Motivating Fitness Clothes for Women Our Age – What’s Best?

Hi Deborah,

I just started working out at the gym, and the sweatpants and old t-shirt are a little dated. I also don’t want to wear anything too junior or skimpy. Do you have suggestions for the best fitness clothes for women our age? I need clothes that are comfortable, stylish looking, and will help motivate me. Thanks,  Jeni

Hi Jeni,

Good for you for starting a fitness program! It’s always a little tricky at first,  but you’re right in thinking that a cute workout outfit will help you stay with it. I always find that when you look good, you feel good, and everything, including exercise, is way more fun.

These days we’re fortunate because, regardless of age or size, there is so much choice. If you haven’t bought fitness clothes in years, take a look! You’ll find workout wear for every body type and exercise.

Here are some tips for what to consider when buying fitness clothes, plus the best workout clothes for women in stores now.

Fitness Clothes- Blue Top, Black and blue print leggings | styled by Fabulous After 40

Tip #1 –  Bright Colors Make it Easier to Work Out

Color gives you energy. It’s true! Color has a psychological effect on the wearer. Bright colors pump you up, while pastels and muted shades calm you down. If you want to feel inspired, there’s nothing like colorful workout clothes for women to make you feel like getting up and off the couch.

I suggest you save black for below the belt and throw on a bright top, or if you prefer, wear black from head to toe topped off by a colorful athletic jacket. The bonus with a cute coat is you can also wear it after the gym when you need to run into the grocery store or do an errand, and you will still look sporty and pulled together.

Fitness Clothes - Black and Purple foil leggings, fitted lavender tee | styled by Fabulous After 40

Tip # 2  – Baggy isn’t Better!

No one looks good in an oversized, baggy t-shirt. The best women’s workout clothes glide over your body. Think fitted, but not tight. Don’t worry about showing some curves…we are all in this together! Plus, as you start losing pounds, you’ll notice it faster, and that’s motivating! Isn’t this lavender top a pretty color? An it goes so well with the painted metallic legging, which is a hot trend at the moment.


Fitness Clothes - Flare leggings, leopard print sweatshirt | styled by Fabulous After 40

Tip #3  Certain Pant Widths Make You Feel Good

Skinny leggings that taper are a popular choice, no matter your age or size, but they are not your only option. A pair of workout pants with a slight flare will always be more flattering than skinny or straight-leg pants if you have a heavy bottom half. The flare leg helps balance out the hips and bottom.


Women's fitness clothing - Camo Print

Tip #4 –  Modern = Motivated

I’m the first to admit that workout clothes often fall to the bottom of my priority list. I’m trying to make it a point to treat myself to new women’s gym wear more than every few years, and I challenge you to do the same. By keeping up with the latest trends in workout clothes, you’ll feel more hip and happy to work out. Camouflage leggings are in at the moment, and these soft desert shades are so new and different. Stay modern to stay motivated!

Women's fitness clothing


Tip # 5 – Sneakers Can Make or Break an Outfit

There’s nothing like a dirty pair of sneakers or shoes to ruin your outfit. Pop them in the wash, or buy a new pair.Buyy a few pairs and switch them around to go with your companies. Your sneakers are where you can show off your personality, so go for something cool and different and have fun!

Are you a curvy gal? Then check out this post I did on Cute Plus Size Workout Clothes.

What do you wear when you work out?

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27 thoughts on “Motivating Fitness Clothes for Women Our Age – What’s Best?

  1. I have been browsing your blog, Deborah. It’s true about bright colors giving you good energy. It’ll not only give you a positive vibe but will also help you relax during yoga time. That’s why I’m picky about what color I wear.

  2. Thanks for making it so easy and motivating to choose the perfect activewear for women. I have always believed that “Age is Just a number.” I agree with your points as colors give us energy, better fitting clothes help us exercise more efficiently and comfortably. I wI would keep these points in mind whenever I choose clothes for my workout.

  3. I’m sorry, but these clothing styles seem to be aimed at 20-40-year-olds. As an active woman in her 60s, it would be nice to have more appropriate choices.

  4. When it comes to sportswear or gym wear, the trend is shifting, as people prefer to be up to date with the latest fashion & at the same time, give utmost priority to leisure & comfort. They do not hesitate to spend a bit of money if it is for fitness. These tips would help fitness freaks find the right fit for sportswear.

  5. Nice collection! These fitness clothes look fantastic and will be great to wear during my workout. I will give them a try. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I am the type of person that is highly influenced by what I wear. For some reason, it has never really occurred to me that I might be more motivated to work out if I had some great clothes, but a friend finally pointed this out to me. Bright colors are a great idea; sometimes, this is the only time you can pull them off. I’ll take your suggestions and look for the perfect clothes for me; thank you!

  7. This time of year, you can find exercise clothing on clearance racks. Target and Kmart have some great choices, and outgrowing a size won’t break the bank to replace at the low price point. But do spend money on good sneakers! Your feet being sore will have you avoiding the gym! That is where spending the extra money will pay off.

