Six Tips for Luscious Lips After 40

I’ve always found that lipstick is the best way to finish your look. A swipe of color adds life and makes you look instantly polished.

Unfortunately, as we age, our lips lose a lot of moisture and become tiny and thin. Our lipstick doesn’t look how it used to, and we’re left wondering why.

Well, not to worry. Celebrity make-up artist, Sana Young,  gave me these 6 Tips for applying lipstick after 40. All you need to do is start with the following:

1.    Exfoliate your Lips

This can be done simply with your toothbrush in the morning. Wet both the toothbrush and your lips, then rub gently in circles.lip-balm

There are also many exfoliation recipes online to help plump and exfoliate your pout, or you can try a product called Kaplan MD Lip Mask and Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm. It’s a great way to eliminate all the dead skin and visibly smooth fine lines.

2.    Moisturize your Lips

Keeping your lips hydrated with a great moisturizer is the key to great lips. Applying something simple like petroleum jelly daily can help you regain the moisture you lose from aging. After exfoliation, hydrate your lips with a simple lip balm before applying lipstick.

3.   Pick the Right Lipstick Color

This season’s new lip color trend is orange. This can be a difficult color for older women to wear. Choosing an orange shade with a red or pink undertone, like coral or nectarine, will keep you looking fashion-forward yet age-appropriate. If you’re uncomfortable wearing orange lipstick, you can stick with red or pink. When picking the right lipstick color, there’s a shade for everyone. Just remember, bright color is in.   

4. Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

You don’t want to worry about reapplying your lipstick when you’re busy running around. An excellent trick for long-lasting lipstick is to use a lip liner over the entire lip before applying your color. The liner acts like a stain, making your color last the day. If you prefer a lighter look, use lip gloss instead of lipstick over your liner.

5. Prevent your Lipstick from Bleeding

At times our lipstick will bleed into our fine lines or wrinkles. One of the best lipstick tips is to use a primer for lips to smooth those fine lines and prevent bleeding. It will fill in the creases and help keep the lipstick on. If you’re not a primer fan, the lip liner trick will help out. Just make sure it is not darker than the color of your lips.

6.   Use Lip Gloss

After applying your lipstick, use a  gloss over your color. It’s a great way to make lips look plumper and grab more attention.

The best result will be using matte lipstick with a dab of gloss in the center. A matte lasts the longest. The only problem is it will give the appearance of a smaller lip, possibly defining the lines within the lips. To combat this, a little lighter gloss in the center will fill the lips a bit without bleeding into lines outside the lip line.

Test out these tips, and let me know what you think. I’d also love to hear your lipstick tips, so please comment below. Also, if you have a make-up question for Sana from Message Make-up, please email it to


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2 thoughts on “Six Tips for Luscious Lips After 40

  1. Is it ok to wear gloss or lip balm? I stopped wearing lipstick because I hate making such a fuss over make-up daily and because solid colors like orange, red, etc., plus anything other than matte, are too harsh for those even past 25. Also, have to worry about lipstick color making teeth more yellow than they are or even emphasizing how yellow they are.
    It seems like fun make-up is only for the young and the beautiful.

    1. It’s o.k. to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you wear lip gloss, choose one with a hint of color because it will perk you up rather than just clear. Our lips tend to fade in color over the years, giving them a slight boost.

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