Do Your Clothes Match Your Lifestyle – Take this Quiz

Are you a work-from-home mom who can’t resist buying glamourous clothes and glitzy shoes, or a corporate business type with way too many oversize sweatshirts and sneakers?

It makes sense to buy and wear the kind of clothes that are in line with our lifestyle.  But often we don’t. We’re tempted by the clothes we like, not need, and the result is we buy a lot of things that go unworn. Heck, sometimes items sit in our closets for years with the price tags still on!



This graphic shows us what a typical lifestyle and wardrobe pie should look like. The more casual your lifestyle, the more informal types of clothes you should own. The more formal your lifestyle, the more formal your wardrobe should be.

The number of hours spent doing certain activities should equal or come close to the number of garments you own for each of those occasions.


Lifestyle and Wardrobe Pie

See how your wardrobe and lifestyle PIES match up,  take the quiz below:




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