder neckline
  • lace-up neckline
  • keyhole neckline



Go for tops with 

  •  bling/embellishment
  • edgy studs
  • animal print
  • sensuous fabrics like a velvet tee
  • sheer panels or overlay
  • cutouts at arm, shoulders, wherever
  • dramatic bell sleeves
  • slit sleeves or tie sleeves
  • tops that are light, flowy, and that move
  • wrap style tops 

Basically, any casual top or tee with some playful or flirty detail is perfect to wear in Vegas.

This doesn’t mean you should wear a low-cut leopard print top and bright red skinny jeans (tacky)- but you also don’t want to wear a pair of baggy-in-the-behind blue jeans and a stiff, boring button-up cotton shirt.  That would be too plain and frumpy, not the least bit playful or sexy for Vegas.

Vegas is a place to relax and have some grown-up fun, so why not wear something a little bit more exciting – go for it!



outfit for las vegas trip- Blue Colorblock tunic, black leggings, blue high mules outfit | styled by Fabulous After 40


Leggings are certainly very comfy and have a cool edginess that works well in Vegas. Just be sure to wear a long top, long blouse, or tunic to cover your bottom. You could wear leggings with tall boots or booties in fall and winter and sandals or slip-on sneakers in spring and summer.  Follow the same guidelines for color and style as you would with regular tops.


What to Wear in Las Vegas - Purple Zebra Print Dress

Cute Sundresses 

A cute sundress is a good choice. Vegas is in the desert, so if you walk the 4.2-mile Vegas strip by day, you’ll keep cool and look cute. Just be sure you have perfect, practical walking shoes. Bring a light jacket or sweater for the night when temps drop. This exotic zebra print has the right vibe.

Maxi Dresses

Have you thought about wearing a maxi dress? Many maxis have casual daytime glam and can be worn with a comfy pair of sandals, sunglasses, a denim jacket, and a big hat. If you’ve always wanted to wear a maxi, you will feel right at home wearing on in Vegas.

Daytime Jumpsuits 

Casual jumpsuits (long or cropped) are comfy and in sync with the Las Vegas scene. After all, Elvis was famous for his Las Vegas jumpsuit- lol!





How to Dress in Las Vegas – Evening – Dressy

On the flip side of casual, you will find many women who like to dress up at night. Don’t feel you have to hold back on the glitz and glam if you’ve been wondering how to dress for a Las Vegas nightclub.  Some nightclubs do have dress codes, but often they apply more to men than women. The catchall phrase, ‘Stylish nightlife attire,’ is usually what applies to women, and most gals take this to mean they should dress to impress.

Choose chic dinner dresses or fancy cocktail-style dresses. Most women wear shorts, but some prefer long. Black always works, but it’s more fun to wear color.

What to Wear in Las Vegas - Black Lace Dress

Dressing on the sexy side is perfectly fine, but think carefully about what that means – you want to keep it classy by putting a limit on how much skin you show.

Go Glam with Makeup

Other ways to look alluring are to try wearing a smoky eye for a change or add some sparkle to your outfit in the form of a sequin top, for example. You could also do something as simple as wear larger, more dangly earrings with jeans and a pretty blouse. These are all ways of looking sexy without going overboard.

You can find more ideas on how to dress sexy over 40 without looking trashy here.

las vegas club attire | black jumpsuit with lace collar, heels, snakeskin bag outfit| styled by Fabulous After 40

Dressy Jumpsuits

Dressy jumpsuits look glamorous in the evening too. So do wide-leg palazzo pants with silky blouses or fun party tops.  Just add some sexy heels, sparkly earringsbold lipstick, and an animal print clutch, and you’re party-ready.


Vegas - White Tie Waist Top

Some other things to think about when dressing for Las Vegas…

The Weather

  • What to Wear to Las Vegas June-Sept

From June to September, it’s scorching outside, 100+, and very cold in the casinos and shopping areas with the air conditioning blasting. During the day, dress in layers. If you’re wearing a summer dress or sleeveless top, have a jacket or some sweater you can pop on inside to keep the chill from air conditioning at bay and then pop off when you go outside in the heat.

Jeans are okay for the evening, but they’ll be too hot during the day, so make sure you bring a pair of chic lightweight capris, cropped pants, or some shorts. Not sure if you can pull off shorts at a certain age? This article has lots of great tips on how to wear shorts over 40.

  • What to Wear to Las Vegas in Fall and Spring

Come fall and spring, be sure to bring a light coat or jacket. Las Vegas gets very chilly at these times of the year, believe it or not. It is the desert, after all. For evenings, a pashmina is a good thing to have on hand.

  • What to Wear to Las Vegas in Winter

Winter visitors to Las Vegas should bring pieces that are good for layering. Evenings and mornings are cold, with the temperature averaging around 34F, so you need a jacket and sweater to layer under that for extra warmth. A chic scarf will also help keep you toasty. During the day, it will warm up, getting into the mid-50s, so peel off your layers as needed. A long sleeve top is ideal for the day.

The Shoe Issue

Deciding what shoes to bring is always tricky, but three types should get you through. A beautiful pair of sandals or mules with a chunkier heel (the height is your choice). These are great with jeans or a casual dress. Wear them to the casino or for light shopping or lunch.

  • Walking Shoes

You’ll need a second, more practical pair as you will be doing a lot of walking. The casinos are huge, and the strip is long, so if you want to see everything, bring low comfy walking shoes. Slip-on sneakers, which are modern and comfy, are one possibility.  In the fall and spring, low booties are also fine.

  • Evening Shoes

In the evening, when it’s time for a fancy dinner and show, you’ll look gorgeous in dressy heels. Feel free to push yourself a little with shoes that are a little higher, more sparkly, or sexier than you usually wear, just for fun.  Vegas is the place to do it.  Note: It’s a good idea to slip some lightweight, foldable flats in your bag if you plan to go club-hopping afterward. Please don’t say I didn’t tell you!

Have you been to Las Vegas? What did you wear? Comment below and let me know.

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8 thoughts on “What to Wear in Las Vegas to Look Fabulous!

  1. I experience that almost all of the women that visit Vegas, for some inexplicable reason, think they have to dress like trashy streetwalkers.

  2. Hi Deb. I found this older post while searching for what to wear in Vegas. (We’re headed there next month.) Great post and I love that pink wrap top you featured at the top. Do you happen to know what the source was?


  3. Thank you for these Vegas posts!!! Going for the first this summer for my 40th HS reunion, and this is so very helpful!

  4. I’ve been to Vegas many times — the first time in 1974 — and dress codes have certainly changed. Your suggestions are spot on, and I am so glad you mentioned comfortable shoes several times. You will be walking miles on cement, even if you use valet parking or take cabs everywhere, as the casinos and hotels are enormous in scale.

    1. Hi Cynthia, It’s not what you think, right? It’s super casual, like going to Walmart! Still, I like to look nice even when I’m dressed casually, making my trip feel much more fun.

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