Pretty Bohemian Tops for a Boho-Lite Look

Boho is cool, relaxed, and free-spirited. But sometimes, it can look a little grungy. You know what I mean, MAN? (lol!).

If you like a boho vibe, but lean towards boho lite, here are some pretty boho tops that are a borderline hippie.

Tie Dye Peasant Top - women's boho tops

1. Tie Dye Peasant Top

A Tye Dye peasant blouse couldn’t be more 70’s, but this one doesn’t look dated at all. I love the combo of red, white and blue, such a fresh change from the typical boho earth tones we usually see, and that tie front waist is right on-trend.

Pair it with a classic denim skirt edged infringe, a suede boho bag and some cool while mules, and you have a comfy, cool summer look.

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Floral Peasant Top  as bohemian tops

2. Floral Peasant Top

Most of the time, when we think of boho long flared faded jeans comes to mind. To lighten the look and give it a fresh modern, classic look, try a pair of fresh white jeans.

Cropped wide-leg jeans bring this blouse in the future, and the trendy half-tuck makes the outfit look very chic. Add a floral bohemian blouse, pretty pair of modern sandals, and a classic straw bag, and you have a very current and feminine boho lite look.

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Embroidered Blouse as Bohemian tops for women

3. Embroidered Blouse

Embroidery is a bit part of the boho look, and in the 70′ there was a lot. This cute outfit pulls in a bit of that detail but in a simple, elegant way. Capris pants, these fabulous mules, and a classy bag give it a fresh twist and a clean look.

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Embroidered Blouse as Bohemian tops for women

4. Poncho Top

Poncho tops are also very boho, but this one looks more modern because of two things. 1)The proportions. Instead of being oversize and sloppy with lots of fringe as many boho poncho tops are, it is sleek and close to the body like a fine blouse. It not sloppy or grungy like some boho ponchos do. 2) And the fabric looks light and luxurious, not heavy and raw.

You can wear it with faded flare jeans and not look dated, especially when you pair it with the latest accessories like this woven pink bag, leaf earrings, and braided flat sandals.

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Do you like boho light, or are you a true boho from way back? Which boho top for women do you like best. I like number one. How about you?


10 Spring & Summer Fashion Trends That Will Get You Itching To Shop

Goodbye winter, we’ve had enough. Bring on the spring fashions, and let’s get shopping! This year’s biggest trends? Here are 10 to whet your whistle.

1. Slouchy Pants

I love the look of these pants… on other women! Just kidding…well sort of. I have to admit I am torn on the new wide-leg slouchy look they are also calling clown pants or grandpa pants.

They’re relaxed but tailored, wide and baggy and they’re often worn with sneakers. Sure they can look great on tall, slim, willowy younger gals, but on my rounder mature figure, I’m not sure? That’s a lot of fabric, and pleats at my midsection – a bit scary, lol!

Anyway, I am definitely going to try some on. I’m sure I will find a pair that is just the right amount of wide and slouchy for me, and if not, that’s o.k. too.

2. Tiered and Ruffled Dresses

It’s been a long time since we have seen such ruffly, tiered tops and dresses. Everything is ultra frilly and pretty, and there seem to be two shapes – fitted, especially around the bust and waist, or very loose like a house dress.

Many of the dresses are also midi-length and floral, so there’s a real shift towards a very sweet, feminine look going on here. At times this trend feels a little too girly for me as a midlife gal, but I also think there are definitely some very lovely pieces that we could all easily wear. I will be trying this look for sure.

3. Shacket

It’s not a jacket, and it’s not a shirt. It’s a shacket! Practical, borrowed from the boys, and apparently very cool this season, this is one trend that I find it hard to get my head into. I think it’s just too masculine for my style, and all I can think of is Lumberjack. But hey, I can see it working for others. What do you think? Let’s see how it evolves.

4. Voluminous Sleeves

The most beautiful spring tops have big, voluminous sleeves. We’ve been heading this way for a while, but now the trend is full-blown. They’re romantic, feminine, and rather poetic. This is one spring trend that everyone can wear, and for all the gals who want tops with arm coverage, these work well!

5. Tie Dye

Tie Dye is back again this year and more popular than ever. I am liking it this time around because there’s something about it that doesn’t feel quite as boho or artsy/crafty as it usually does. Some of the Tie dye prints seem less busy, more subtle. The colors look fresher and the styles a little more refined.

