Which Hairstyle For Mother Of The Bride Is Best?

mother of the bride hair
Short hairstyles for mother of the bride, like this one, work. Just keep it soft. Photo: Kate Callahan photography

Is your son or daughter getting married this summer? Have you picked out your mother of the bride/groom dress, but still aren’t sure about what to do with your hair?

Celebrity Hairstylist Billy Lowe has these tips for mother-of-the-bride hairstyles that will make you look elegant, modern, and picture-perfect for those all-important family wedding photos.

Billy: Hello Fabulous after 40 Ladies. It’s a pleasure to be back here on the site and discuss all your beauty questions right here from the red carpet.

Deborah tells me that many of you have questions on “mother of the bride hairstyles” especially with wedding season right here upon us so I thought I’d share a little with you.

First – Don’t Overdo It

There are many other things that you need to think about so don’t get carried away worrying about your hair. Remember, the focus of beauty is truly on the bride. All the raves and “AHA’s” on their wedding day should be for her. Wedding days are not the time to take the stage unless you’re the bride. Anything can happen on the wedding day, and I’ve just about seen it all. Keep the bride in the spotlight and support her on this special day.

Be Yourself

It’s how everyone knows you. Soft roller sets and smoothed-out tresses help flatter you the most and the wedding photos may not be the best time to explore a new “do.”

Choose a Timeless Style

mother of the bride hair
photo: Shari D’Angelo photography

Wedding photos and wedding day should really be timeless which means your hair should be too. There’s nothing worse than looking back at photos and going ‘OMG that was so 80s.”

Stay away from styles that are too trendy. For example, I’ve never been a fan of spikey hair. It’s dated. Stay away from this type of mother-of-the-bride hairstyle.

Wedding coordinators, beauty experts, or even personal shoppers/stylists can help create your theme or overall look if you aren’t quite sure what you should do.

Keep Wedding Hairstyles for Mother of the Bride Conservative

The bride will be looking at classic updo, and editorial type looks, a lot of space in the hair, chignons, twists, etc, so your hairstyles, moms, should be clean and simple Mother of the bride’s hair – Keep it conservative – and be yourself (unless the bride is going for an overall theme).

Hair tucked back over one ear also provides a sense of sophistication, style, and grace. I always recommend this when possible as it is a flattering look in person, and in photos.

Don’t Over-adorn

mother of the bride hair
photo: Asya photography

If the bride and her court have hair pieces, floral arrangements, etc. in their hair – then avoid any mother-of-the-bride hair accessories. The wedding party needs to shine.

Cut and Color Well in Advance 

For all bridal parties, I recommend having a hair cut & colored a week before the wedding. The BIGGEST mistake anyone can make before a wedding is having a hair cut/colored the day of – or the day before a wedding. I have corrected hair cut/color procedures before because someone waited until the last minute, couldn’t get in to see their hair stylist – went to someone else and the fill-in stylist didn’t quite get it right. PLAN AHEAD.

Hire an Expert

Mother of the bride hairstyles
photo: Sarah DiCicco photography

Finally – be sure on your daughter’s wedding day, that you have hired beauty experts that know what the camera sees. It’s one thing to do hair & makeup in a salon or day-to-day but think from a producer’s eye. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by hiring experts that are trained to see what the camera sees.

Ladies – it’s that time of year and it greets us with many mixed emotions. But it is truly a day of celebration, beauty, and most of all love. What can often feel like a time of letting go, is actually a time that you’re building a lifetime of wonderful memories? Enjoy these tips and stay FABULOUS AFTER 40.

Billy LoweBilly Lowe is a noted hair & beauty expert based in Beverly Hills, CA. He has been seen on hit reality shows such as TLC 10 Years Younger, QTV Brunch, KCAL News segments, and countless publications around the world. His website is and is available for special events, makeover campaigns, product launches, and other beauty-related needs. Keep checking back here for more tips from Lowe and his red carpet team.



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