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How to Dress Creatively in Knits

When it comes to dressing creatively a basic turtleneck or traditional cableknit sweater just doesn’t cut it.  If you have a creative streak and love knits, then check out some of the artsy knits my reader Ela has been wearing lately.

knit tunic over cropped pants

Ela Olsewska is a fashionista from Oakville, Ontario with a passion for creative dressing. She loves to take chances and try things that are elegant but a little unusual.

brown sweater dress by Ela Olsewska

In a previous post Ela chatted with me about her unique style and what creative dressing means to her. She feels strongly about having a unique style that reflects her personality. Lately, she has been experimenting with knits. This is just one of the cool looks she has come up with.

This perforated knit dress with the green silk underlay makes an artsy statement. A caramel scarf adds a warm glow to her face, and the leopard print pumps gives her outfit a fun touch. This gal isn’t afraid to mix texture and pattern. It’s all part of Ela’s creative dressing recipe.

White knit poncho

Ela’s creamy punch card knit poncho top has a techno vibe. It’s the perfect thing to pair with a pair of black leather leggings. Funky sunglasses round off the look.

black leather pants

Here’s a conversation piece! How do you like this unusual shrug? Ela’s neon green and black color combo is modern, urban and edgy.

Pastel blue knit dress

Pastels are trendy for fall and winter. This pretty blue sweaterdress with the metal studs is an original combo of soft and cozy and slightly edgy. The color looks stunning on Ela because of her delicate coloring.

Opaque tights are the perfect complement to a thick knit dress. Sheer nylons would be too light and thin. Ela’s suede shoes are also in sync with the weight and texture of her modern pastel sweaterdress.

Which is your favorite look, and will you be wearing knits this fall?


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