How to Wear a Sleeveless Maxi Dress -Don’t Make this Mistake

Do you avoid going sleeveless, even in summer? Are you self-conscious about baring your arms? If so, you’re missing out on some cute looks! Today I’m partnering with the Over 50 Style Team: Susan at Une Femme d’un Certain Age, Jennifer from A Well Styled Life, and Tania from 50 is Not Old to bring you four fabulous sleeveless outfits including my gorgeous, new sleeveless maxi dress. Take a look!

Deborah wearing SLE MAXI

My arms aren’t as firm as they used to be (even though I do work out), and they can look pretty pale and pasty at times. But that hasn’t stopped me from buying sleeveless when I see something I really like.

Deborah wearing SLE MAXI

I recently been experimenting with maxis and came across this darling Eliza J  scarf maxi dress. I think it’s perfect for a wedding I’ll be attending at a cottage in August.  I popped into my shopping cart, along with a bottle of self-tanner, and ordered it straight away from Amazon. (Nordstrom carries a similar one, and it comes in plus size too!)


Deborah wearing SLE MAXI

The nice thing about this dress is that it feels fairly casual,  but you can also dress it up with some jewelry. I’m wearing it with my Manhattan layered necklace and gemstone studs from my favorite designer, Dean Davidson.

Although this dress has the illusion of being a top and skirt, it’s actually all one piece. The navy top is stretchy and comfy, and the colorful print bottom is light and flowy like a giant silk scarf.

I love the elegant sash and the way it adds a touch of formality, tying these two halves together. And look at that keyhole back! That’s a sexy touch!

Deborah wearing SLE MAXI

Deborah wearing SLE MAXI

The colors and print give this maxi a cool nautical vibe that I think is perfect for a wedding by the lake.

Here’s something I want to warn you about if you don’t wear a lot of sleeveless dresses or tops. You’ve probably spotted it by now! Do you see my bra strap peeking out? I wore a nude bra, which is good since it definitely minimizes the damage, but I could have used some more help, for sure.

Deborah wearing SLE MAXI

Since my sleeveless maxi is cut high on the arms ( it’s actually a flattering look on me), it’s easy for your bra strap to slip out and not even notice.

The solution for this problem would be to wear a bra that crisscrosses at the back or, better yet, a bra clip. Bra clips are handy little plastic discs that you use to pull your bra straps together and hold them in the middle of your back. Then you never had to worry about straps showing again.

The only thing is, with this particular dress, I’d be better off using a bit of two-sided fashion tape to hold my straps in place since my dress has an open back and the clip would show. Or, I could make a bra strap holder.

Deborah wearing SLE MAXI

….But you might have to worry about a Marilyn moment. I got caught in the wind and got a little surprise when my skirt blew up!



So that’s my tip on what to wear with a sleeveless dress, top, or anything if you are concerned about your bra straps showing. To shop this look, just click the links below. Also, be sure to pop by  Une Femme d’un Certain Age, A Well Styled Life, and 50 is Not Old to see what the fabulous sleeveless looks they’ve put together.

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6 thoughts on “How to Wear a Sleeveless Maxi Dress -Don’t Make this Mistake

  1. But in the case of this dress, neither a crossed-in-back bra nor bra clips would’ve worked because of the keyhole opening in the back, right?

    My biggest challenge with sleeveless dresses is a too-large underarm hole. I end up having to wear a cami or something underneath to keep my bra from showing, and it’s just an extra layer I would prefer not to have in the Texas heat.

    Your dress is lovely and will be perfect for that wedding!

  2. I love this dress! I’ve been thinking of getting some maxis for summer. Thanks for including the relatable Marilyn moment. So funny! ????????

  3. You look terrific in that dress! It’s smashing. I’m in total agreement about bra straps showing. It drives me crazy so having a variety of bra shapes is very important. This was fun! Thanks, my friend.

  4. What a fun dress, Deborah! I love how the skirt moves. I will have to check out that bra clip…

    Thanks for being a part of this collaboration and our Friday-style chats!!

  5. I love the scarf maxi dress, and you look fabulous wearing it! Don’t you love those Marilyn moments? Lol! I had one a couple of weeks ago too, and my followers almost got to see more of me than they wanted.

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