Mother of the Bride: Secrets to Looking Fab When You are the Mother of the Bride or Groom


  • The right vs. wrong way to coordinate with bridal party dresses
  • How to choose the perfect style to flatter your figure
  • How to look age appropriate without appearing frumpy on your child’s BIG day


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Want to look fabulous at your daughter (or son’s) wedding, but have no idea what to wear?

What should YOU wear on the big day? Are you stressed out at the mere thought of going shopping for a mother of the bride dress? Is this the first time in years you have tried on formal wear, and have no idea what looks good on you? Are you confused about the color and style of dress to buy? Do you worry you’ll have a hard time finding a dress that will flatter your midlife body?

Or, if you’ve found your dress, are you still unclear about what shoes, purse and jewelry you need to make your dress look wow? If you wish someone could just wave a magic wand and turn you into the Belle of the Bridal Ball then you need to stop worrying, and relax! You CAN find the perfect Mother of the Bride dress and look absolutely gorgeous on your son or daughter’s wedding day, with my help!

I’m Deborah Boland, Style expert and founder of the popular website Fabulous After 40. I specialize in making women over 40 look and feel Age-Amazing™!

For over 25 years I’ve been showing women how to find their style and look sensational in both their personal and professional lives. I’m an expert in wardrobe, color analysis and personal branding, and have appeared hundreds of times on radio and TV across North America dishing up advice on a wide range of style topics including Dressing the Mother of the Bride.

My message? I believe every woman has the potential to look fabulous no matter what her age! Now I’m out to prove that in my instantly downloadable eBook, Mother of the Bride: Secrets to Looking Fab When You are the Mother of the Bride or Groom!

Believe me, I’ve heard it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Clients call us at their wit’s end worrying about how to dress for a wedding, or some other special occasion. I hear your concerns and understand your panic. When you are the Mother of the Bride (or the Groom), the stakes are high!

What could go wrong?

There will be loads of photos taken of you on that big day – photographs that will be around forever. Plus, you will be hostess to all kinds of friends and family, some you haven’t seen in years. Why risk not looking your best? What you wear is VERY important! Don’t let one of these Mother of the Bride Horror Stories happen to you….

Maggie thought she still looked pretty hot for a 54-year-old woman and wanted to make her daughter proud that she had kept herself in such great shape. So, the petite Mother of the bride was thrilled when she found a body hugging, low-cut dress from the Juniors’ Prom Department to show off her favorite assets. To her surprise her daughter was disgusted, and refused to be in pictures with Maggie. According to the bride, Mom was trying to steal all the attention.

Excerpt from Mother of the Bride

What will you learn?

  • Six myths about Mother of the Bride dresses you should ignore
  • How to be sure your dress matches the level of formality of the wedding
  • The colors and fabrics appropriate for a Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter wedding
  • How to look age appropriate without appearing frumpy
  • How far ahead to shop for your dress
  • The one item you MUST bring with you when you shop
  • The latest styles and colors in MOB dresses
  • The right vs. wrong way to coordinate with bridal party dresses
  • How to choose the perfect style to flatter your figure
  • How to choose shoes that don’t overpower your dress
  • How to select jewelry that adds, not detracts from your dress
  • Your secret weapon to hide figure flaws
  • 4 things a MOB should NOT to do!

…plus MUCH more!

Not only will you be able to tap into my years of experience, but you’ll be able to get valuable advice from one of the foremost bridal experts in the country. In Mother of the Bride I interview the lead buyer from the David’s Bridal, one of this country’s most renowned bridal salons, who gives me the scoop on the latest trends in bridal wear. Don’t go shopping without this important knowledge, or you could make this Mother of the Bride mistake!

When Judy flipped through her stack of bridal magazines she noticed that champagne seemed to be a popular Mother of the Bride color that year, so she thought, “Easy… I look good in champagne. That’s what I’ll wear!” At the sunny August wedding, Judy received many compliments and felt she had made the perfect choice…until the photographs came back. With the glaring sun shining down on her, the fair-skinned blonde looked totally washed out. Not enough make-up and the reflection of the pale champagne dress on her face made her look like she wasn’t even there!

You certainly don’t want this, or any other wardrobe faux-pas, to spoil your moment in the spotlight as Mother of the Bride. That’s why I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you. I not only tell you what to wear. I show you!

Don’t wait too long!

Etiquette dictates that the Mother of the Bride must choose her dress first, before the Mother of the Groom. What are you waiting for? Be polite, and don’t hold up the other members of the party by dragging your feet! If you are thinking to yourself: “This eBook sounds good, but I’m going to wait awhile before I start looking”, then watch out! You may be setting yourself up for this common Mother of the Bride (or Groom) trap…

Lauren was dying to find a gorgeous dress to wear to her son’s wedding, but decided to wait until she lost 30 lbs. She wanted to look her best, after all! Try as she might, the weight just would not come off. A week before the wedding, frustrated and panicked, Lauren was forced to buy a “make-do gown” off the rack that was on sale. Her dream to look and feel beautiful in her special dress was over. Her confidence was shot and Lauren shied away from the wedding photographer at every turn. If she had only started looking sooner!

Stop wasting time and energy and start looking for your Mother of the Bride dress now, before it is too late.

There’s 75 pages chock full of style information you need to know! At only $19.99, you can save over $1,000 BY NOT MAKING THE MISTAKE OF BUYING THE WRONG DRESS THAT MAKES YOU LOOK OUTDATED AND OLD!

Excerpt from Mother of the Bride

Here’s what Fabulous After 40 readers are saying about Mother of the Bride:

I have gone through the Tweak Your Chic eBook, and think it is fantastic. It pulls all kinds of issues together in one document. I can see how it would be a god send to many women faced with pulling everything together for a special day…-Kathy

When my daughter announced her engagement I began looking for the perfect dress. I found MANY dresses in the stores and on line that she said NO WAY to because they were “old and frumpy”. So I went on your blog and found the advice I needed after ordering your eBook, Mother of the Bride. The step by step worksheet was especially helpful in narrowing down my choices and guiding me in finding a dress that I felt both comfortable and special in! Thank you so much for all of your help. I love your blog and enjoy feeling FABULOUS after 50!-Claire

The sooner you have your dress taken care of, the sooner you can relax and enjoy all the wedding preparations. Buy and instantly download my eBook, Mother of the Bride, and get glam today!

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  1. I will be the mother of the groom and needing advice what to wear on the day and for the kitchen tea and just everything concerned for the day. How to wear my hair, jewelry, shoes, bags, jackets.

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