Lace Up Top Has Nautical Feel

There’s a reason that lace-up tops look so fabulous in the spring and summer….. They tend to have a nautical vibe.

Lace up sweater

Here’s a look at a pretty blue lace-up sweater I’ve been wearing a lot lately that’s perfect for a day by the water.


Ahoy! It’s a  beautiful, sunny but breezy day, and this gorgeous Michael Kors sweater is perfect for sightseeing down at the Pier.


Sweater with lace 

My pretty cotton knit is very comfy, but even better, it’s not your run-of-the-mill sweater.

Blue lace up sweater

Do you see the fabulous lacing? I love the big grommets and the way the knitted ribbon looks like sailor’s rope crisscrossing the sides and tying this sweater together.



This is such an exquisite shade of blue.  It’s warm, clear, and vivid, and it pops like a blue summer sky when teamed up with a pair of crisp white cropped skinny jeans.


Here’s a closer look at the gorgeous detail that makes this sweater so special. This is such a casual, but classy look.


I’ve accessorized my outfit with these stunning gold Michael Kors stud sandals. I’m so glad I bought these. They add a touch of glam to an outfit, and that chunky heel makes them so comfy. Sexy, but easy on the feet!

My new quilted bag (Chanel inspired) is also MK. From the moment I saw it, I was hooked on the gorgeous color which has a warm, buttery look to it.  This ladylike bag is soft, and super lightweight which I really appreciate considering so many bags with chains are heavy and can weigh you down.


Here’s the total look. Of course, my favorite Ray Ban sunglasses make it super cool. The Hexagonal shape is new this year.


This is a fantastic top to pack if you are traveling this summer. I can’t tell you the number of times I have been on vacation somewhere where it is supposed to be super hot, and we had cool, breezy weather. I’ve always wished I had something like to take along for those times, and now I do.


I’m on top of the world in my new lace-up sweater. It’s just one of many beautiful lace-up tops in stores now that you may want to try this summer.

Have a look at some other ones I’ve picked out for you that would look fabulous too. Bon Voyage!

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