Handy Fashion Fixes to the Rescue!

Looking fabulous just got a whole lot easier since I’ve discovered these handy fashion fixes that solve everyday style problems. Take a look at these five clever products and see which ones can help you.

Cami Confidential

Cami Confidential

Have you ever found a dress you loved but didn’t buy it because it was sleeveless? Cami Confidential solves that problem. Cami Confidential is a lightweight, cropped lace bodice with sleeves that is worn underneath a dress or top to create the look of a garment with sleeves. Couture designer Yvonne Gillon created this smart fashion fix because she found that many women were self-conscious about the loose and crepey skin on their aging arms, especially upper arms. Her sleeves give you the coverage and confidence you want!

Cami confidential comes in six different fabrics, in over 40 colors, three sleeves lengths, and three necklines, allowing the sleeves to be paired with a wide range of garments.

I admit I was skeptical about this product at first. I thought it might look weird or cheap, but it seemed to look just fine. Even if you have no concern about wearing sleeveless, it’s nice to have Cami Confidential to make your wardrobe more versatile. With Cami Confidential, I felt like I owned two different black dresses!


Cool Me Scarf

Do you suffer from Hot Flashes and Worry about an outfit dripping in sweat.  Here’s a way to cool down before things heat up.

Li Hayes, in her prime and plagued with hot flashes, wasn’t about to let them slow her down or disrupt her style. Li invented the Cool Me Scarf, a 100% lyocell scarf that has a discreet pocket in the back that conceals a cooling pack.

It works right out of the pack, at room temperature No soaking, no freezing. Use it dry. Wear it with any outfit, anywhere. No one needs to know you are flashing! Look pretty and feel cool. I think this is a great idea and a cute Christmas gift for your girlfriends and yourself!



Sheertex Tights - Black Tights

Tired of tights that run and shred the instant you pull them on? Sheertex solves that problem with their unbreakable in human hands sheers. Sheertex tights are made from a special knit that is 10X stronger than steel and lighter than water. The breathable propriety fiber is naturally cool, lightweight, and indestructible.  I tried their tights and found they fit great and felt fantastic.

Of course, I pulled them and twisted them and tied them to wreck them with my nails, but they held up.  I’m curious to see how sheer their ultra sheers would be and if they would be as resistant too.  If you wear tights and want durability, you will love these! Fabulous after 40, readers get $10 off automatically by clicking the link above.


Purse Gummy®

It’s no fun when you buy an over-the-shoulder purse only to have it constantly slip off your shoulder.  If this is happening to you and it’s driving you crazy, then try Purse Gummy ®.

Purse Gummy®  is a grippy, concealed, peel and stick silicone strip which adheres to the underside of your purse strap and is virtually undetectable when wearing your bag.
It’s designed to be durable, long-lasting, and resistant to peeling off the strap after being applied. It can easily be removed later if desired.

I tried Purse Gummy® and found it did all these things. However I used it on a red Prada Bag I have had for a few years, and when I finally took off the silicone strip, I noticed it lifted some of the red dye from the inside of the strap leaving that area faded.  So I would say, for most bags, it would be fine but stay away from using this on very soft, highly pigmented leather.


Vivian Lou Insoles

vivan lou insoles

I don’t wear heels much anymore because of my casual lifestyle, but on those special occasions when I do wear them, my feet ache. Now that I’m older, I just can’t spend hours in heels like I used to. So what can I do about it?

Vivian Lou Insola Classic Insoles have made things so much easier. For every woman who wants to wear high heels without hurt, this is a good solution. Vivian Lou says you can wear high heels 4x longer without the pain, and I’d say that’s pretty accurate.

What makes their insoles different? They are designed by an engineer and podiatrist to adjust the pitch and position of the feet in high heels to shift the weight of the forefoot and stop the feet from slipping forward into the shoe. This shifting of weight also helps straighten posture, improve ankle stability, and reduce pain in the hips, knees, and back.

I don’t think these are going to make me want to go back to wearing heels as much as I did 20 years ago, but I do think Vivian Lou Insoles are a great solution when I need to wear heels without the hurt.



Dress weights

I’ve had a few days when the wind was blowing my skirt like crazy, and I could have used help. Now I know to reach for DressWeights™  –  a windy day fashion fix designed to keep garment hems down on breezy days.

DressWeights™ are reusable, recyclable, adhesive micro weights that when attached to the interior hem of a dress, skirt, or blouse, prevent the garment from flying up in the wind a la Marilyn Monroe.  Christina Dunn this unique product to keep dress lovers’ cheeks in check on windy days!

I think this is a good product, especially for cruises, special occasions like outdoor weddings or when you will be taking any kind of important photos outside. I would suggest you just take a look at the hem of your skirt before you buy to make sure the dress weight will fit inside. Some hems are very narrow.


Boob Tape

boob tape

Boob Tape is literally that – Tape that is waterproof, sweatproof, and has unbelievable lifting power for the girls, no matter how big you are. It comes in three adhesive strengths depending on how sensitive your skin is, and you can even wear Boob tape with a bathing suit. You can also buy Boob Tape petal-shaped nipple covers (non-latex and hypoallergenic) for smooth coverage.

These are super handy products when you have that special evening outfit or beach attire that you would love to wear but don’t know how to keep the girls lifted and in place.


Kizik Handsfree Shoes

Kizik Handsfree shoes

When I’m in a hurry, I like to slip on my sneakers and go. It’s never been easier since I was sent a pair of  Kizik Handsfree sneakers to try out. Kicks have super flexible spring heels. You just slide your foot into the shoe,  pressing down on the back of the heel, and snap your foot in.

Many of us do this now, but we often wreck the backs of our sneakers because the back end gets damaged and stays squished down.  Kizik heels automatically bounce back up. It takes a few tries to get the hang of the snap-and-go feature, but it works, and it gets easier and faster as you wear the shoe.

This shoe looks great,( I got many compliments)  feels great, and is also very handy if you have a bad back and find it hard to bend down to get your foot into your shoe!

Do you know of any handy fashion fixes? Let me know, and I will test it out and report back to you!

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  1. What do you ladies use to keep a phone in reach but out of your hands? I heard about upper arm bracelets (encasing our upper arms) with some velcro, that allow easy-one-handed access and storing of your phone in one swift movement?

  2. If you use a Purse Gummy, you are supposed to heat it with a hair drier briefly before peeling it off. Then it won’t take away any of the colors of the strap. It uses a mild adhesive only. Thanks!

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