Pantone Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz

Every year, Pantone, the global color authority, chooses one shade to be its color of the year. If you have ever wondered how they decide, it’s not just about picking a color from a hat.

Pantone carefully studies what is happening in our world and chooses the perfect shade that they feel expresses the essential values of our time. The color tells a story about how we are all feeling.

Recently, Pantone announced Peach Fuzz as its 2024 Color of the Year. What does this mean?


Peach Fuzz – Pantone’s Color of 2024

Peach Fuzz is a “velvety, light, delicate peach tone with an embracing spirit that enriches mind,  body, and soul.”


Adrianna Papell Peach Fuzz Dress

Peach Floral Print Dress

The Meaning of Peach Fuzz Explained

Pantone feels this warm and cozy color highlights our desire for togetherness with others and the sanctuary it creates

Peach Fuzz represents everything we are looking for in the world right now, and moving towards including:

  • Caring
  • Coziness
  • Warmth
  • Kindness
  • Nurturing
  • Empathy
  • Connection
  • Peacefulness

Here’s a great video about Peach Fuzz that explains it more.

Bubble Sleeve Chiffon Top

What Colors Create Peach Fuzz?

Look closely, and you will see that the Peach Fuzz is a mixture of blush pink and soft orange. This fresh and tender hue has a soft vintage vibe.


Abstract Cocktail Dress


What Colors to Wear with Peach Fuzz

It also looks youthful when paired with earthy browns or dramatic when paired with deep reds and shades of plum.



Peach fuzz color blouse

Pleated Peach Top


I have been searching online and see that it is just starting to trickle into the shops. If you know me, I’m a fan of anything peachy, so I’m excited about this soft, feminine color and the message it sends.



Five-Pocket Skinny Jeans

Summery Peach Fuzz Jeans

peach fuzz linen shirt


Long-Sleeve Linen Shirt

Classy Peach Fuzz Linen Shirt



Hoka Sneakers

Fun Peach Sneakers


Peach and turquoise maxi

Will You be Wearing Peach Fuzz?

Do you love the softness and caring vibes Peach Buzz sends? Is it a color you will wear, or is it too faded and boring for you? What do you think you will wear it with? Let me know!


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10 thoughts on “Pantone Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz

  1. If scarves were in style I might go with a peach fuzz scarf or a print top that includes darker tones with the pastel. I need brighter, not paler, colors, although I think it is a really pretty shade.

  2. Never! I have a sallow complexion. And I am a winter. Another year of finding nothing to wear. All you blondes and redheads enjoy.

  3. Because I’m a seasonal winter, I would pair it with coral, as it’s a little too pale for my coloring. I might wear a T-shirt in peach fuzz with a coral-colored cardigan, as some pale colors are not the best for me unless they are a very icy tone. Like most seasonal winter women, I look better in jewel tones or vibrant colors.

    1. Hi Susan, Sounds like you have a great understanding of your Winter Palette! I’m a huge fan of color theory and I know what works for me and wear it all the time. Coral, peach are my key colors so this spring the colors are perfect for me. Thanks for your comment. Cheers, Deborah

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