My Favorite Kendra Scott Jewelry

If I’m sharing an outfit on the blog, I’m probably wearing Kendra Scott Jewelry. I’m a huge fan of this Texas Jewelry designer’s unique pieces. How about you?

Not only are Kendra’s pieces gorgeous, but they are instantly recognizable since Kendra uses a lot of natural stones and exquisite filigree details.  Kendra Scott’s jewelry is feminine, modern, and chic! Here are a few knockout pieces from my jewelry box, many on SALE now!


1. Layered Gold Chains

Layering two, three, or even four necklaces is the new, trendy way to wear fine chains. Kendra Scott has so many fabulous chains to mix and match. I adore both of these – the first is a brushed gold Olive necklace paired with a translucent crystal necklace that glimmers like mad. The great thing is both chains easily adjust to any length!

pink kendra scott earrings

2.  Rose Quartz Earrings

One of the reasons I’m so attracted to Kendra Scott is the gorgeous colors. These Rose Quartz Earrings, for example, are such a striking color! I got lucky because they are a perfect match with this pretty ruffle dress, but I have also worn them with other dresses too, and they are magical!  P.S. They’re on sale!

Kendra Scott statement necklace

3. Statement Necklace and Earrings

Some outfits can handle a big chunky necklace, and this is one of them. This black top worn with a leopard skirt needed something, and I found it at Kendra Scott. I love the shape of this stunning petal-shaped Mari necklace and the hammered metal finish. It gives off a slightly tribal vibe that works so well with the exotic leopard print skirt. This necklace is also on Sale!

Matching Triangular hammered metal earrings are the new shape and notice the bracelet. It’s coral-colored with gold marbling through it — such a great piece with this outfit.

Kendra Scott coral earrings

4. Triangular Earrings

Do you know how I just said that this Triangular shaped earring is new from Kendra Scott? Well, here’s another variation on that. These stunning, coral-colored earrings ( they call them red) look slightly exotic and totally chic. They’re a perfect size, not too big or small, and the touch of gold at the top of the earrings matches the gold veins in the stone and makes these earrings look stunning.

Kendra Scott Silver pendant

5. Artsy Pendant

Here’s an interesting pendant with a very modern vibe. I don’t usually wear silver (I prefer gold with my coloring), but this bright silver pendant with white Abalone went so well with this cute black polka dot top. This necklace is definitely a conversation starter. I also like wearing it with long sweaters. I’m showing gold earrings in the same shape, but these triangular earrings come in silver too!

Kendra-Scott layered necklaces laces

5. Crystal Pendant

Here are those same layered necklaces I showed you before paired with another outfit. Do you see how versatile these are? Which is your favorite, the crystal, or the necklace they call Olive.

golden-hoops kendra scott

6. Gold Filagree Hoop Earrings

If you like a gold hoop but want something a bit different, then these gorgeous filigree earrings are really special. I’m not a big hoop person, but when I saw these, they wowed me.

These gold hoops are medium-sized, so not too big, and the lacy cutouts make them lightweight and a little more feminine and delicate than your average hoops.

Kendra Scott blue-stone-pendant--cuff

7.  Cuff Bracelet

This cuff bracelet has to be one of Kendra’s best sellers because I’ve had mine for a long time, and they continually restock it. Like the earrings, I just showed you this has some pretty fine lacy detail, except this time the pattern gives off a Moroccan kind of vibe. I never get tired of this classic piece, which adds a touch of strange mystery to any outfit.

8. Pendant Necklace

As for the necklace, this shape is a little hard to find now, and that color, which is to die for seems pretty rare, but I have managed to find something close. See here.

Kendra Scott Tassel Necklace Deborah Boland Fabulous After 40

8. Tassel Necklace

Here’s an example of a Kendra Scott piece that is so worth the investment. This sophisticated Rayne tassel pendant with the gleaming gold chain dresses up any outfit.  I find myself reaching for it all the tie. You can get the creamy stone in many other beautiful colors, and the chain comes in silver and rose gold too.

tassel necklace Kendra Scott

10. Chain Tassel Necklace

Now, this is one heck of a necklace!! It’s oversized, it’s heavy, and it makes a regal statement. Even though this Royal looking necklace came out a few years ago, it’s still here, for now, so grab one fast before they retire it.

Deborah-Boland Kendra Scott Abalone shell Earrings

11. Albone Earrings 

These Albone earrings are stunning. Abalone is actually a type of shell, and those magnificent colors you see are all-natural. I like to wear these earrings with something that picks up on the gorgeous Fuschia shade in the stone, and this square neck, pink velvet top is it!

love knot earrings

12. Love Knot Earrings

Kendra’s love knot earrings are sweet and romantic. They’re the perfect size for every day, and the cute knot is gentle and subtle. I love to wear them with anything soft and feminine, like this cozy pink sweater and ivory overcoat.

kendra scott crochet earringsnecklace

13.  Crochet Hoops and Pendant

When I’m feeling a little boho, I bring out the hoops. Lately, I’ve been wearing these rose gold style hoops with exquisite crochet detail.

I like to wear them with this matching crochet pendant with a stunning aqua stone nestled in the middle. Next to this coral waffle top, it shines!

Maggie hoop Kendra Scott

14. Maggie Hoops

These Maggie Hoops are my favorites because I love the feminine gold filigree. I wear them with everything. They’re a perfect size.

tunic sweatshirt green Deborah Boland

15. Kenzie Pendant 

This unique pendant is actually the same one you saw above, but it looks a little different because this is the backside of the stone. You don’t see as much of the crochet detail but it is just as beautiful.

kendra scott rope bracelet copy 2

16. Kenzie Bracelet 

Here is the matching rope Kenzie bracelet.  It goes beautifully with the relaxed weekend mood of this sweatshirt outfit.

Kendra Scott pink earrings

17. Kailyn Earrings 

How do you like these earrings? They’re my second pair of pink Kendra Scott earrings. I wore a cute pair last spring too, which were a bit larger. I like these new, smaller Kailyn earrings with gold trim. They’re so feminine and artsy too. My necklace is also Kendra Scott.

kendra scott cuff

18. Hammered Cuff 

Finally, since all we seem to do is handwash these days, I thought I’d do it in style. This is my new Kendra hammered cuff, which I am just crazy about. I love the size and beautiful textured finish. It looks great with this summer dress because the 3/4 length sleeves really show it off.

Be sure to check out Kendra Scott for more beautiful modern jewelry. You deserve a  little spring bling to perk up your wardrobe1

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