I think I can revisit this look without feeling like I’m back in the 70’s!

6. Candy Colored Pastels

Pastels are a definite yes this spring, and that’s because they are bright and bold like candy instead of weak and washed out like old lady clothes. I love all these fresh, vibrant colors, which are full of optimism and joy. We need that! Look for bright pastel sweaters, tops, dresses and even pants!

7. Wide Leg Jeans

Slouchy pants, maybe. Wide leg jeans, no problem! As much as I love my skinny jeans, this new silhouette seems modern and exciting. I think it will take some experimenting to find just the right pair, but I’m game. Long wide leg and cropped – I’ll try them both with a fitted top and cute shoes.

8. Smocking

Smocked tops and dresses are part of this very romantic, frilly look I mentioned earlier. There are some cute and interesting pieces like smocked culotte jumpsuits and short smocked tops to be worn with high-waisted jeans. Worth a try!

9. Eyelet

I love eyelet and was expecting to see a lot of white eyelet online, and I have. But there also seems to be some more creative versions of eyelet out there. You’ll not only find lots of colored eyelet this spring, but eyelet that is super intricate and detailed. I also came across eyelet on not-so-eyelet pieces like sweatshirts, which makes them really great!

If you love feminine eyelet, then this trend is definitely worth investigating.

10. Big Shirts

Button-up shirts that are loose and easy are also on Spring’s must-have list. There are lots of big, billowy white ones, others in linen in pretty pastels, and some fun colorful print shirts. Check them out if you love the look of relaxed, oversize. I personally love a good high low white shirt over skinny pants.

Which of these spring fashion trends for women over 40 do you like and want to try? 


5 Boho Summer Outfits That Are Surprisingly Chic

Boho style has a hippie vibe, and the words relaxed, laid back, and funky usually come to mind.  But if you read my Boho-light shorts post, you know there are ways to make Boho look a little more refined and modern.

When you start with streamlined shapes and understated pieces and add a few subtle boho-inspired accessories, you get a cleaner, more modern look. Here are 5  Boho summer outfits that are surprisingly chic!

Boho summer outfit - Embroidered Jeans Tory Burch


Embroidered Ribbon Flare Jean

If you lived through the ’70s, you probably remember clothes, purses, and even guitar straps made from embroidered ribbon. This summer, we see embroidered ribbon jeans from Tory Burch. These cute faded flares have embroidered ribbon sewn across the waist and down the legs, giving the jeans a fun vintage feel. The bright gold buttons add a modern touch. Continue reading “5 Boho Summer Outfits That Are Surprisingly Chic”


4 Affordable Spring Looks That are Right on Trend!

Many of you have been asking for me to put together some stylish spring outfits that are casual, on-trend, and reasonably priced. So I popped on over to Walmart and found some really cute things! Here’s a look at some new key pieces, and how to build a great themed look around them.

1. Safari Style

Spring look - Safari Jacket and pants styled by Fabulous After 40

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It’s a fashion jungle out there and with anything goes these days, which is why it’s sometimes hard to know what to wear to look modern and with it. What I can tell you is, you can’t go wrong with a Safari look. Safari style is classic, and it’s back in the spotlight in a big way this summer. Continue reading “4 Affordable Spring Looks That are Right on Trend!”


How to Dress for Your Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Illustration of aquarius zodiac sign as a beautiful girlWelcome back to my How to Dress for Your Zodiac Sign series. Today I’m looking at style and the Aquarius woman.

Born between January 21st – February 19th, the Aquarius woman is a true non-conformist who exemplifies what it means to march to your own drummer.

She is creative and unique. No shrinking violet, the Aquarius woman is strong, smart, independent, and original.


Famous Aquarius women over 40

Oprah Winfrey, Christie Brinkley, Jayne Seymour, Jennifer Aniston


  • Vibrant
  • Stands out in a crowd with pieces that are trendy, unusual, unique and possibly a little rebellious
  • Loves prints
  • Bold and unusual colors were made for her

How to dress for your zodiac sign Aquarius

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Casual Aquarius

By nature, Aquarius women are up for anything, so it’s no surprise that they’re drawn to interesting trends and like to have fun with fashion. Their boho streak would naturally attract them to this funky crochet sweater. The color, texture, and style are beautiful and make this a truly unique piece. Add a discreet camisole underneath and this a totally wearable piece at any age.

