Are Your Accessories Right For Your Body Type?

woman over 40 white purseDeborah BolandThere’s no such thing as a bad body type. You can look stylish and confident no matter what your shape by dressing in a way that highlights your best features and downplays your trouble spots.

Certain styles of clothing will help enhance your figure, but the right accessories can make a big difference too.  Here are some tips to know which accessories are right for your body type.

Tip # 1 Jewelry 

Want to make your small bust appear fuller?  Let your jewelry work for you! Small busted gals looking for a little oomph can try chunky, eye-catching earrings and a long, thin necklace to add some length to your upper body. The same goes for petite women.

If you have the opposite problem and want to draw attention away from your large bust, steer clear of heavy, chunky statement necklaces that sit right at your bust and add weight up top. Also, necklaces that dangle in or near your cleavage put the focus on your bust, making your bosom appear larger. Keep your length to just above or below your collarbone or try a long pendant necklace.

Like Bracelets? Arm Parties, a large assortment of bracelets on both wrists, are all the rage and are a great way to add color and dimension to any outfit. However, you need to be careful how to wear them depending on your arm length and height.

If you are petite with short arms, avoid chunky, bold bracelets, wide cuffs,  or too many thick bangles that will make your arms look even shorter. If you are a tall gal with long arms feel free to use multiple bracelets to make a statement – although more than 2 per arm will start to take away from your look.

Tip # 2 Bags

Huge Oversized bags have been in vogue, but will make you look like you are drowning if you are a petite woman. They can also make heavier women look frumpy and underdressed because they are so unstructured.  Instead, go for a small to medium sized bag with some shape that is proportionate to your size.

A shoulder bag with a long strap will drag you down if you are a small woman making you appear shorter and heavier, They’re great, however, for taller gals who are long waisted.

If you are on the heavy or large side, avoid tiny bags as they will make you look larger. Curvy gals can opt for a bag that’s more structured or boxy to help balance out your curves.

Tip # 3 Belts

Belts can make or break an outfit. They can cinch a blouse to give you the perfect fit or cut you off and make you look stubby. This is where proportion comes into play again. It’s all about the torso!

When picking out a belt, the size of it should depend on the length of your torso and height. This means that a woman with a long torso should choose a wider belt while a woman with short torso looks better wearing a belt that’s thin and narrow.

Knowing the accessories that work for your body type is an important part of looking well put together.  Do you have any A+ tips on how women over 40, 50, and beyond can shop for their body type?

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  1. Hello Deborah!
    Your informative and entertaining emails are great. I look forward to reading about how you integrate both classic and trendy fashions and end up with a stylish “put together” look. I also applaud you for stepping it up a notch by adding very informative segments, i.e. dressing for your body type and how to effectively wear accessories. Keep on doing what you do best-helping us mature gals to look “fabulous after 40”!
    Best regards,