The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Why Everyone Goes Nuts!

The Nordstrom 2022 Anniversary Sale is here!  Cardholders can shop now while the general public can preview, pop things into their carts and shop starting July 15th. Why is this sale such a big deal?

Nordstrom Anniversary sale excitment

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is the BIGGEST sale of the year. It is not just another sale and is definitely worth paying attention to. Let me explain.

1. Why is Everyone So Crazy For The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

Fall clothes are the last thing on my mind at this time of year. Still, I’ve trained myself to think ahead and pay attention to the  Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Why?

This is the only sale where you can scoop up brand new, just released, never seen before Fall merchandise ON SALE at 30-40%  off.  There are hundreds of new Fall items, many exclusive to Nordstrom, at fantastic markdown prices, but for a limited time only. Everything goes back to the full price once the sale ends.

2. Why Shop The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

The early bird gets the worm! If you buy your fall clothes now during the Anniversary Sale, you will get the best of Nordstrom’s new 2022 fall merchandise.

You’ll save a bundle too! You can buy at 30-40% off vs. paying full price for the same merchandise in the fall. (And yes, they really do put the merchandise back up to full price after the sale!).

3. How Should You  Shop – Online or in Person?

Online is the best way to shop, or you can shop in-store at your nearest Nordstrom. The key is to preview items now, before they go on sale, and start a wishlist, so when it’s time to buy, you are first in line.

4. When Can You Preview What will Be on Sale?

Everyone, cardholders, and non-cardholders can preview items NOW!


CLICK HERE to see my favorites from the preview!


5. When Can You Start Shopping?

It depends on your status with Nordstrom. The sale has 3 shopping tiers for Nordstrom cardholders. The higher your Nordy status, the earlier you can shop.

Shopping in Canada? Your preview starts on July 8th. Nordy Club Ambassadors have early access on July 14th, and everyone can shop from July 15th-31st. You can shop online at

6.  Do You Need to have a Nordstrom Credit Card to Shop Early Access?

Yes! To shop early, July 6th-14th, you must be a Nordstrom cardholder.  If you don’t have a Nordstrom credit card, get one now, so you don’t miss out, as some items sell out.

7. What If I Don’t Have/Want a Nordstrom Card?

The sale opens to the public on July 15th. You will be able to shop on that date.

8. How to PREPARE NOW – VERY IMPORTANT!!!  Step-by-Step

Since the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the biggest sale of the year, it’s important to prepare now.

** Sign up for my newsletter. I’ll be posting sale updates on my blog (see the #NSALE button on my website navigation bar) and my Facebook Group. I’ll also be posting a recap of all Nordstrom sale posts in my weekly newsletter, so be sure to subscribe to my Fabulous After 40 newsletter.

** Sign up for Nordstrom Credit Card for EARLY SHOPPING ACCESS to the sale.

** Mark your calendar for July 6-14th  (early access TO SHOP) or July 15th (public access TO SHOP)

** Create a Wishlist – Check the Preview starting June 29th. Identify what you want to buy. Then save these things to your Nordstrom wishlist. This makes for faster checkout on the day you are eligible for SHOPPING access, and you will be more likely to get what you want before it sells out.

** Be prepared to order two sizes. If you really want something and are unsure about the size, order two sizes to guarantee you get what you want. Things sell out fast!

** Feel confident knowing Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns, excellent customer service, and a very positive, risk-free shopping experience.




9. What to Buy at the #NSALE

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is the perfect time to stock up on quality fall basics and splurge-worthy items you may not find at a discount, except at the very end of fall when sizes are limited.


nordstrom sale finds

This is me,  one year with a great jacket I bought for a steal.





Coats & Jackets

 Jeans & Denim

Pants & Leggings



Sleepwear & Robes


Beauty Exclusives

I know what you are thinking…This sale sounds very overwhelming and like a lot of work. The key is to:

  • know which day you can shop
  • create a wishlist at Nordstrom ahead of time, so you won’t be fumbling to buy or to check out the day of the sale
  • To shop earlier, before the general public, get a Nordstrom Credit Card. 

A little preparation is worth all the deals you’ll score. Follow the steps above, and you’ll be ready to roll on the day the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale goes live.

Bottom line: If you want to look fabulous this fall and you want to save a bundle (which I sure do), this is the sale to shop!!  I’ll be posting preview outfit collages during the preview and sale, so watch out for those. Follow along with me and Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s worth shopping.

Want to see all my outfit collages for the #NSALE?

Download this handy LOOK BOOK HERE!

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9 thoughts on “The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Why Everyone Goes Nuts!

  1. Nordstrom in Canada does not look like the US stores.
    I was in the Vancouver store last weekend and honestly couldn’t find anything I liked, even if someone else paid for it.
    Okay, I did like a pair of shoes for $1470.00. Yikes.

    I won’t waste my time there anymore, but the next time I am in the states, l will do some serious shopping with all their excellent choices.

  2. Last year I made a wishlist on the US site, but not one thing I wanted was in our Canadian sale. I tried last winter to buy a pair of jeans on the US site because I couldn’t find them here anywhere, and I couldn’t purchase from the US site because I have a Canadian address. I sure hope they improve the site!

    1. Lynn, I hear you, and I always comment on this when I do their after-sale surveys, but it falls on deaf ears. I find it very frustrating that the sale is at a different time than the U.S. sale, that the selection is so poor, and that we can’t order from the U.S. I’m going to be collaborating with them soon, and I will tell them again. They are missing out on a lot of sales!

      1. Last year was so disappointing for Canadian consumers that I’m not sure I’ll even look at this year’s sales. I don’t need a sale price on Nordstrom house brands. I want sales on my favorite designers and brands! Nordstrom is missing the boat here in Canada!

        1. It is not the best option as shipping can be costly, but if you sign up for MYUS, the US Nordstrom will ship it to them, and then you choose the company to which you want to ship the item. E.g., FedEx, UPS, etc., I only use this option when it’s something I like/love.

xo, Deb

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