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Monochromatic Dressing Tips To Magically Slim

Want a quick and easy way to instantly look taller, thinner, and trimmer? Try monochromatic dressing to look 10 lbs slimmer and trimmer.

If you are not familiar with monochromatic dressing, simply wear one color from head to toe to create a long, lean silhouette.

If that way of dressing sounds too matchy-matchy and boring, it’s not. There are many ways to work with a single color to make it look exciting and modern. To get the monochromatic look right, simply:


monochromatic burgundy

wrap (similar)| sweater | jeans  (similar) | booties

1. Vary Your Shades

Instead of matching reds in an all-red outfit, vary the shades slightly to add depth and interest. For example, try a jacket, dress, and boots in slightly varying shades of brown or a bright red dress with oxblood shoes. If you are wearing blue jeans, you could mix them with a  blue top and a blue jacket.

monchromatic dressing with texture- white

jacket (similar) | jacket  (similar) | sweater (similar) | jeans

2. Mix Textures

Combing different textures like leather, silk, suede, chiffon, tweed, boucle adds dimension and makes monochromatic dressing more eyecatching.

3. Include Subtle Patterns

Very subtle patterns in the same color family can also give the monochromatic mix more personality.

pink monochromatic

Spanx cropped jeans | pink sweater | bag

4. Combine Matte and Shiny Materials

Try a shiny metallic sweater with matte dress pants or a matte dress with a glossy belt or shiny shoe. Polar Opposites make monochromatic come alive.

Color-Me-Fabulous fa40

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2 thoughts on “Monochromatic Dressing Tips To Magically Slim

  1. You look fabulous, and I love the colors. My problem is that you two would look amazing in anything, as you are tall and trim. I would have loved to see the color samples on women that could appreciate the tips on looking instantly slimmer. Got any plus models you could use?

  2. Love your taste! I’m finding it very hard to find tunic tops
    to wear with leggings. I live in N.Y. and have access to
    great stores, and I still can’t find them. Can you help? Thank you

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