Slim Cargo Pants for Women that Keep You from Looking Boxy

Cargo and utility pants are a nice change from jeans, but they are often boxy, baggy, and bulky. Since I’m a curvy gal with an hourglass figure, they tend to make my bottom half look wide and chunky, like a tank!

A while back, I noticed some slim cargo pants popping up and bought two pairs.  Look at what I bought and see if they might suit you, too.

utility pants

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Slim Utility and  Cargo Pants – Great for Curves!

These slim utility pants are a great cross between skinny jeans and utility pants! They have a midrise waist, which suits everyone, and they are slim across the hips and bum but not tight. They fall straight down, staying close to your legs, which makes them a slim fit, but they don’t cling to your body.

These are Utility Joggers

I love how they end just above the ankle with a jogger-style elastic hem. I have been hard-pressed to find a pair of joggers that were all that flattering on me,  but these utility joggers look great! See the small ankle zipper on each pant leg?  You can partially undo that if you want them to be looser or if you’re going for a sportier look.


utility pants 2


cargo pants


Are they Comfy?

As for comfort, my slim cargo pants feel great and are easy to move around in. They’re light but not too thin, and they are comfy. I was thrilled to come across these because, although I love white jeans, I get tired of them, and blue jeans always look and feel so hot and heavy in summer.

It’s funny. I was reading the reviews on these slim utility pants, and many said they were so impressed that they bought a second or third pair in another color, which I did, too. I bought them in this light taupe, which is so fresh, and then I returned and bought them in a tan color, which is a little more casual but just as great-looking.

slim utility pants

Where to Wear Them?

In my eyes, these are the perfect summer pants! You can wear them to the grocery store, doctor’s appointment, casual workplace, dinner, the movies, or anywhere on weekends.

You can dress them up or down; they’re ideal for vacations. I could imagine myself in Europe, sightseeing, wearing these fabulous pants. They’re practical, slimming, and more feminine than most cargo pants. They look great accessorized with a straw tote.

slim utility pants


What to Wear With Slim Utility  Pants

You need a cute tee (or cotton shirt)  to wear with these pants. I have always loved stripes because they are sporty,  but I get bored of navy or black. I picked up two striped tees in a pretty coral and a classy taupe—each with a slightly different cut.

The coral tee is boxy, and you can half-tuck it in for that relaxed, cool-girl look. The second one, the taupe striped tee, is fitted and has a sleeker, sportier vibe.


slim utility pants

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I Bought them in Tan Too!

slim pants utility style

How to Accessorize Slim Cargo Pants

What kind of a belt do you wear with slim utility pants like this? Black or brown can be harsh, and white is bright for this natural cargo look. Instead, I found this fabulous braided belt in an off-white (similar), almost a taupe-grey color, and look how well it goes with these pants!

The braiding creates texture and goes with the cargo pants’ earthy, rugged look. Tip: Buy one size larger belt so you can twist the extra belt over and under for a more modern look.


slim utility pants

Both shoes I’m wearing are so good! These flat raffia sandals are from Amazon. These rope and suede espadrille slides I shared earlier are the perfect neutral color and the perfect height—not too high!

One thing I love about BR is that everything mixes and matches. I was looking in my closet, and I have Banana Republic clothes from last year that go perfectly with these shoes, and all my other BR pieces coordinate with the pants.

I love it when retailers make shopping, coordinating pieces, and building a wardrobe easy. I don’t have time to spend hours searching for the right piece, nor do I want to. I want to live my fabulous life!

To shop these looks, click the links above. Where things are sold out, I have found close replacements.

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7 thoughts on “Slim Cargo Pants for Women that Keep You from Looking Boxy

  1. I need help finding the link for the slim cargo joggers you purchased last year. I’d love to try them as they look super comfortable and flattering. I noted that you stated they run true to size. Thanks for all your fashion inspiration!

  2. I’m a big fan of cargo pants, but not the wide leg on a petite body. I also like them with a bit of stretch. I often have trouble with fit, but I found some great slim cargo pants at Old Navy for a reasonable price. I adventure travel, so my pants need to be light and durable. I looked everywhere, so thanks for the rescue, Old Navy!

  3. I love your style and enjoy reading the posts. You always look fabulous, but it would be helpful if you could include the available size range so those of us are blessed with a few extra curves.

    It can be disheartening to love the look and go to the suggested website, search through it, and find the desired style only to discover it doesn’t come in extra Lovely (XL) or eXtra Lovely (XXL). It is easy to lose interest, whereas a note advising sizes, i.e.(sizes 6 – 14), would help. I keep reading and enjoy the info I gain.
    I hope this makes sense to you.
    Cheers Nerida

  4. I’m immensely enjoying my first-ever cargo pants in sage color. Wouldn’t you know, from the Banana Republic and at a great sale months ago? They’re pull-on, a comfy-soft, beautifully draping fabric, and flattering beyond words, even with my thick midsection. They pair with numerous tops, hoodies, and jackets. Shorter tops look great. Sometimes, an oblong scarf adds polish to these casual pants. I’m so happy I tried a new look!

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