Stylish Yoga Clothes For Women

You’ve been talking about it forever, and now this is the year- You’re finally taking up Yoga! What do you wear to put your mind and body in the zone? Here are four great looks to meditate on.


1. Choose a Bright Color

Bright colors always excite and energize, so why not start right in a comfy stretch top in a motivating color. This fresh hot pink top with its graduated shading is a great example of something modern and slimming.

Even if you’re excited about starting yoga, as time goes on, it’s easy to make excuses, so one of the ways to avoid that problem right off the bat is to treat yourself to a cute new outfit. When you look good, you feel good, and it’s easier to feel inspired about exercise.

Fitness Clothes - Barre NL

2. Stretchy Material Let You Breathe

With any top or yoga pants, they must be close-fitting but not tight. Yoga clothing needs to have plenty of stretches. After an hour of downward dog and cobra poses, it can get surprisingly hot, too, so make sure your yoga clothes are made from a material that wicks away sweat and keeps you dry. You don’t want a rash, and if you’re not comfy, it’s too easy to throw in the towel and give up.Yoga - Grey Pants White Top


3. A Wide Waistband Holds You In

Many women prefer a sleeveless top, and so a good basic tank paired always comes in handy. If you like long pants, then a pair with a cute, wide waistband will hold you in nicely and help give you a slim silhouette.

Yoga - Pattern Pants


4. Try A Different Look for Fun

Drapey v-back tops are the newest favorite of yoga lovers. Layer one with a bright-colored sports bra for an up-to-the-moment look. Patterned tights are a good way to put some fun into a workout.



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4 thoughts on “Stylish Yoga Clothes For Women

  1. These outfits look great; I also try wearing bright colors as it creates that energetic vibe that helps me get my workout and Yoga done. I do Yoga regularly along with my training, and I can say that clothes are the key to a good Yoga session.

  2. I love the black yoga top. It doesn’t look like a yoga top, and I’m sure many women like that because who has time to change before heading out on errands before or after yoga?

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