3 Leggings Fashion Tips All Stylists Know

If you like the idea of wearing leggings, but haven’t got a clue how to put a leggings outfit together, here are a few ideas.

Blue Blouse with Leggings


It’s much simpler than you think if you understand what leggings are and apply some essential styling tips. For example:

Leggings Tip # 1 – Start with Quality Leggings

long floral top with leggings


There are many leggings, but some are not as good as others. It’s best to start with relatively thick, opaque leggings and have a good stretch. Avoid the shiny look and go for matte leggings, or you risk looking like a dancing queen.


Legging Tip # 2 – Go Long Over Leggings

purple tunic and leggings


Even though you will be after a thicker legging, you must remember that they are not pants. Leggings are more like very opaque tights, so wear a long top. Otherwise, it will look like you forgot to dress your bottom half. This simple tunic by Eileen Fisher is one of the most popular types of long tops for leggings.


Leggings Tip # 3 – Keep it Classy

Purple ruffle top with leggings

Wear cute shoes or boots, carry a quality bag, no oversized ed sloppy t-shirts, and ugly runners. Keep it classy, not trashy when you are wearing leggings.
Do you have a few leggings fashion tips of your own? You can tell me below.
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28 thoughts on “3 Leggings Fashion Tips All Stylists Know

  1. I don’t recommend the cheap fleece-lined leggings from a bed bath and beyond. Though super soft on the inside, they slide down and will drive you crazy! Too bad, good idea not executed well.

  2. I’m going to try leggings again this Autumn. I think I last wore them in my early 30s and had a terrible experience with a rude drunk man commenting on my camel toe! Put me off for ages. I’m veering towards a leather/Ponte pair. If you’re going to flaunt it, do it with class!

    1. By all means, give it another go. Ponte or leather/faux leather is thicker like pants. I’d recommend a long top that comes 1/3-1/2 way down your thigh. This is the most flattering length. Cheers, Deborah

  3. I think the trend of leggings are in fashion once again. You can team it up with long top or kurtas os many other western dresses.

  4. I like your all the tips. Leggings look best when paired with lots of layers on top or you can wear them with oversize sweaters and cardigans.

  5. Love your site! The tips are super helpful for those of us who are over 40 and don’t know how to dress. I have recently lost 25 lbs. I absolutely hate the leggings and big tunic look. It looks like you just quit caring about how you look and are trying to cover up your muffin top/big bottom/wide hips. Yuk yuk yuk!

  6. What do you think of the attached mini-skirt with leggings for us “over-40” gals? I’m a petite 5′, size 2 but it seems a little bit girly. Thanks!

  7. Love your advice! Always right on. I enjoy looking my best and try to look current but not foolish. You help me to do both. Thank you!

  8. I may be missing it in the post, but I don’t see a link for the clothing. Where was the black middle top purchased (or brand name)

  9. I’ve been debating leggings, but I’m a tad “curvy” per se, and not sure how well I’d rock them. I love that last outfit!

  10. I just wanted to bring up the following: I’m 5’4″ and am very small. Even though I am short-waisted, I have a defined waist. The tunics you show are only 2″ above the knees and look ridiculous and frumpy. I wear tops advertised as tunic length or mini skirt length. I assure you that these lengths look great on my body type, and my bum is well covered. Also, these tunic/mini-dress lengths make my legs look much longer and give my body a long, lean look. I wear them with many styles of boots but never wear a heel over 2 to 2-1/2″. I’m afraid I have to disagree with wearing flats with my body type. Flats look like the slippers my grandmother used to wear with her housedress. LOL. And, they make me look even shorter in the leg. I find that tights and booties of the same color with a bit of heel elongate my legs. Please remember that we all have different body shapes, and not everyone looks good in the same thing. Perhaps you could feature a topic on wearing tights with varying body types. Thanks for all the excellent advice you ladies bring us in your FabAfter40 newsletters. You have become my “go-to” website for beauty and style advice! :)

  11. Thanks for the info! Here’s a question, all of these pictures are women wearing Spring and Summer looking attire – what are your tips on tights/leggings for Winter wear? Specifically, cable knit tights. Are they too young to pull off for over 40?

    1. I wear heavy cable tights all winter, with boots with a bit of heel (less than 2 to 2-1/2″) or medium-heeled shooties. I like the look and warmth of them. I don’t see why 40+ women can’t wear them. They look great with long, over-the-bum sweaters and are warm too! I always get compliments on this style, so they must look good enough on me. I think if you dress in class, you won’t go wrong. It’s all about your body type and accentuate your best features.

  12. I have a black lace short dress. Tank-style top that flows to a short flared skirt. Can I wear leggings under it? If so, what length, color, and style should I wear?

  13. I’m 63 and haven’t worn leggings since the early 90’s but I’ve lost FIFTY LBS! I now wear a size 10, I’m 5’9″ and weigh 154. Can I still get away with them do y’all think?

    1. Hi Colleen,
      Congratulations about the weight loss. It’s hard to tell from height and weight. It’s more about body shape and personality, but you probably can as long as you wear a long enough top to cover your hips and behind. Feel free to send me a photo.

  14. I’m 65 and I wear black leggings all the time. Key rule is to cover your behind and your crotch. A longer black tank is a good first layer over which you can wear a looser cardigan or a belted jacket, and of course tunics are terrific. Don’t limit yourself to flats; leggings also look great with mid heel wedges and kitten heel pumps — just don’t wear stockings or knee highs with them! The dressiest leggings have seams down the front, which help slim your legs. Zara makes really good, reasonably priced ones, and Lysee Leggings now has ponte knit ones with seams and a tummy control panel.

  15. Yes, I love leggings with dresses or tunic length tops. I do not wear high heels any more so definitely I’d wear them with low heels.

  16. I agree. Low heeled shoes look terrible on most women with short legs. Choosing High heeled shoes carefully is the key, as in the choice of leggings. I prefer them in the ankle length with a matching shoe, boot (Short or Tall) in the same color family to lengthen the leg.

  17. Great tips for women over 40..well leggings suits every age girls and women..its just one should know how to carry oneself.One can look trendy at any age!

  18. I don’t think that low-heeled shoes work with leggings. Leggings usually shorten legs for those who are not blessed with skinny legs or long legs. Usually, leggings cut the legs over the ankles which makes some “un-blessed” legs even shorter. So the best option to wear leggings is to know your body…and not stick to rules such as “low-heeled shoes”. If you browse fashion sites and magazines, leggings actually look great in high heeled shoes.

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