Chic Square Toe Sandals – What to Wear Them With

Square toe sandals are trending. Are you a fan? I just bought a pair of silver square toe sandals that I wore with a blue zip dress,  and I’m sold on this chic, new trend.

Besides dresses, I also like to my square toe sandals with these cute waist tie pants. I think they give this look a chic, modern vibe.

What are Square Toe Sandals?

Square toe sandals are cut straight across the toe like someone has taken a pair of scissors and snipped off the rounded part. Some are more blunt and sharp looking, others taper in slightly, but they tend to make a bold statement.

I find women are divided when it comes to this type of toe, which was last popular back in the ’90s. Some feel that square toe sandals look awkward and clunky, and that’s understandable since they date back to medieval times when common folk strapped wooden blocks to their feet.

The other camp, myself included, finds square toe sandals incredibly chic and fashion-forward because they’re a bit unusual.

Square Toe Sandal - Pink Lace Up
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What to Wear With Square toe Sandals?

There’s no rule for what you can or cannot wear with square toe sandals, but I prefer them with something more casually chic. A square toe is more sporty than a sexy pointy toe, or a practical rounded toe. Why not try pairing some square toe sandals with cropped jeans, shorts, or with a casual sundress or pants.

These espadrille style pink suede, square toe sandals are adorable. Square toe shoes are more masculine than pointy toe shoes, so I like the way this bright pink color, which is so feminine, helps balance that out.

Blue Square Toe Sandals with jeans and a top
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Are Square Toe Sandals Comfy?

For anyone with foot problems, or with wider feet that come with aging (I can relate to that), square toe sandals are very comfy. There’s lots of extra room, so your toes aren’t are all scrunched together or hanging off the edge.  Also, the majority of square toe sandals have chunky heels (the chunky heel complements the square toe), which also translates into a more comfortable shoe.

I’ve noticed a lot of suede square toe sandals lately. These sky blue ones are incredibly chic, and I love the artsy double strap. I’ve paired these sandals with a pair of striped blue jeans and a white top because when you have a shoe that you want everyone to notice, you don’t want to distract with a lot of other colors or tons of detail in your outfit.

Square Toe Sandals - Tan Wedges
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Where to Buy Square Toe Sandals?

There are all kinds of fabulous women’s square toe sandals at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, DSW, and Amazon.  Just search “square toe sandal” and see what comes up.

As you know, wedges are not at the forefront of fashion, but they are not out of style either. I think that’s because they are remarkably comfy shoes that women depend on.

By combining a square toe that is trending, with a go-to wedge, you get this stylish,  tan suede square toe sandal. And of course, this fantastic wooden wedge, which is so unique, gives this sandal extra brownie points.

I think this a great, comfy, classy, neutral shoe for summer, and in this tan suede color, the square toe detail is very elegant and chic. What do you think? Do you like the square toe sandal trend? Are you willing to give them a try?

We will see if this trend carries on into the fall with square toe shoes.

I did buy a pair of mustard square toe loafers last fall, but I think they will be even more popular come this September. Closed square toe shoes are interesting, but I think that square toe sandals look chicer. The closed-toe can sometimes make the foot look stumpy.

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