How to Wear Pastels Without Looking Old

For a long time pastels were associated with senior citizens’ fashions and medical office decor. But now, that’s all changed.

Did you see the pastel striped top I blogged about recently? Take a  look at how it gave my outfit a fresh and modern feel.

pastel pink

So what’s so different about the new pastels, and how do you wear them in a way that’s not old lady? Here are a few ideas for how to wear pastels with modern flair.


1. Keep it Minimalist

The new pastels are all about clean lines and strong shapes, so choose streamlined garments with simple cuts and few embellishments to capture the look. The emphasis is not meant to be on the color, but the piece itself. Great examples of this include classic coats and blazers, clean and crisp pants, or a boxy bag in a pastel shade.

On the flip side, avoid pastel pieces with frills or lace- they’ll age you instantly. If you want added drama, choose a piece with a strong, sculptural shape- like this glam trench in the set above.

2. Find the Perfect Color Pairing

Wondering what colors to pair with your pastel piece? Sure, black is a foolproof choice, but a bit blah. Instead, try soft grey, beige and taupe. Their muted undertones go perfectly with the softness of pastels. If you want to create a really fresh spring look, try pairing your pastels with bright summer white. A pastel jacket with white pants looks modern and chic.

3. Play with Prints

If you prefer a printed pastel piece, be careful of florals. Pastel floral will date and age you unless there is some kind of modern twist to the print. Keep with a modern and minimalist theme and try an abstract print or graphic floral.  These are easy, fashion-forward ways to rock pastels.

4. Color Block or Monochrome

What’s the freshest and most fun way to wear pastels? All at once!  Try wearing the same muted shade head to toe for a long, lean, and superbly understated look or try color-blocking pastels by incorporating 2-3 pastel pieces in your look.  Take a peek at this pastel blocked outfit and the way this blogger has also mixed textures: cotton, leather, and tulle in pastel shades for a fascinating look.  

How will you wear pastels?

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