3 Beautiful Ways Wear The Satin Fashion Trend

Luxurious, silky satin that we haven’t seen since the ’80s is shining bright this fall. Here’s a look at the satin fashion trend and how to wear it 3 different ways.

1.  Satin Top with Jeans

Satin is no longer reserved for party gowns and special occasions. The Satin trend is showing up in everyday wear. For example, a pair of white jeans get a glam make-over when you add a stunning royal blue satin blouse to the mix. Suede mules add to the chic vibe, which is pretty but powerful.

This is a great transitional outfit or a fab outfit to wear if you live a place where the weather is great year-round. You can also wear this top with your favorite dark wash blue jeans. With black jeans, it would look stunning.


Satin - Yellow Dress

2.  Satin Dress for Special Occasion

Satin is anything but subtle this season. You’ll find the most bright and beautiful colors meant to dazzle when you walk into the room. This bold gold would look fabulous on the right gal. Plus, the wrap pleats style is so modern and fashion-forward.

The satin dress trend is perfect for any special event you have coming up like a wedding or party where you want to knock it out of the park!


3.  Satin Blouse for Work

Satin adds a glamorous, feminine touch to the most serious of business suits. This gorgeous draped satin top looks rich, elegant, and has BOSS LADY written all over it. Just be sure to wear a bra that does not show the outline of your bra through the satin as it will ruin the look.

Do you like the new satin fashion trend? Would you wear it casually as well as in the evening or do you find it too dressy?

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6 thoughts on “3 Beautiful Ways Wear The Satin Fashion Trend

  1. I had no idea that satin was so versatile. I think I’ve always associated it with being super fancy. Really like the looks you’ve put together here, with my favorite being that stunning gold dress … it makes me want to concoct a special occasion as an excuse to get it into my closet!

    1. Hi Lauren, Forget special occasions! You can wear a satin blouse with a pair of jeans and nice belt and look totally cool. That’s the thing about satin. It is a dressy fabric that is being worn in causal ways and that makes it modern. Cheers, Deborah

  2. Hello Deborah,

    Very tastefully done, I had wanted to try satin but only saw slip dresses. Wanting a little more coverage was uncertain if I should. Now I can 😊

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