How to Look Spot On in Polka Dots

Polka dots are trending and they’re cuter than ever. This time around they’re not your average dots! Fashion favorite print has a chic new look.  The latest round of polka dots include:

Modern Dots
  • Oversized Dots: large, exaggerated dots are dramatic
  • Irregular Shaped Dots: softer, slightly jagged dots are modern
  • Unique Patterns: irregular dot patterns and spacing of dots
  • Textured, raised dots
  • Metallic dots: gold or silver
  • Colorful Dots: like the rainbow
  • Colorblocked Dots: A concentration of dots in one spot for figure emphasis.
orange polka dots

Tips for Wearing Polka Dots

Polka dots are a classic print but can look juvenile at times, so if you are wondering how to wear polka dots, here are some things to consider.

polka dot fashion

1.   Choose Unfussy Dotted Clothing

The less fussy your dotted clothing, the chicer you will look. Modern polka dot clothing has clean lines and little detail. These look more sophisticated than layered, frilly pieces that are busy and girly.

red polka dot pants

2.  Don’t Go Crazy with Too Many Dots

Too many dots can get crazy/busy and make you look like a confusing mess if you don’t know what you are doing, so best to keep it simple.

This woman above has the right idea. White and red polka dots pants look clean and fresh when worn with a neutral top. The plain colored top balances out the pants and makes her look playful but not kiddish.  See how the pants take center stage?

If you want to combine dots head to toe, choose two different size dots in drastically different sizes, but no more. Polka dots with stripes in the same color can also work well for creative types.

Polka dot skirt for women over 40

3. Play with the Size of Your Dots

Some say bigger dots belong on bigger frames and smaller dots belong on smaller frames. This is true to a point, but personality also comes into play.

4. Wear Dotted Accessories

Dots are elegant and less loud when worn as accessories. A black dress with a black and white polka dot bag is easy for anyone to wear.

5.   Try Different Colored Dots

High contrast black and white dots are bolder and more dramatic than low contrast taupe and white polka dots. If your coloring is fair, it is easier to wear low-contrast dots that don’t overpower.

What do you think of the polka dots? Here is how these 40+ bloggers style polka dot clothes.

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One thought on “How to Look Spot On in Polka Dots

  1. My HS graduation dress in 1989 was a calf-length column dress with a peplum made up in black on a white polka dot. The dots were about a half inch. It was a beautiful dress, and I also wore it to several formal academic dinners in college.

    I don’t have modern polka dots in my closet, but I would be happy to buy something if it appeared in my preferred “uniform” shapes. I wear almost exclusively shift dresses or sleeveless; soft drape neck tops with a boot cut, flared trousers, or trouser jeans. Then a jacket or sweater for cooler temps.

    I would most likely wear this if I found a shift dress or a top in this fabric. I wouldn’t buy a trendy fabric in a jacket.
    I would

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