Is Michael Kors Your Style?

Splashed across handbags and watches, it’s almost impossible not to recognize the distinctive script of American designer Michael Kors. Kors is the label of the moment and lives up to the buzz by delivering wearable, effortless pieces embodying a sporty-chic vibe.

In the last of our Salute to American Designers series, stylist Morgan Mullin explains what the Michael Kors Style is all about, and how to get the look.

Michael Kors Style

Raised in New York and the son of a model, Michael Kors has always had fashion swirling around him. After almost 30 years in the industry, he knows how to dress women in a glamorous, jet-setter way. Here’s the recipe for his cool American Style.

1. Mix casual and classic

To embody a certain refined, intentional feel, Kors often puts structured elements into outfits. Things like perfectly-tailored dress pants, cotton blouses that button up the front, or even body-skimming pencil skirts keep an element of dressiness in his outfits.

Where things get interesting, though, is how Kors mixes more structured pieces with casual ones. A soft, fitted v-neck tee is the perfect foil for those dress pants in Kors’ eyes. When wearing a button-up blouse, Kors would suggest lightly rolling the sleeves and throwing on ripped boyfriend jeans to keep your look fresh and unpredictable.

2. Add sporty elements

While Kors’ look isn’t sporty in the literal track pants with running shoe sense, adding some athletic elements to your outfit plays with the sleek aesthetic Kors is known for. Try racing stripes on your bag or pants. Go for luxe, snakeskin sneakers instead of ballet flats. Details like mesh or exposed zippers on bags and jackets are the perfect complement to your look.

3. Just a little Jewellery

Kors isn’t big on bling, opting for small earrings or a sleek pendant to finish off a look. A true Kors gal never leaves home without a watch, and the bigger, boyfriend-style ones are a hallmark of this sporty style. This lets you have a statement piece but in a more interesting way!

4. Sharp lines and clean shapes

The easiest way to embody Kors’ aesthetic? Choose pieces with sharp lines and clean shapes. That means structured satchels over floppy totes. It means rimmed aviator sunglasses rather than trendy round frames. It’s choosing items that are fitted and streamlined, without ruffles or excess fabric.

As a bonus, these elements easily make you look pulled together in a way a flowy maxi dress probably never could!

There you have it- a way to look sporty-chic and super glam. That’s Michael Kors’s style.

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