Pretty Mother of the Bride Hairstyles to Inspire

There are a lot of decisions to be made when you are the Mother of the Bride and one of the most stressful, next to what to wear, is how to style your hair.  Should you wear it up, or down, curly or straight, traditional or modern? After all, you want to look your best, and those family wedding photos are going to be around for a very long time.

Here are some inspiring photos from real-life Mother of the Bride hairstyles to help you decide how you want to look when you are escorted down the aisle on one of the proudest days of your life.


If you ever wanted to try gentle waves, a wedding is an excellent time to go for it. Laura usually sports a short straight silver bob but decided to try soft waves for a more romantic look. The result is stunning. I love the way her wavy silver locks frame her face and give her a relaxed but glamorous look.  It’s a very chic but soft look.


When you’re a mother of the bride with a headful of gorgeous long hair, what’s the best way to style it? This Mother of the bride opted for full-on curls, and she couldn’t have looked lovelier! I like the way the sides are pulled up and away from her face in a half updo to let her beautiful smile shine.



As you can see, waves seem to be the way to go these days, and the softer, the better. This long, loose style is smooth and flat at the top with a cascade of curls from the cheekbones down. It’s formal without being stuffy.



Here’s another wavy bob that looks more like ringlets and has a fun, beachy vibe. It’s very relaxed and slightly whimsical, and the soft blonde highlights give it shine and depth. This kind of style would be great on a mom with a thin face because the big curls add nice volume at the sides of the face.


If your hair is short and layered like Dianne’s, try adding some volume to give it a more formal look. The beautiful thing about short styles like this is they allow statement earrings to shine!



Here’s another half-updo that is romantic and feminine with enhanced body at the crown. It’s the ideal style if you have medium to long hair and want to show off your cheekbones.



What a stunning duo this bride and MOB make! I adore how the necklines of both dresses complement one another. The Mother of the bride has chosen a simple style to coordinate with the style of the dress. Long, feathered layers are curled and styled away from the ears to allow the jewelry to play up that fantastic neckline.



This short, perky MOB hairstyle highlights the natural beauty of the Mother of the bride’s silver hair. Sometimes less is more.



Pinned back curls and face-framing bangs with side ringlets are beautiful on this MOB. This style is an attractive option for gals with medium length hair and for those who don’t want a full updo.



Whether you have a pixie or bob, if your hair is too short for an up-do, think volume. This hairstyle also hits perfectly at the jawline, which makes this MOB look youthful and perky.


This angular, short style is polished and perfectly coiffed. Modern, stylish layers add dimension and texture to this chic look.



If you have naturally curly hair, you won’t feel like yourself if you let a stylist straighten it or pin it back. Let your curls do their thing, and you’ll feel much more confident and comfortable than you would in a style that just isn’t you.



This breezy, tossed look is natural, fuss-free, and perfect for a daytime wedding. If you have a short cut like this Mother of the bride, a texturizing mousse will give your hair extra volume and ensure that it will stay in place so you can enjoy the day worry-free.



A fancy hat is a great way to play up a sleek bob. This dramatic look perfect for MOBs who want a dramatic touch.


Here’s an all-over curly style the perfectly frames the face. Be sure you use enough spray or setting lotion so the curls hold their shape and don’t flat on you at the most unexpected moment.

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