10 Handy Tools to Organize Your Dysfunctional Closet

It’s time to eliminate the biggest obstacle to looking fabulous …your messy, dysfunctional closet!

messy closet

I recently shared my step-by-step process to weed out all the stuff clogging up your closet, causing stress, and preventing you from dressing your best in 2023. Today I’ve rounded up ten handy closet-organizing tools that work wonders to transform a nightmare closet into a tidy jewel box. Have a look!

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Velvet Hangers

Wish you had more closet space? Replace wood and plastic hangers with these thin velvet ones, and you'll be surprised at how much more room you have. These elegant hangers are fine, light, and have a great grip. Yes, you can buy them in black but the pink is prettier and doesn't leave black fuzz at the bottom of your cupboards like I find the black ones do.

Foldable and Stackable Shoe Racks

We all know how it goes. You line your shoes up at the bottom of the closet like perfect little soldiers, but a few weeks later, they're piled up on each other, and some have disappeared deep in the back. A stackable shoe rack keeps them together and is easy to pull out of the closet at a moment's notice. This one is sturdy, compact, and easy to clean. Best of all, you can build your rack just like lego. Stack those shoe modules high or wide, a few pairs or dozens. Whatever works for your closet. They're a design dream.

See Through Under-The-Bed Storage Bins

If you have a "spacially" challenged closet, fabric bins that you slip under your bed are great for storing off-season clothes. For example, in winter, use them for shorts and bathing suits. In the summer, tuck away sweaters and heavy jeans. These fabric bins are very soft, so it's no problem to squeeze them under a low bed. Handy see-through plastic windows make it easy to recall what's stored inside without having to unzip the bin and dig through it when you need something.

Woven Baskets

Baskets are my favorite type of storage bin. I use them to organize seasonal jewelry, belts, workout clothes, and extra p.j.s and keep them at the very top of my closet on a shelf. I like these wicker-resin ones because they are strong, but fairly lightweight and don't come crashing down on my head when I lift them down like heavy plastic bins. Plus, they look pretty. These are super handy for just about everything!

Pants Hanger/Organizer

Whether you've got an abundance of jeans or trousers, you know that they take up valuable drawer space and often become wrinkled or creased in drawers. Instead use this handy hanger/organizer to hang your pants in the closet where they can easily been seen and accessed. This space-saving hanger is really one of the best tricks out there.

Translucent Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers are new to me, but I have found they really keep things nice, neat, and organized. I find them really good for sweaters that can slide around on a shelf, and they are also handy for dividing up different styles of jeans. The clear dividers are much more elegant looking than a solid divider panel.

Drawer Divider/Organizer

This is my favorite closet accessory! This 4-pack set includes a section for everything from panties to socks to bras, and more. Many drawer dividers are functional, but they lack style and are, frankly, ugly. These dividers are practical and pretty too! They come in 3 different colors and include cardboard inserts to customize the divider.

Hanging Purse Organizer

Like most women, I have my fair share of bags, but I usually stick to a couple because I can't be bothered rummaging through my closet to find a certain one. I recently saw this Hanging Purse Organizer and thought it was a great idea. Everything is easy to see for a grab and go. Can't wait to try it out.

Full-Length Mirror

I remember once, I bought a bright red coat and proudly wore it all over the place, only to come home that night and realize I left the price tag hanging off the back. Every woman needs a full-length mirror to check the front and back of her outfit before she leaves the house. This is a good one. It's tall and big and has a contemporary look and feel. Just lean it against the wall as you dash out the door. That elegant gold trim fits into any decor.

Hanging Closet Shelves

Sometimes you need more room, and sometimes you need less. These hanging closet shelves are great because they are there when you need them and easily fold up like an accordion when you don't. They're made from sturdy linen so they're light and they breathe. They're perfect when you have a lot of hanger space but no shelves.
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  1. Please share your tips for storing purses. I have so many and find it hard to see what I have on hand since most are stored in a closet which I call an “avalanche.”

    Thank you