How to Feel Confident in Black Leather this Fall + My Favorite Pieces!

Hi Ladies! Leather is trending for fall, and I’m excited! This time around, there’s a lot more than just black leather moto jackets. I’ve seen some really interesting pieces that look modern and easy to wear.  Maybe you’re one of those gals who has always been able to rock black leather at 16 or 60, but I’ve had moments when embracing it felt like a challenge.

Sure, I love the edgy, youthful vibe of black leather, but I don’t want to look tough, masculine, or worse, like a tired, worn-out, old biker.  You may laugh, but wearing black leather as we age can be tricky.  Luckily, I’ve found ways to own it and look chic. What’s the secret sauce to feeling confident and looking fabulous in black leather in your 40s, 50s, and 60s? It’s all about embracing that ever-classy approach.  Here are some tips on doing it well.

black leather jacket

Leather Blazer | Amazon option ( as shown)

1. Stick to Classic Shapes and Timeless Silhouettes

Simple silhouettes, with clean lines and minimal detail, are timeless and sophisticated. For example, a trench coat,  leather blazer, or a wrap or circle skirt in black leather always looks chic. Classic doesn’t have to mean boring. Style classic black leather with trendy non-leather pieces for a classic with a twist.

black leather circle skirt with boots

Leather Circle Skirt

2. Wear Light, Buttery Black Leather

Whether leather or faux leather (which is much more popular these days), be sure the leather is thin, light, soft, and pliable so your garment drapes well and looks relaxed and modern. Stiff, heavy, thick leather is dated.


Moto Jacket | Amazon Option

3. Create Softness Near Your Face

Black leather worn close to an aging face can look harsh, emphasizing your fine lines and wrinkles, creating dark shadows, and washing you out. Soften the look of a black leather biker jacket with a silky print scarf or sparkly jewelry. To light up your skin and eyes. Or, wear leather on your bottom half only—for example, leather pants, leggings, or a skirt.

faux leather skirt and silky blouse

Leather Wrap SkirtAmazon Option ( as shown)


4. Pair Leather with Luxurious, Feminine Fabrics

A gorgeous silky blouse or satin top is elegant and feminine and tames the biker vibe of black leather. This silky animal print blouse is a great choice with this black faux leather wrap skirt. Add some fine, pointy black suede booties for a lady-like, fashion-forward feel.

faux leather leggings and sweater

Spanx Leather Leggings | Amazon Option (as shown)

5. Warm-up Leather with a Cozy Knit

Black leather can sometimes come across as cold and intimidating. Soft, cozy knits, especially cashmere, warm up hard-edged, black leather and make you appear more welcoming. A soft, cozy sweater with black faux leather leggings is a fabulous look,  and if the sweater is slightly loose or oversized, it will create a more relaxed feel.


leopard dress with black leather accent

6. Use Leather as an Accent

If full-on black leather pants or a top don’t feel like you, why not wear something with leather touches? For example, this animal print dress with the chic leather belt or a jacket with leather-trimmed pockets. One of my favorite dresses is a Ponte knit dress with black faux leather trim.


7. Go Easy on the Hardware

Studs, chains, and multiple zippers on leather can look tough and tacky. Less is more. Avoid all that shiny hardware that makes you look like you belong to a motorcycle gang. Think elegant, not rock n roll, to look elegant in black leather at any age.

Here are a few of my favorite black leather pieces for Fall in stores now:


_black leather top puff sleeves

Black Leather Puff Sleeve Top: It’s different. The puff sleeves are cute, the cropped length would go well with high-waisted jeans, and I love the neckline and slimming seam down the front. The open neckline and puff sleeves soften the look.  I might even wear a small gold necklace with this or some nice gold earrings.



black leather shirtdress

Black Leather Shirtdress: Yes, to this unfussy, chic dress with beautiful seams, neckline, and fabulous belt. The classic cut and longer length make it elegant. If this were thigh-high, it would have a different feel.


leather shearling jacket

Black Leather and Shearling Jacket: Sometimes, you want to make a fashion statement, and this is a knockout way to do it. I love the contrast of black and white, sleek and cozy. This is edgy and inviting at the same time.


High-Waisted Black Leather Pants: These are fabulous. Talk about classy with that high waist and perfectly tapered shape. No detail at the waist means you can wear something tucked in or a long top or sweater and not worry about extra bulk at the waist. Notice the shoes. Slingbacks are trending and perfect for this Audrey Hepburn look.

Tall Suede and Leather Boot: For ladies who want a touch of black leather, check out this fabulous mixed media boot in suede with the gorgeous black leather croc overlay. It is truly unique and so stylish.

Spanx Two-Tone Leather Dress: Another great example of mixed media. This time, it’s faux leather and ponte stretch combined to create an alluring leather sheath that is modern and super comfy!

Leather Sweatshirt:  Easy Elegance: Here’s one black leather top I know I would get a lot of wear out of. This beautiful V-neck by DKNY has a relaxed, sporty look and feel. I love it with black pants to give a monochromatic texture and life.  You need to put this one in your cart. It’s perfect for most midlife lifestyles!

Finally, I’ve shared several black leather fall finds that look fabulous at any age. But in the end, confidence is key. You’ll never look cool if you don’t feel authentic in black leather. It’s a little edgy even when you choose classic pieces, so be sure it suits your personality and feels like you!

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4 thoughts on “How to Feel Confident in Black Leather this Fall + My Favorite Pieces!

  1. I don’t care for leather garments for myself. I said I have a beautiful sweater from the early 1990s with black leather accents at the shoulders. I STILL receive compliments when I wear it. Unbelievable, I would even save a garment from the last century! 😊

  2. How about a leather skirt that is not a mini (just above the knees) when softened as explained above and not worn with other leather?

    1. Hi Mary,
      Sure, Leather skirts are fabulous…just not a mini. Try wearing your leather skirt with black tights and tall boots for a great look at the knee or just above the knee. Above the waist, you can wear a silky blouse to soften things up, a jacket, or a top that is not leather. You’ve got the right idea!!

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