Do’s & Don’t for Wearing Silk Scarf Tops

I’m not one for clothes that are loose and flowing. I prefer tailored and fitted, but I fell in love with this pretty Michael Kors top and decided to try something different.

Deborah Boland Scarf Top

Summertime is hot and breezy, and this floaty, feminine silk scarf top looked so refreshing that I had to have it….not to mention I went gaga over the color! I always wear this top with this fringe pendant necklace, skinny white jeans, a few bracelets, and sandals.


You know how when you get something new, you start seeing it all over the place? Well, that’s what has been happening to me. I’ve seen silk scarf tops popping everywhere.

blue scarf top Deborah Boland

I thought I’d share a few of my scarf top finds with you and some Do’s and Don’t for how to wear one.

1. Do Get the Right Size.

If you buy too big and get the wrong size, this top type can swallow you up. You want it to be blousy but not sloppy.

2. Do Wear A Good Bra

To make this flowy top flow, and not just hang there, get yourself a good bra that lifts the girls and makes you look perky.

blue scarf top back view Deborah Boland

3. Don’t Wear with a Wide Bottom

Balance is essential to get the look right. When wearing a wide top, you must go with a narrow bottom. Skinny jeans or tapered capris look great. If you wear wide legs pants or wide-leg capris with a wide top, you will look square and chunky. You can wear them with flared jeans, but ensure the pants are fitted through the thighs.

4. Don’t Wear Conservative Dress Pants

Scarf tops look best with pants, not skirts, but not just any old pants. These tops are very boho. Please don’t wear them with conservative, tailored dress pants because they look right. They go best with casual pants or jeans.

Michael kors scarf topDeborah Boland

5. Do Wear With a Neutral Bottom

Most scarf tops are colorful and lively, so the best way to wear them is a neutral color on the bottom. I wear white cropped jeans so that all eyes go to my top, which is like a work of art.

6. Do Wear Carefree, Boho Accessories

Remember how I mentioned that these tops have a casual, hippie vibe? That means your accessories need to be in sync with the look. Go for dangly earrings, hoops, and necklaces in interesting textures and shapes, and don’t be afraid to layer jewelry. Leave dainty jewelry, traditional stud earrings, and tiny sweetheart necklaces at home.

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6 thoughts on “Do’s & Don’t for Wearing Silk Scarf Tops

  1. I need ideas for a summer wedding as I’m a guest in Portugal. I’m 64 but not old-fashioned as I have younger kids thanks

    1. Hi June, Not sure what to suggest other than wearing something fabulous. I bet it will be hot! I would check with the bride about how formal the wedding will be and start from there. One clue is the invitation. Is it a traditional embossed with gold or silver, or is it a more low-key invitation with a casual font and more color? That can be a clue as to the formality of the event!

  2. Your site is so exciting and provides many details that any woman has the chance to transform her appearance.
    It’s my pleasure to get informed about new trends and classy style tips from you.
    Congratulations on your efforts.
    Many thanks

    Catherine Pel
    Athens, Greece

    1. Hi Catherine, Greece! One of my favorite places in the world. You have a beautiful country. So thrilled to have you. Please spread the word about our community and let me know what you are interested in reading about. Cheers, Deb

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