The Yellow Lace Dress I’m Lovin’ This Summer

Have you noticed that lace dresses seem to be everywhere?

Yellow lace dress for women over 40 | Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40

Pretty yellow lace dresses like this one have become popular because they are versatile.

Yellow lace dress for women over 40 | Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40

Lace dresses used to be for special occasions, but now you can wear them anywhere, from a work meeting to dinner to a summer wedding. I think every woman should have a lace dress in her closet. It comes in very handy.

white and yellow dress | Deborah Boland | over 40 blogger

I couldn’t resist this sunny white and yellow dress. Don’t you love that gorgeous lace detail?  The decorative floral cutouts are so modern and sophisticated.

This is the second lace dress I’ve bought recently. The other was a coral-colored lace shift dress that had medallion cutouts. Did you see it?

That’s the beautiful thing about lace dresses. They’re all so different. Some have tiny lace cut-outs, and some have large cut-outs. Some have traditional patterns, and some are edgy. Even if you own two lace dresses, that’s o.k. You don’t feel like you are repeating yourself because each is so unique.

White and yellow dress | Deborah Boland | 50+ blogger

What attracted me most to this dress was the cheerful color. Yellow is trending this spring and works well with my fair hair and skin. Plus, it just happens to be my favorite color. You don’t see yellow often, which is why this dress seemed so fresh and inviting.

White and yellow dress | Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40

When I was deciding what shoes and bag to wear, I thought about the dress’s ladylike feel and decided on fine, strappy high-heeled sandals. This is such an elegant dress it needs elegant shoes. The nude color doesn’t interfere with the beautiful pop of yellow.

Nude Quilted Gold Chain Chanel style purse by Michael Kors

My chic handbag is from Michael Kors. It’s very Chanel- like with the quilting and gold chain strap.  A more structured bag like this works well with this slender, tailored sheath. This bag has in excellent shape. It’s not boxy or heavy. It’s quite light, which surprised me. Beautiful color too!

Yellow Lace Dress worn by Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40


You might think that lace would be stiff, but Maggy London makes a very comfortable dress.

White and yellow lace summer dress worn by Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40


Yellow Lace Sheath dress | Deborah Boland | Style Blogger over 50

This is not your grandma’s yellow lace dress! It’s got life!

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8 thoughts on “The Yellow Lace Dress I’m Lovin’ This Summer

  1. Gorgeous dress! Yellow is s ch a happy color ???? I was curious where you found your cute sunglasses. Thank you f our blog

  2. I’m pretty new to your blog. Although I enjoy reading it, I cannot afford any of the clothing you feature. This lovely Maggie London dress is $100.00 on sale; I’m sure I’m not the only woman reading it who would find this dress too expensive. Many of us would like an age-appropriate wardrobe but have strict clothing budgets. Perhaps I need to follow a different blog.

    1. Hi Judy, It’s tough to please everyone. This is a personal blog, so I select things I like and can afford. However, I think you have raised an excellent idea to throw in some budget features. Everyone loves a good deal.
      All the best, Deborah

  3. I love this yellow dress…possible for granddaughter’s wedding
    but I can’t find the other yellow dresses.

  4. This dress is beautiful! I have four lace dresses. That is what I gravitate to when I am shopping. You can dress it up or down.
    Thanks for sharing your style. I like it.

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