How To Wear a Pencil Skirt If You Have a Midlife Middle

Nothing is sexier than a shapely pencil skirt that hugs your hips and bottom and says, “Yes, I’m a woman.” A pencil skirt can be your secret weapon if you want to walk into a room and look and feel powerful. black pencil skirt Now, before you start moaning and groaning that it is impossible to wear a pencil skirt unless you are as skinny as a pencil, listen up!

There are ways to wear a pencil skirt even if you have a softer, rounder, more mature body. tuck in pencil skirtStart With Shapewear

Whether you are 1) fairly slim but have a bit of a midlife middle or 2) you are a round and curvy gal, a little shapewear goes a long way.  If you want to wear a top tucked into your pencil skirt, just go out and buy yourself some Spanx. Shapewear works like a girdle but is light as pantyhose. It firms your tummy, but it’s very comfortable.  It will make a huge difference.

Try a Wrap Top

If you prefer to tuck out, then a wrap top or a fitted top with some stretch and ruching works well to camouflage the tummy. plus size pencil skirt with red top

A Sweater Can Help

If you’ve tried Spanx but there’s still a little more of a belly bulge than you’d like, try wearing a vest or sweater tucked out. Then add a big scarf, necklace or earrings up top to draw the attention up to your face. Make sure you sweater has shape. If it is just big and baggy, you will look sloppy. It should narrow in a bit give you that waist definition that is so important when you wear a pencil skirt.

jacket with pencil skirt A Cute Jacket Will Camouflage

If you are top-heavy in the chest and tummy, try tucking out and wear a cute jacket overtop.

Other Ways to Look Slim in a Pencil Skirt ….

  • Make sure your skirt doesn’t pull or pucker.  Buy a skirt that fits your hips and then take it in at the waist to get the perfect fit.
  • If you are a very curvaceous hourglass then just make sure that once past your hips your pencil skirt doesn’t taper too much towards the knees. This can make you look off balance. If you are top
  • Stay away from pencil skirts with detail at the waist such as buttons, pockets, gathering, trim.  If you are a midlife mama with a jelly belly, these things will add bulk and make you look heavy.

pencil skirt with zipper

  • A dark pencil skirt is always more slimming than a light, bright or patterned one.
  • Pencil skirts with vertical lines like stripes, a slit or long zipper draw the eye up and down and make you look long and lean.

leopard pencil skirt

  • A pencil skirts with dark color-blocked panels at the side shaves off inches.

fluted pencil skirt

  • A pencil skirt with a flared bottom or pleated bottom works wonders to draw eyes down to your pretty hemline and legs which mean you don’t have to feel self-conscious about your not so perfect middle.

plus size pencil skirt Petites and the Pencil Skirt

What if you are short? Most pencil skirts end at the knee.  You will want to show a little more leg to make your legs look longer so you can go a couple of inches above the knee.

Do you wear pencil skirts? What are your tricks for getting a great look?

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6 thoughts on “How To Wear a Pencil Skirt If You Have a Midlife Middle

  1. I am old school regarding keeping myself in shape, and I love wrap clothing. (Thank you DVF) I recently purchased 2 black pencil skits, one in a heavier material, and one a lighter , sexier look. I am going to pair the heavier one with a blk and red polka-dot form fitted sweater (5 yrs in closet, tag still on it), and the lighter one with a purple/blk/wht geometric pattern wrap top, and crystal accessories. Pencil skirts look sophisticated, show off a woman’s curves, and are a stable in a wardrobe. I shrink out of my prior ones, and just replaced them. I was a size 6 a while ago, now a 3. I’m petite.

  2. I find pencil skirts to be the most flattering for my body shape. I have an apple shape (wide around the middle) but my hips and thighs are slim (relatively). The pencil skirt lets me show my best assets and with an elastic waist band it is comfortable and can be easily covered by a jacket. I have pictures on my blog at if you’re interested.

  3. I loved this article and I am in my 30s! I love pencil skirts but sometimes around “that time of the month I really just want to look attractive still but my waistline is retaining a ton of water and it shows. This article has some great suggestions for dealing with that!

  4. Thanks for answering my recent question about wearing skirts. I really like your advice and respect your opinions. The styles are always trendy and classy, my preferred style. These models are wearing heels with their skirts, could I substitute a boot during the winter months?

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