Michael Kors Puffer Jacket is Awesome for Autumn

If you live in the Northern U.S. or Canada, you know how lucky you are to be able to experience Autumn in all its colorful glory.

Deborah Boland looking at fall leaves in burgundy packable parka

All you need to do is take a walk, and look up to get inspired. All the oranges, the mustards, the burgundy colors… they’re breathtaking, and they make it easy to figure out what to wear during the cold, dark fall.

Deborah Boland about to throw fall leaves wearing a red parka

I had a ton of fun putting together this fall outfit for you. We all need a casual look for weekends and this is a cheery one.

Deborah Boland throwing fall leaves in air wearing a Michael Kors puffer coat

I let loose my imagination and started looking for clothes that reminded me of the fall leaves. That’s when I came across these pieces from Michael Kors.

Deborah Boland in burgundy puffer coat and gold sweater

It all started with this cute Michael Kors puffer jacket in this stunning burnt red shade. This jacket also comes in navy and turquoise, which I was also tempted to buy.  It’s a lightweight down-filled parka that is easily packable. In fact, when I bought it, the saleswoman even gave me a little nylon bag which I wasn’t sure what to do with until I read up on the coat. Talk about handy for traveling!

Deborah Boland of Fabulous After 40 twirling in leaves in gold sweater and jeans

It’s easy to get into the rut of buying a cream sweater, or a black sweater, or a brown or navy sweater. I wanted something as lively and bold as fall, and I found it in this gorgeous sweater. It’s not really gold, and it’s not really pumpkin colored – kind of in-between.

sleeve on gold fringe sweater

How do you like those wild fringe sleeves? They are part of the western trend we’ve been seeing this fall. It took me a few minutes to say yes to them,  but I’m glad I did because they are different and fun. The rest of the sweater is still quite streamlined and classic.

Deborah Boland wearing gold Michael Kors sweater with fringe sleeves and jeans walkign through leaves

This is a playful look that has that free spirit feel.

black tote bag with red puffer coat

I’m wearing my favorite Paige jeans, black suede booties and my trusty Tory Burch tote. If you haven’t tried Paige jeans, I highly recommend.

Deborah Boland kicking fall leaves wearing a red puffer jacket by Michael Kors and Jeans

Try taking a closer look at your landscape, no matter what it is, and see if you can’t get some ideas for a beautiful fall outfit.

Deborah Boland walking through fall leaves

If you want to shop this Michael Kors packable puffer jacket and the rest of my outfit, the links are here. Have an Awesome Autumn!

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3 thoughts on “Michael Kors Puffer Jacket is Awesome for Autumn

  1. I simply LOVE this sweater! What fun. No sweaters for Florida, though where the temperatures are still in the 80’s and low 90’s some days. Yeah, in November…..