How to Keep Up Your Blonde When Silver Creeps In

nicole kidman gray roots
Even Nicole Kidman has trouble hiding her grey roots! photo: Daily Mail

Dear Deborah,

I have always been blonde with a “little” help, but now my hair has turned to what appears to be a silvery-white, and I am having trouble finding a product that will work to keep me blonde.  Even my hairstylist had trouble.

There’s lots of advice out there about dying gray hair dark, but what about keeping it light. Any suggestions?  I really don’t want to give up “blonde” yet.~Janie

I took the question to my reader, JoBee  who has the same problem.

Fabulous after 60

Hi Sweetheart,

Having to deal with silvery white roots has been a constant challenge for me.  I have not found a perfect solution and for years I  have tried the best hairdressers I could find in Chicago, Los Angeles and Paris. No one seemed to have the answer until I found my present hairdresser (Adrianna at Christophe in Beverly Hills).

She  is using L’Oreal Majirel for the roots and following up with Sunflower by Artec Shampoo for golden blond effect.

I am happy to report, that finally, my blonde has been consistent!

Thanks for sharing you beauty secret with us, JoBee. You are an amazing inspiration at 70+!  Ladies, do you have another tip for this problem? Please let me know.

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9 thoughts on “How to Keep Up Your Blonde When Silver Creeps In

  1. Well, I’m about 23 but my hair is full on platinum -silvery-white-something incomprehensable. My hairdresser lifts color from the existing pigmented hair – which is a really creepy strawberrish blonde – and adds Goldwell Colorance in Champagne. Using the silver would be senseless, of course.

  2. Here in Canada we have a product available at Shoppers called Roux Fanci Full. It’s a foamy product that is good for your hair. You can touch up your roots anytime, even on dry hair. It washes out. A bit messy, but it does the trick.

    Secondly, visit the salon more often – perhaps every other time you use permanent colour to touch up. I go to a beauty school and the prices are excellent.

  3. I seem to need to go to the salon more often for those grays,, and even though my stylist does a great job, in this economic time, I can’t go as much as I wish. For in between times I use Clairol root touch up which works well for me.

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