Nude Shoes For Fashionably Longer Legs!

Nude or flesh-toned shoes do not only go with everything, but they make your legs look ultra-long and lean. Take a look at  Teri Hatcher.

If she had worn black shoes or any other color shoe with this red dress, your eye would have been drawn down to her feet. Her legs would have looked cut off at her feet, and her legs would have looked shorter.

With nude-colored shoes, her legs go on for miles. Nude-colored shoes can be worn with any other color, including black, which means you can save money if you are on a tight budget by buying one good pair and wearing them to death.

They look extra fab when you wear them with a print dress because all attention stays on the dress and makes it pop. The trick is finding a shade that matches your skin tone to get the nudest look.

Some of us have pinker skin, some more yellow, taupe, or brown. Thankfully, there’s a range of shades out there. Here are a few nudes I’ve spotted that are chic and fabulous after 40!  Nude and Not too high!
Finally, some relief for your aching 40+ feet! Cute kitten heels are comfy and fashionable this spring. This feminine lattice design from Via Spiga would look great with a pretty dress.

Strap Happy Feet, schemes!!
I know some of you never plan to give up your heels! So, when you want to show who’s in charge, slip on a pair of these sexy, strappy stilettos!

Perfectly Pink
If your skin color is on the cool side and seems more pink than golden, then these flesh-toned pumps with a hint of pink are for you! This unique color, from Jimmy Choo, is a favorite with celebrities like Angelina Jolie, who has been seen wearing them on and off the red carpet.

Nude and Slightly Naughty!
They’re light enough to make your legs look long and sexy enough to make your feet sizzle. Snakeskin pumps add a hint of edginess! We love the hidden platform, which gives you height without sacrificing comfort.

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20 thoughts on “Nude Shoes For Fashionably Longer Legs!

  1. I LOVE nude shoes! Have them in regular high-heeled pumps and peep-toe from Klein, both in patent leather. Also, have some Jimmy Choo flats with sparkly toe areas.

  2. I love a nude heel! (Those peep toe shoes are gorgeous!) I”m tall, about 5’7″, but much Audrey Hepburn and Kim Cattrall, I appear much more elevated. I never worry about heel height and favor 4-inch heels or higher. I think it all comes down to what goes with what you’re wearing, what looks fantastic on you, and your taste. Any of the shoes you pictured here are beautiful choices!

  3. Does this apply to naturally darker women as well…I think African Americans, Middle Eastern, and Indian……would they get brown shoes.

    1. Hi Benita,
      Great question…the answer is yes, you are correct; to get that long-legged effect, you will want to pick a shoe that matches the shade of your skin tone. If you have dark skin, that could mean a shade of brown that blends with your skin.

  4. I love the Kate Spade sandals! I’m going to see if I can buy them online to get shipped to Europe (Spain). Do you know by any chance? I’ve never known if it looks correct or not when you see someone wearing a gorgeous black evening gown, and they’ve teamed it with nude shoes. On this occasion, I think the Nudes stand out more than they should. Should they have worn black on these occasions?

  5. Thanks for sharing this, Deb! You are my “go-to” source for what’s OK and chic for over 40. I appreciate the tips and the pics. And I like that you let us know where to find your recommendations. Thank you!

  6. I am 5’11” and love it. I also love wearing heels. My daughter is already 5’9″ at age 14. I want her to stand tall and be proud of her height.

  7. This trend has been building for a couple of years now… glad to see that we no longer have to “hunt” to find them and now have a selection. When I was younger and could afford only one pair of dress shoes, I chose this color (not patent). I loved them for all the reasons you stated: it goes with anything, make legs look longer. I also found them to be trans-seasonal (if not too light).

  8. They look terrible; even a 20-something could not get away with this. Why do “Celebs,” Think that anything they wear is fashionable?
    Anything but nude!!!

  9. I am feet 9 inches tall, and I wear 3-inch heels regularly. I would wear higher ones, but my 50+ years old arches can’t handle them. I own my height and am proud of it. And my husband says he always wanted a tall, long-legged blonde!

  10. Melissa, I can identify. At 5 foot 10, I know what it feels like. I wouldn’t say I like it when I hear short women complaining about having to take up jeans, pants, etc. I always say it’s much easier to take up pants than lengthen them!! Anyway, I still wear heels occasionally but certainly not 5 inches high as shown in the pics (I would love to, though). I work with a girl who is 6 foot 2, so I probably shouldn’t complain. Embrace your height and stand tall; it’s also easier to hide those few pounds on a tall frame. :)

  11. So, the bottom line is that nude shoes are great for shorter women to add length to their legs. Since I am already tall, I probably should only wear nude colors in flats.

    I don’t wear heels because they make me taller than every woman and most men I’m around. Even in my family. The very uncomfortable feeling that only other tall women can relate to. Most short females comment how they would love that problem, but to be honest, it isn’t fun to be so conspicuous (for most women).

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