Long Waisted? 6 Style Tricks to Balance Your Figure

Claire Danes
The best jeans for long-waisted women like Claire Danes? Jeans that sit at your natural waist or higher. No hip huggers.

Do your tops feel too short? Do your pants feel too long? Do you carry your weight in your hips and bottom?

Chances are you are long-waisted. Being long-waisted means the distance between your shoulders and natural waist is longer than average. In other words, you have a long torso, shorter legs, and your natural waist sits very low.  Picture celebrities like Cher, Clair Danes, Kelly Clarkson, Kiera Knightley, and Olivia Wilde, and you get the idea.

The problem with being long-waisted is that it can make you seem shorter than you are. You can also look bottom-heavy, so it is essential to know how to dress to balance your shape.

The goal if you are long-waisted? To shorten your torso, raise your waistline and make your legs look longer. Here are six simple ways to do that:

1. Wear Longer Tops and Tuck in

If your waist sits low, it can be a challenge to find tops that are long enough. You don’t want that, “I shrunk my top look,” or to have your tummy hanging out if your top rides up. Tops for long-waisted women can be hard to find because you need to have a top or shirt that is long enough to reach your naturally low waist.  (A tall women’s store is a good place to shop for clothes for long-waisted women) Tucking your top in will raise your waistline and make you look more in proportion.

2.  Empire or A-line – The Best  Clothes For Long Waisted Women

Empire waist tops and dresses that are narrow up top and gently taper outward create the illusion of a raised waist. The focus remains high, away from your low center point. A-line dresses have a similar effect. They’re perfect for women with long torsos because they have no waistline.

Keep hemlines at, or just above the knee, to reveal your legs and make you look taller. Detail at the neckline like a statement necklace or a fancy collar will also help direct the eye upwards.

3. Avoid Low Rise Pants

Low slung pants will make your legs look stubby. Instead, try mid-rise. They’re the best type of pants for long-waisted women because they raise your waistline. High rise pants are also an option and will elongate your legs. Tuck an elegant blouse into high-waisted pants, add heels, and you’ve got yourself a fabulous look! Avoid cropped pants that cut you off mid-calf; they will only shorten the legs more. Pants with cuffs will do the same. Stay away from them too.

4. Match Your Shoes to Your Pants

A simple trick to make your legs look longer is to wear shoes the same color as your pants. For example, gray pants with gray shoes create an unbroken line that makes you look taller and thinner. Heels also help to pump up the height but avoid chunky heels because they will make your legs look heavy. If you prefer flat shoes, buy pointy-toe flats, not round, to visually add a couple of extra inches to your legs.

5. Wear Short Jackets

Jackets that end higher up on your torso work best if you are long-waisted. Choose a shrug, a bolero, or a cropped jacket, no longer than your hipbone.

6. Try a Wide Belt

Long waisted women have a lot of room between the ribcage and waist, so if that’s you, fill that up that space with a belt. By wearing a medium to wide belt a touch above your natural waistline, you gracefully break up the length of your upper body.

For a complete look at your body type and the types of clothes you need to wear, whether you are long-waisted, short-waisted, or just average, check out the cool online style tool, My Private Stylist. 

This article by: Emily Monkman

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2 thoughts on “Long Waisted? 6 Style Tricks to Balance Your Figure

  1. I have a long torso, but I also am 5’7″ and my legs are just about the same length as my torso. I have a problem when I buy dresses the waist doesn’t sit at my natural waist, but is too high. Do you have any recommendations?

    1. Hi Gail, If you try to find a dress that sits at your real waist it will probably be a bit big and too long, and when it is long it is going to make your legs look even shorter. Since you have a long torso you are best with dresses that fall above the knee that you can belt. For example, a sweaterdress, shirtdress or you could try a fit and flare style. A flare helps make a long torso look shorter. Don’t know if you have tried a wrap dress but that could possibly work too. You are also pretty tall. You could check out Long Tall Sally. They have a lot of clothes for tall women with long torsos. They might work for you. You’d have to check that out but here is the link. Cheers, Deborah

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