Ruffle Cuff Jacket is Doggone Gorgeous!

It’s not often you come across a coat that makes the perfect topper for that special little black dress, but I was lucky enough to find one!  Today I’m excited to be partnering with Nordstrom to bring you this chic Ruffle Cuff Jacket.

red ruffle jacket

Nordstrom never disappoints when it comes to having a great selection of women’s coats, jackets, and outwear in the latest styles. My new jacket is proof of that. It’s red, it’s romantic, and it’s really, really pretty. This is what I’d call a statement piece!


There are so many things that drew me to this jacket. First of all, the style of the jacket is just so feminine and chic! I love the simplicity of this coat- clean lines, a classic cut, and that elegant crop length! It’s very Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn.

Do you see the pleated swing back? The last time I had a coat like this, I was in my 20’s when I first started working, and I never forgot it. This is one of my favorite styles of all time because you slip it on and suddenly feel like a high fashion model swinging around in it!

Of course, this jacket’s other beautiful thing is the sleeves with their fabulous ruffle cuff detail. Big bell sleeves have been trending this year, and I particularly like how they’ve been incorporated into this coat. The sleeves are very tailored, but there’s that glamorous puff, just at the end. The 3/4 length puts a lovely focus on your forearms and lets you showcase a bracelet, whether you wear long sleeves under the jacket or not.

If you are wondering about the brand, Halogen is Nordstrom’s private label brand and is exclusive to them. I buy many Halogen shoes and clothes because I find the styles perfectly in line with my taste- classic with a modern twist and at a really great price point.

Clothes have the magical ability to create a mood and transport us to another place. This jacket has a Parisian haute couture feel to me, and during the shoot, all I needed was my little friend here to complete my fashion fantasy!  Luckily that day, my daughter was babysitting this puppy for a friend.

This adorable little guy, who is only 6 weeks old, was the perfect accessory for this outfit and seemed very happy to make his modeling debut!

See how stunning my red jacket looks against the black and white? It’s a timeless color combo that always looks stylish and rich. I am a huge fan of red because it gives energy to an outfit and communicates confidence. If you like to wear all black, but it washes you out now that you are older, add a shot of red like this jacket, and you’ll look vibrant and youthful.

I want to talk for a minute about my dress. It is a sweaterdress, and it’s so comfy yet elegant at the same time. That’s a hard combination to find. You can wear it 2 ways: cowl neck style ( that’s the way I’m wearing it with my jacket) or off-the-shoulder style – pull down the neckline for an alluring off-the-shoulder look!

See the gorgeous lace hemline and the way the touch of red in my jacket makes the dress come alive?

When it gets cool, or you want a more buttoned-up look, throw on the jacket. I sometimes like to pop up the collar for a slightly sportier look. I’m a huge fan of the tv series Grace and Frankie, and I notice Jane Fonda does that all the time with her shirts and coats. It’s very chic.

shop the look small


This is a knockout outfit if you are going out to dinner or a special function. The jacket is pure “wow” and will really turn heads. And if you really don’t like red chili color, it comes in the most sophisticated heather gray shade too. And you don’t have to wear it in a dress. It looks darling with jeans, as you will see in a few days when I will be showing this coat worn more casually!

Be sure to check out Nordstrom for a closer look at all kinds of interesting women’s coats and outerwear, including this gorgeous red jacket that is super stylish and versatile. You can shop my outfit above by clicking the links under my picture.

I’m sure my furry friend would agree this jacket and dress is one doggone fabulous look!

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. This post contains affiliate links. For more info, see my Page:  Blog Monetization and Disclosure.


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6 thoughts on “Ruffle Cuff Jacket is Doggone Gorgeous!

  1. I love your website and I am glad I found it. The puppy is adorable. Can you tell us what type of hypoallergenic dog that you found?

  2. Deborah. This look is STUNNING. Okay can we also just mention that bag? *swoon*

    But also I love the black dress with the red jacket, and I am so glad to see you wearing sheer black hose. So elegant and appropriate for winter semi-formal looks. I always have women asking if it’s okay to wear hose with a cocktail dress in the wintertime – so many think it’s a no-no, but you show how to pull it off in a way that is classy and modern.

    Is that your puppy? OMG the cuteness….

    1. Thanks Jolynne,
      I think all this stuff about mature women not wearing pantyhose is nonsense. Ultra sheer hose nude or dark can be beautiful and much better than veiny legs. As for my puppy, my daughter would love to have a dog but she and my middle son are allergic if they are around them too long. (They get Asthma)So we have found a great solution. A friend who is a breeder occasionally brings puppies over for my daughter to babysit overnight. She gives them lots of attention and helps socialize them and then they go home the next day to the new owner. It’s kind of like having grandkids for me! They come, they are cute and then they leave. This little guy just happened to be at our house the day of the shoot and I couldn’t resist!

  3. It is interesting that the style is back so soon. This was chic about 8or 9years ago. I didn’t wear it then because those sleeves are impossible to put a winter coat over. It looks good on you.

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