While the non-Aquarius gal in the crowd would be happy wearing this with simple skinny jeans or little black pants and simple flats, a vibrant Aquarius woman will pick up on the hippie/70’s vibe and keep right on going, pairing it as I show here with boot-cut jeans, Chelsea boots, and a beautiful leather hobo.

How to dress like an Aquarius

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Dressy Aquarius

Aquarius women like bold colors and they get them all in one-go with this jaw-dropping wrap midi-dress. To my eye, this dress checks all the boxes when it comes to Aquarius women over 40:

  • Bold and vibrant color? Check.
  • Patterned? Check.
  • Trendy? Check. (We started seeing hemlines go lower last year and it’s a trend you’ll see more of come this spring and summer. Do I hear a collective ‘Yay!’?)
  • Sleeves? Check (Perfect if you’re concerned about flabby arms, a common complaint after 40.)
  • Sophisticated, as befits a woman over 40? Check. (This is a classic wrap dress, that is classy, flattering, and always appropriate.)

Shoes and accessories are a fantastic way for an Aquarius woman to express herself which is why I’ve added trendy white booties (white footwear is going to be huge this spring and summer) and earrings and a bag with geometric details that play off the geometric print in the dress.

Go get ’em Aquarius!

Are you an Aquarius? Tell me about your style.

And if you’re wondering about how to dress for your own zodiac sign, type your sign in the search bar or click here and scroll to the bottom for a list of all the signs.



Fringe Knit Tank Is Hippie Chic

There’s been a strong boho vibe throughout fashion lately, and I’ve been enjoying incorporating touches of it here and there. A fun way to do that is with a fringe top. Here’s what I mean.

Black cropped pants and cream knit fringe tank Deborah Boland

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I’ve been looking at 70’s inspired fringe tank tops for a while. Most of them come in a natural color like off white or beige and are a knit or crochet top.  Here’s one I found recently that I really liked. Continue reading “Fringe Knit Tank Is Hippie Chic”


Top 3 Summer Hats for Bad Hair Days

Need a hat to keep your hair of the sun or to hide it away on a bad hair. Here are three great summer hats, no baseball caps included!

fedora and shorts

1. The Fedora 

Fedoras are popular because they ooze effortless chic. Jennifer Aniston is famous for wearing fedoras.  What’s the secret to wearing a hat like this and making it work?

  • Wear Fedoras with super-casual pieces, like slightly faded jeans and fitted t-shirts. This is a super-stylish daytime look you really should try. It’s perfect for running errands, going to brunch, and more.
  • Throw one on with a maxi dress– it makes the perfect topper because it’s more unexpected than a floppy hat with these ’70s-inspired pieces, giving your look a fresh spin. It also provides just enough sun coverage for barbecues and other outdoor events.
  • Style a fedora with masculine pieces: Since fedoras are borrowed from the boys, they go perfectly with shorts, tees, blazers, and button-up shirts.

Just remember: To keep the effortless feel of a fedora, stick to more casual pieces. Otherwise, you risk looking like your hat is part of a costume.

straw hat and sundress

2. Floppy Sun Hats

The floppy hat is a staple of boho style. Popular with the rich and glamorous in the 70s, it carries a movie-star quality that just can’t be denied. But how to wear a floppy hat without looking like a blast from the past?

First of all, skip pairing it with a maxi dress or anything else too  “hippie.” It will seriously age you.


  • Pair your floppy hat with tailored pieces – This will make your look more modern and create a beautiful visual contrast: The strong shape of your clothes will play off the hat’s brim’s loose shape. Structured dresses or fitted trousers are great examples of “structured” pieces. They’ll keep the look 21st century and let your hat be the scene-stealer.
  • Add a dash of floral print or feminine hues, like corals, pinks, or yellows? These will add a bit of softness that will complement the hat. Meaning? A structured, floral dress or pair of fitted pants in a summery hue are made to go with floppy hats!

A floppy hat is a natural at the beach or pool, so take it for a test drive there first!

bucket hat and capris

3. Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are so popular now because they are a great alternative to baseball caps.

If you have a style that veers towards preppy or athletic, then this hat is the one for you! Here’s how to wear a Bucket hat:

  • Combine it with preppy staples like cropped pants and flats. It will look so cute!
  • Try a bucket hat with canvas tennis shoes and Bermuda shorts for an athletic spin on the style.

Unlike floppy hats or fedoras, bucket hats can’t be worn for evening. The beauty of the bucket is that it’s a casual daytime piece- and sporting one after dusk will make you look seriously out-of-place.

