How to Wear Tunics With Pants – A Guide For Every Body Type

Summer is almost here, and a lot of you have been asking me for tops with sleeves that are cute and lightweight.  If you like comfy and casual with a laid back feel, then a tunic is perfect for you. blue tunic and white pants

Tunics date back to Ancient Greece and epitomize the bohemian glamor of the  60′ and 70’s. Today they’re popular as ever due in part to designers like  Tory Burch, who has made tunics a key silhouette of her signature style. Tunics are typically colorful, fun and have an ethnic/boho feel to them.

orange tunic and jeans

Not all tunics are created equal. Some are baggy and can make you look frumpy. Here’s a guide for how to find one that is right for your body type.

Pear Shape – You have a small waist, but you are wide on the bottom. Choose a tunic that:

  • is more A-line than straight up and down
  • falls below the widest part of your body, not right on it, so as not to emphasize your weight
  • has some detail or embellishment at the neckline to draw the eye up
  • has side vents so your tunic does not cling


blue stripe tunic white pants


Apple Shape – You have a large tummy and chest, but great legs. Choose a tunic that:

  • does not cling
  • is not big and billowy
  • has an open V-neck top to show some skin and reduce top-heaviness
  • if possible, has vertical lines to lengthen you out

Inverted Triangle – Your shoulders are wider that your hips. Choose a tunic that has:

  • minimal detail/embellishment at the neckline so as not to emphasize your broad shoulders.
  • an open neckline to soften your broad shoulders.
  • no horizontal lines which will make you look wider.

Hourglass – Your hips and bust are about equal, and you have a small defined waist. If you are very curvy, this look might not be for you because it hides your cute figure. Sometimes you can find a more fitted tunic that nips in a bit at the waist that can work or you may want to belt your tunic.

taupe tunic blue jeans


Rectangle– Your bust, waist and hips are about the same. Tunics were made for you!

Petite  – The shorter you are, the shorter the tunic should be. Ideally, it should hit at the hip. If you are average to tall, it can hit below the hip and as low as mid-thigh.

Once you have the right shape, what do you wear a tunic with?

What style of pants should you wear with a tunic?

Relaxed on top + relaxed on the bottom is a recipe for frumpy. Since tunics are a little looser than most be sure to wear a fitted bottom to balance that out. That means no wide leg pants, boyfriend jeans., or huge flares. Instead, wear slim or straight cut dress pants, or skinny jeans or leggings. For a more boho look, you can wear a small flared jean, so long as the tunic has a bit of a taper and jeans are very fitted above the knee.

What Shoes should you wear with a tunic?

Ballet flats, sandals, block heels, even pumps, they all work. Natural materials like canvas, rope, wood and metal are in particularly in sync with the laid back style of tunics. In winter, a tall flat suede or leather boots worn with leggings/skinny jeans and a tunic is near perfection!

Did you see my new tunic? Take a look. Would you wear a tunic? Comment below.


5 Tips for Dressing Your Apple Shaped Body

If you are an apple shape, you gain your weight in your tummy.  You may have always been this shape, or you may have grown into it once peri-menopause hits. A woman with an apple shape body has:

  • A full, rounded stomach with no defined waist
  • An average to large bust
  • Broad upper arms (and/or shoulders)
  • Slim hips in comparison to shoulders
  • A behind that is rather flat
  • Nice legs

apple body shape

Your dressing goal is to hide your round tummy & show off your nice legs. Here’s how:


  • Get a good bra to lift your bust up and off your tummy. Apples need separation between their bust and tummy or you will just look like a big ball.
  • Your breasts should sit halfway between your shoulders and elbows, so make sure you have them hiked up. Nothing makes you look more frumpy and old than sagging breasts.
  • Tummy shapewear also helps a lot to minimize the apple tummy.



  • The best necklines: V-necks that shows some skin or tops with cutouts or embellishment at the neckline. They will take the attention off the tummy and put the focus on your face.
  • Empire waist tops or tops that are knotted at the bust also work. They highlight your slimmest point, which is just under your bust.
  • Tops with Flared sleeves or that have detailed on the sleeves will also draw the attention away from your belly.
  • Tops should cover your entire tummy and end below your hipbone.

Please stay away from baggy tops! As we age and gain weight in the tummy, there is a tendency to want to wear something big and lose to cover up. A baggy top will only make you look bigger!  Your top should be slightly fitted and flow gently over your tummy. It should not cling.

dressing an apple shape
Smooth pants, a flowing v-neck top, and a long jacket is slimming.


  • Choose pants with stretch for your tummy.
  • Boot cut or trouser leg are best to balance you out up top. Tapered jeans can make you look top-heavy.
  • Look for pants that with a smooth front – pull on pants are best or pants with zippers at the sides, not the front.
  • Stay away from pants with too much detail at the waist, such as pleated pants.
  • Avoid pants with pockets. They will make your behind look larger and fuller.


  • A structured jacket over a loose, flowing dress or a long skirt is great. Be sure the jacket ends at your hips. If it ends at the tummy, all eyes will be there.
  • Avoid double-breasted jackets as they will make you look overly busty and wide.
  • A duster coat or vest that ends just above the knee is slimming.
dress for an apple shaped body
Make sure your skirt flows gently over the tummy. A keyhole neckline draws the eye up.



  • Skirts will show off your nice legs, but keep them no shorter than above the knee, or you’ll look too top-heavy.
  • A flirty or flared skirt will balance you out. A-lines are great for an apple shape.
blue dress for apple shape
The high waistband on this dress minimzes the tummy.


  • Dresses should have elevated waistlines that are just below the bust.
  • An empire waist dress can work well as long as there is not a lot of gathering at the banding. Too much bulk here will make you look pregnant.
  • A wrap dress is perfect because the V-neckline emphasizes the bust. Just be sure the tie wrap on the dress sits just under the bust and not around the tummy.
  • A shift or tunic dress that falls straight down, but is not baggy, is good.
  • Another good style is the drop waist that narrows at your hips leaving nothing tight around your tummy.


  • Patterns help to camouflage an apple tummy.
  • Dark colors such as navy, black, brown shrink large areas like the tummy.

What Not to Wear

  • Baggy shapeless clothes
  • High necklines
  • Clingy, tight clothes
  • Detailed skirts and pants with pleats, or zippers, buttons or ties at the tummy
  • Bulky coats and heavy sweaters

Are you starting to get a better understanding of how to dress if you are an Apple shape? Want to find out more about the styles of clothing will work best for your body type?

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