Tie Waist Top Makes Summer Dressing a Cinch!

It’s easy to look fabulous this summer thanks to a new style of top that is trending. Tie waist tees (also here) to play up your waist and make you look shapely and modern.

rust front tie top, olive jeans, tote

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Have you noticed that your middle is where it’s at this summer? There’s a strong emphasis in fashion on creating a cinched-in waist. This can be via some kind of belt or tie, or even you can wear a tee and knot it at the waist. The result is that we are seeing a lot of cute-looking women’s tees that tie at the front or sides. This top is one of them.

rust tie top, olive jeans

This outfit began with me wondering how I could freshen up these cropped olive fringe jeans that I bought last summer. I needed something to update them and came across this cute knit Tee.

rust tie top, olive cropped jeans

It’s a beautiful color, kind of a rusty-orange shade, and I think it looks somewhat tropical paired with the olive jeans.

olive jeans, rust tie top

See how the front tie highlights my waist?  If you used to be an hourglass and middle-age spread is making you look more like a Lego block, this top will help define your middle and give you a youthful shape.

You can tie this self-belt at the front and make a small bow, (a fashionable look), or do what I did and double wrap it like a kimono tie, giving the outfit more of a global feel.

braided tote michael kors

Crafty accessories are the perfect accent for what I call my upscale Indiana Jones look. ( LOL!)  The natural, beaded wrap bracelet is by @Victoria Emerson. The woven bag is by Michael Kors.

orange fron tie top, olive jeans, braided bag

This tote is pure summer. It’s got a laid-back look, and the size makes it very handy to carry sunscreen, sunglasses, a bottle of water, etc.

braided sandals

Do you like my sandals? I think they are fantastic, and with the stacked heel, they are easy to walk in too. The braided straps are very much in style. With that ankle wrap, this is one sexy shoe!

olive frayed jeans, orange front tie top

What a cute and easy look for summer! These earthy colors are a nice change from summer pastels.

orange top, olive frayed jeans

Here’s the look.  A front tie top + cropped jeans and a sexy sandal = a great summer outfit recipe!

I have linked outfits and a few very similar tops. Have you bought a front tie tee yet? I think the tie detail is a stylish way to elevate a basic summer top.

Thanks to @centrogarden for the beautiful shoot location.

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One thought on “Tie Waist Top Makes Summer Dressing a Cinch!

  1. I like this outfit, especially the jeans. A cute neck scarf would add to it–I’m into scarves lately.
    Question–as far as this trend, would a belt (not a self-belt) with a tee look good?

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