Beauty Tips For Women – Avoid Lip Liner Horror over 40

It’s shocking, but we’re still seeing this – women who line their lips too darkly and end up looking like drag queens. We’re always taken aback when we meet these gals. Don’t they realize their lips look harsh and scary?

Now we understand the reason behind it. As we age, lipstick starts to bleed, so it’s natural to use a nice liner to contain the lipstick or even to use the liner to draw over the lip a tad and make it seem slighter and more significant ( It beats injections and getting trout pout).

The problem occurs when you can’t see that your lip liner color is so dark and heavy that it sticks out like a sore thumb. Many women who do this wear a darkish brown or pinky brown liner, and they’ve filled their lips in with a much lighter color or even a  gloss.

Bad Make-up Over 40
Bad Make-up Over 40

It’s hard to talk to these gals face to face without staring at their wild, crazy lips.

Maybe these women need glasses?? We’ll admit that applying the right amount of makeup gets more challenging as the eyes start to go. Or perhaps it’s just that these women don’t know any better.

Here are some lip liner tips for you, so you never fall into this strange middle-age no-no.

1. Choose a lip liner as close to your natural lip color as possible. I just bought Bobbi Brown – ballet pink – a great shade! See if it works for you.

2. Apply your lipstick first and then your lip liner. This way, you don’t have to fiddle around trying to keep the lipstick within the liner border.

3. If you like, you can line your lips, then fill them in entirely with lip liner. Next, apply lip gloss. This gives a more natural look than heavy lipstick, and filling the lips with liner makes your show stay on much longer.

4. the Last tip is, if you go with a lipstick + liner, make sure the lipstick is not too light compared to the liner or Betty Davis – Baby Jane dark. Too dark a lipstick against pale, aging skin is harsh and haunting. Choose a natural liner and a lovely peach or pink lipstick instead of dark red, or heaven forbid,  brown or mauve brown lipstick, which looks like you are ready for the funeral parlor.

Do you line your lips? Tell us your tips and tricks for having beautiful lips.

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4 thoughts on “Beauty Tips For Women – Avoid Lip Liner Horror over 40

  1. I agree there is nothing worse than seeing the lipliner before seeing the lipstick. I use a lip primer, then apply lipstick, followed by lipliner if necessary. I like using Nars lipstick pencils – they are easy to use, stay on, do not dry out the lips, and can withstand lip gloss without it “bleeding.” Jo

  2. I like just lipgloss with a bit of color and no liner. My ups are always dry, so I frequently reapply throughout the day. I’m wearing Fireberry by Clinique the most right now.

  3. I gave up on lip liners years ago till I purchased a “clear” lip liner pencil. It works excellent can use any lipstick shade and never worry about that awful outlined lip look (when your lipstick starts wearing off).

  4. Huh! This one seems counter-intuitive — 2. Apply your lipstick first and then your lip liner. I guess I am going back to my coloring book days … way back when … when you fill in the outline :) I have to admit that I tend to avoid lipstick altogether partly because I can’t get it to look nice, but I will try this trick and the tip on using the lip liner entirely and adding a bit of gloss.

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