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Energetic Style – Chic Over 50

She’s a petite woman with a powerful style. Say hello to Shauna Robertson from Chic Over 50.


If you’ve ever seen Shauna on Instagram or visited her blog, you know how her image lights ups the screen!  Fans love Shauna’s modern, energetic style and marvel at her fabulous hair and flawless make-up.

I recently had a chance to chat with this dynamic, 56-year-old fashionista who hails from Utah. Here’s my interview with Shauna, my latest Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer.

Deb: How would you describe your style?


Deb: How would you describe your style?

Shauna: My style is always evolving in one way or another. I love pretty much anything that’s on-trend….am not shy about dressing, but feel that at my age, there needs to be more thought put into what I wear. I never go extreme. I’m girly, sporty, and classic…if you can be all three!


Deb: Who or what inspires the way you like to dress?

Shauna: Shopping and catalogs are what inspire me I think. I always love looking through the “new stuff” and making it work for me!


Deb: What’s your biggest fashion challenge?

Shauna: Probably my #1 fashion struggle is my height. 5′ 1.5″. I have to be very aware of proportion, etc. I think being my age, there is a level of care you have to take when it comes to silhouette and coverage! I’m not one that thinks I can wear ANYTHING! I’m very aware of that and try to dress appropriately. My age, though, has brought me confidence in who I am and how I’m built!


Deb: You started your blog for fun and were completely blown away by the response you got. Tell us a bit about the effect it has had on you. 

Shauna: I think my blog and IG account have had such a good response because there’s just not a whole lot out there for the middle-aged woman. And that was my purpose behind it, so that makes me happy! As long as it’s being responded to, and I’m hearing from women that it’s positive for them, then I will continue!


Deb: You recently featured a wide-leg, frayed jeans on your blog. Why is it a favorite and what other looks are you loving right now? 

Shauna: Yes I love the wide leg, high waist, and frayed anything is very on trend right now. I am LOVING dresses and jumpsuits this season! I have too many, but love wearing them! I prefer a dress over shorts for spring/summer. Also tennies with skirts and dresses! I DON’T love overalls. However I have tried them on in the dressing room! I have to really watch the kimono style, so that I’m not swallowed up in them!


Deb: You are petite. Any tips for dressing well when you are a petite woman?

Shauna: Yes 5′ 1.5″. I ALWAYS love heels of any kind, because of my height! But I have to be careful not to wear them too much because of issues with my feet. I try to wear either fitted on top and blousy on the bottom, or blousy on top and fitted on the bottom. If I do this, it seems to really help with my overall look as a petite girl!


Deb: Your make-up is fabulous. Tell us about your bright signature lip and approach to beauty.

Shauna: I LOVE bold lips!!!! And when I do, everything else is simple. I always tell other women to go to the makeup counter and have the experts help them on colors! I always like to choose someone MY AGE to help me! They will advise and help you more because they are experiencing the same things you are! If I do a smokey eye, then I will wear a nude or softer lip color.


Deb: You have a very fun hairstyle, both cut, and color. Have you always worn your hair in a short style? 

Shauna: My hair has mostly always been a short pixie. Right before I started my blog I went platinum! It used to be dark, and I had a natural white streak in front that’s hereditary. I got it from my mother and have brothers who have it, my kids have it, and two of my granddaughters have it. That was the hardest part about going platinum. But the reason I did was it was an easier way to cover the gray coming through. I have loved it and haven’t looked back! Easy to take care of too!!!


Deb: You wear some fabulous statement jewelry. How do you like to style it?

Shauna: I don’t like an overload of jewelry. Mostly just one or maybe two pieces. I get a lot from Anthropologie, with a lot that I’ve had for years and years. I usually wear the same diamond studs, and then just a necklace OR ring OR bracelet. Not ever too much!

Deb: Some of your photographs are with your sister. Are you close? 

Shauna: Yes I have two sisters. The one on my blog is my older sister. We are all about nine years apart, with me in the middle. My younger sister isn’t really into fashion like my older one. That’s probably the most we have in common, besides our faith. I was raised in a large family, with seven brothers too. We are all somewhat close; we have our own lives but get together at least once a month. My mother was an angel!!!


Deb: You are a photographer, but you are also a great model. You always look so confident and relaxed. Any tips for other bloggers about how to look and feel good in front of the camera?

Shauna: Yes, I LOVE photography! Always have, but have been doing it professionally for about seven years. I haven’t always been comfortable in front of the camera, but this blog has sort of forced me to be! Lighting is key!!!!!!! Great light can make ALL the difference! It takes practice really!


Deb: The best piece of style advice for women struggling to find their style?

Shauna: If you are struggling with finding your look, I would say to take someone with you out shopping who you admire in their fashion sense. Also, find someone in your favorite stores that you can rely on, that knows your body type, and who will give you an honest opinion! I LOVE my girls at Anthro, and even though I’m pretty confident in my style, I always love to get their feedback, that’s important to me.


Deb: Anything else you’d like to add?

Shauna: I think I’ve said it all! Maybe one more thing….if you are healthy and you feel good about how your body functions physically, then I believe you will always look good in your clothes. Don’t get stuck in a style. Evolve and change, try new things, be brave, be confident!!! Have fun!!!!

Deb: Thank you, Shauna, for sharing your incredibly fun style and personality with us. Ladies, be sure to visit Shauna’s blog, Chic Over 50 where you can see more daily and special occasion outfit inspiration.

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14 thoughts on “Energetic Style – Chic Over 50

  1. Shauna
    I just discovered you today and wanted to tell you that I love your look- from head to toe. I will be following and getting great ideas for my update. Thank you so much! You are beautiful inside and out.

  2. I need help with where to find fashionable clothes! I’m a young 62-year-old and live in Florida!! It’s hotter than hell for me because I run hot, and my hormones love me! Since covid is alive and well, I don’t know what sights to shop at! I’m funky, fun, and casual, and I amend for dresses! If you have any advice, I’d surely appreciate it! Thank you!

  3. What a fun and dynamic woman Shauna is. I love seeing mature women rocking a look, and she certainly does! It just goes to show – age has nothing at all to do with looking and feeling great.
    Michelle x

  4. Thank you so much for featuring Shauna. I love finding fashionistas over 50 that are inspiring, so she will be one to follow. She reminds me so much of my BFF, who looks much like Shauna, even down to the hairstyle. I am following her on IG, but I can’t figure out how to follow her blog. I like to follow via email but don’t see that option.

    Also, I love your blog and look forward to seeing a new post pop up in my email.

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