  8. Hi Deborah – this fall, I launched a new line of yoga/workout wear specifically engineered for Women Over 40. It minimizes the tummy and lifts the booty. I started it after finding that my yoga wear was a little too tight in the stomach after I hit menopause. was made to eliminate buying fitness clothes that don’t fit quite right. This line is cute and trendy but shaped to fit Women over 40. I hope you and your readers will check out
    PS- Big fan of your blog!
    Judy DiVincenzo, Still Sassy Sister

  9. This is a great post, Deborah.

    Putting thought into your workout attire helps to motivate you to go to the gym. An added bonus to wearing fitted tops and pants/shorts is that they don’t gape or ride up when you are exercising. So, in a way, you can end up covering more skin with fitted clothes than oversized t-shirts and gaping shorts, not to mention avoid the frustration of constantly tugging on them to keep them down!

    Also, one can not over-emphasize the slimming effect of the all-black silhouette! I always add a colorful headband and tennies.


  10. Thanks for this. I love working out, but I find It challenging to buy myself nice clothes although I have been longing for Them for a long time. I Am rather skinny, and I find It difficult to find fit-fitting pants!
    Also, do NOT think of your body as the enemy or something that has to change, that way, you will never get the results you want!

  11. Agree with some of the other comments. Though fit, most women in our age group carry curves and love the ensembles, but I am not ready for spandex just yet.?. I would love to see your ideas for 12+ ladies. I know they would be awesome!

  12. Great tips. But …all the style pictures you posted are of thin women in workout outfits. How about pics of larger sizes – 14+? A pair of workout pants you have pictured might look great on the slimmer model but horrible on someone like myself (size 14 right now – but I am working on it) :-)

    And I will check out gym wraps.

    Have a blessed day!

    1. Any suggestions on good places to buy more oversized workout clothes that look good and don’t cost an arm and a leg?

      Any suggestions are welcomed.

  13. The clothes look nice, but I have to stick with the light-colored oversized t-shirt and black sweat pants as I am a thin pear-shaped person. Yoga and flared pants may look ok if I lose another 10-15 pounds. I am lacking on top; anything fitted would emphasize this awful body type, plus mini love handles.
    I may try to reduce dairy at first before eliminating it, as suggested by one of your posters, and I will do the same with sugar. I may not have arthritis yet, but I get post-exercmuscle muscle soreness and, at ti mes, bones that can last up to a week, depending on how hot the workout was.

  14. I go to the gym almost everyday and can tell you there are a TON of clothing options. Most of the pants are fitted now like the ones in the picture above, but you can also find workout skorts, not unlike the tennis ones of old. They’re a little shorter now but are great for those summer and spring months. TJMaxx has GREAT prices, but if you also have a Burlington Coat Factory then be sure to check them out. I’ve had the best luck with them by far. WalMart has some cute stuff too, but you might see the same outfit on some others at the gym. :) I’ve gotten the majority of my pieces at Burlington, and hit a great sale at Gap (yes, Gap). They are pricey but with a sale it can be worth it.

    The important thing is that you’re working out — so find what you’re most comfortable in, get a few pieces to switch out, and get moving. :)

    1. My problem is finding the right underwear to go under my capris. I tried going without but noticed the dreaded cameltoe. I have looked online but have not had much luck. I haven’t gotten brave enough to try the thing yet.

      1. Hi PJ, I don’t know if a thing will help with cameltoe, but it will help with panty lines at the back. Try something a couple of times, and you will never think about it again. It’s like the first time you wear a bra. You think it will be a big deal and feel weird, but you get used to it immediately. As for cameltoe with exercise clothes, try a heavier pair of stretchy capris (some of the thin ones could be the problem), or maybe you are just pulling your pants up too high. You could Try a thin pad or check this out. They have made a camel toe fix. It is called the Zucchini Camel Toe guard. I have never tried it, but it looks pretty good:
        Best of luck!

    1. Hi Janie,
      As we mature…hopefully we gain more confidence and stop worrying so much!’s always good to see that others feel that way too! Love our community here where we can chat openly about these issues!

  15. These are GREAT tips. I think it is good for our morale to have some good looking workout clothes when we head to the gym. The only thing I would do different is to put shorts on the list. I prefer shorts for workouts as opposed over long pants. Nothing drives me crazier than pants sliding up my legs when I am doing leg lifts and such. And pants can get pretty warm if oyu are doing a good workout. If you try to look good at whatever size you are currently at, you will feel more like working out and you won’t be so inclined toward self-loathing when you look in the mirror at the gym.

    Don’t worry about what other people will think. As a general rule, people are so focused on their own workouts that they don’t notice you and don’t care what you look like. If you are heavy, they give you credit for getting your butt to the gym like they did before you. And if you are already buff, they give you credit for having the good sense to keep coming to the gym. My experience – and most of it was as a pudgy 40-to-50-something – is that the gym is actually a pretty safe environment. Once you get to know which piece of equipment to use, it is a really great place to go.
    So ditch the baggy T and sweats. Swing by Target or TJ Maxx or Winners (in Canada) and get yourself some reasonably priced workout gear. As you move down in size, toss it in the Goodwill bin and go buy some more. I found that treating myself to some new workout gear every 20 lbs was a nice reward.

    1. Hi Wanda,
      Thanks for your words of wisdom…especially the part about, “don’t worry about why other people think.” You are so right that people are not there to judge others, they are there to work out! We can certainly be hard on ourselves when it comes to looking in the mirror. But bottom line, a cute outfit will make anyone look and feel better! We heard that you lost a lot of weight recently…congratulations on that!!

    2. Hi Heather,
      Thanks for chiming in. Workout shorts can be a great option as well especially if you are doing hot yoga or live in a warm climate or just like to keep cool when working out! Thanks for sharing your shopping tips…all just perfect!

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