How to Style a White Denim Midi Skirt: 5 Casual Outfits

I can’t get enough white denim in summer because it always looks so fresh and classy. I own every style of white jeans you can imagine, but it’s been a while since I bought a white denim skirt. Recently, I came across a fabulous midi-length one and decided to give it a try.

Here’s what I bought and some simple ideas for styling a white denim midi skirt to look cute and casual.

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What to Wear with a White Denim Midi Skirt

Denim midi skirts have been on my radar because they’re a big summer trend. I think the longer length and the slit up the front make them seem elegant in a super casual kind of way.  Still, I was on the fence about buying a denim midi skirt because distressed blue denim is not my vibe.

Then, last week, when I was doing my Madewell summer try-on, this beachy off-white midi denim skirt caught my eye. The raw hem is a little unusual for me, but I was in the mood for something different, and after trying it on with several tops, I loved it.

white denim midi striped ribbed tee

denim midi skirt| striped tee | sandals | belt

white denim midi skirt classic crew neck stripe tee

Classic Striped Tee

It was fun figuring out what to wear with this cool skirt. I tried on about a dozen tops, from sporty long-sleeve crop tops to feminine, puffy, short-sleeve blouses.

The first top I settled on was this classic navy and white striped tee. I never tire of this timeless nautical look. The modern twist with this tee is that it is ribbed ( so great texture). It’s also a bit cropped, so it was easy to tuck into my skirt.  When I  added this beautiful bone belt with the silver buckle, it instantly up-leveled this relaxed, coastal look.

white denim midi yellow knit vest

denim midi skirt| yellow vest | sandals | belt | necklace | sunglasses | earrings

Dean Davidson inital pendant


white denim midi yellow vest


Sleeveless Knit Vest

Vests of all kinds are also trending this summer. This classy knit vest called out to me because of the perky yellow color and because the style seemed different and modern.

I tried wearing it untucked over my waistband, and it looked nice but a little boring. Then, I added the belt, tucked the vest in a tad, and put on a pretty crystal necklace, and wow, it popped! It’s always amazing how accessories and a little styling can make all the difference.

I like how the chunky texture of this vest pairs so well with denim and how the cutaway halter-like neckline makes it look feminine and modern. That’s no old grandpa vest!


white linen midi skirt cropped linen shirtdenim midi skirt| boxy cropped linen shirt | sandals | belt | earrings

Cropped Linen Shirt

A crisp linen shirt also pairs really well with a long denim midi skirt in any color. These two natural fabrics, denim and linen, go together like salt and pepper! I could wear this skirt with a classic length linen shirt with long sleeves rolled up,  but this relaxed cropped linen shirt gives me a much more updated look.

There are two ways to wear this shirt: out and swingy at your waist or front tucked as you see here, so you get that half-in, half-out look.

Shoes are really important with a long skirt like this. Dark shoes in navy or black would chop up your legs and make you look short.

I prefer neutral shoes like these beautiful bone-colored strappy sandals with a low heel. They’re a perfect color match with the skirt, which I appreciate. (Thank you Madewell). I’m all about making shopping easy, so when a brand has co-ordinating accessories, it’s a real bonus.


white denim top beige tee

denim midi skirt| colorblock tee| sandals | belt | earrings | bracelet |bracelet 2 | sunglasses

white denim midi color block tee

Color Block Tee

I like monochromatic looks and color blocking, so this cute baby tee was a no-brainer. I think the tone-on-tone combination with the white denim skirt, belt, and shoes is so pretty.

I’m always looking for chic ways to dress up casual styles, and this accomplishes that beautifully without looking too perfect or stuffy.

For this look, I also switched out my belt from a silver to a gold buckle for a warmer look. Those cool new oval sunglasses add a fun touch.


denim midi skirt| striped muscle tee | sandals | belt | earrings | bracelet

Muscle Tee

I’ve been talking about striped tops, vests, and linen tops. A muscle tee is another great top that looks amazing with a white denim midi skirt. Don’t let the name scare you. It’s not a super bare-arm, masculine-looking top. Yes, muscle tees are like t-shirts without sleeves, but this cute one has a bit of a cap sleeve that gives you more arm coverage and some great shoulder definition.

This olive-striped tee makes your shoulders look wide, which, in turn, makes your waist look smaller. Although it’s a bit hard to see in these photos, there is some lovely ruching up the sides. (Check the product links!)

Flat sandals also look great with a denim midi skirt. I went for this same bone color again but a different style. How do you like these very comfy, flat-braided sandals? They’re very simple in a less is more kind of way!

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Casual Summer Outfits with a White Denim Skirt – Endless Possibilities

So, which of these 5 casual summer outfits I created with my white denim midi skirt do you like best? The possibilities are endless since a white denim midi skirt is like a blank canvas. Anything you put with it looks gorgeous. It’s more about getting the right style of top to suit your body type. I’m an hourglass, so I like fitted tops, but you may prefer something more relaxed or drapey.

Be sure to check out my Madewell summer try-on post to see other options I didn’t take home but that may work even better for you.


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3 thoughts on “How to Style a White Denim Midi Skirt: 5 Casual Outfits

  1. My favorite top on you is the yellow vest. My word, you can totally pull off that yellow—stunning! I checked the vest out to see if it came in any colors that would work for me. No such luck right now, but I can always keep my eye on what’s available in the future. Cheers!

    1. Hi Carolyn, Thank you for the lovely compliment. The white or black didn’t work for you either? Too bad, but keep looking around as this is a big trend and there’s still lots of time for new summer stuff to arrive! Cheers,Deborah

      1. You’re welcome! I can’t wear white or black – I have deep autumn coloring, so ivory and deep chocolate brown are my better neutrals. Yellows, for me, have to be in the mustard direction. But I always keep my eyes open. When I find something I love in my best colors, I scoop it up! Cheers!

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