Other tips for nailing the look? Keep the rest of your look streamlined and simple- you want the interesting shape of your hat to be the showstopper here. And if you’re going to work the trend? Try a bucket hat in a preppy pattern or some sporty stripes! Take a look at these.

Which style is your favorite, and what type of hats do your wear for bad hair days in the summer?


Ikat Print Palazzo Pants

Recently I posted about Palazzo pants and how they’re the big new thing this summer. When I was in Florida during March break, I saw dozens of women wearing them, so I knew they’d find their way up north sooner or later.

palazzo pants jumpsuit Deborah Boland

Similar Look here


I wanted to buy a pair of Palazzo pants because they seemed like a great fit for my casual lifestyle, but I was ready to pass on this trend if I couldn’t find just the right ones. Then I came across these at Nordstrom. They’re from Joie, one of my new favorite brands. I instantly fell in love with the gorgeous indigo color and exotic ikat print, and I had to try them on. I also noticed a top in matching fabric, so I decided to try them both.

I wasn’t sure how this pairing would look -so much print- very busy. Would I look huge or just too loud? Many gals might wear these palazzo pants on their own, with a silky white or blue top, which is safe. However, I decided I wanted to go for the whole enchilada.

blue palazzo jumpsuit

As soon as I slipped on these silky, wide legs pants, I felt like a million bucks! They are very soft and flowy, and they swish around when I walk.

I’ve fallen in love with the top-to-toe boho pattern, which almost makes the outfit look like a  jumpsuit. We have a pool, and I think this is the perfect outfit to wear when I’m entertaining company on the weekend.

blue and white jumpsuit

Did you notice the jewelry I added to the outfit? There’s a long pendant necklace from Coach that my kids gave me for my birthday and a gorgeous gold cuff I’ve had for years. I also pulled out some dangly hoops to wear in keeping with the Haute hippie vibe.

This is an outfit that I know will also be fabulous for traveling this summer because I can roll it up and toss it in my suitcase. It’s super lightweight and doesn’t wrinkle. Easy peasy!

Now you may be thinking, how can you possibly wear this if you are on the short or heavy side?  I hear you, but you know what?… find the highest, chunky heels you can, and go for it. That’s what I did. I got some wide strap sandals with a sexy, gold heel, and they made my legs look miles long. That’s the key when you wear pants like this.

blue boho palazzo pants

The heels are going to take a little getting used to. I haven’t worn heels in a while, but heck, they’re not bad at all, and they’re so darn worth it when they make you look and feel good.

I enjoy feeling glam, and this outfit does the trick.  Have you bought a pair of Palazzo pants yet? What are you waiting for? Have some fun!


What Jacket To Wear With a Maxi Dress

Many women sing the praises of maxi dresses because they are casually stylish, comfy and a nice change from pants. The only problem is many are sleeveless or skimpy up top and a lot of gals want a little more coverage.

Maxi dress with jean jacket

If you like maxis dresses but need more coverage up top, then here are two suggestions. You can either look for a maxi dress with sleeves, or you can throw on a cute jean jacket over top of a maxi dress. Continue reading “What Jacket To Wear With a Maxi Dress”


Palazzo Pants – How to Wear Them With Pizazz

There’s something that feels so glamorous about swishing around in a pair of silky, wide leg pants. They’re feminine, comfy and they have the power to make your legs look lovely, long and lean. Here’s how to wear Palazzo pants with style.

palazzo pants Melanie Griffiths Vanessa Williams
Melanie Griffiths and Vanessa Williams in palazzo pants and fitted top.

1. Balance With Skinny on Top

Palazzo pants are flowy and very wide on the bottom, so it’s important to stay fitted and short up top. Otherwise you’ll look out of balance, and your outfit becomes one big, baggy mess.

You have two options: a fitted top -You can wear a semi-fitted/fitted tee, or tank or shirt. Tuck your tank/tee in to show off your waist and highlight the angle at which the pants flare out. (A belt can look fabulous with this look.) Or, if you prefer, you can half tuck in. brightly colored palazzo pants


2. Choose Color and Print

You’ll find many palazzo pants for women in bold, vivid colors and prints. You are best to pair these with a neutral colored top like white, black or gray for example. Your other choice is to wear a solid color top in one of the colors found in the pants. .. A quiet color looks good with loud pants.

If you are bottom heavy, palazzo pants with a busy print or in very bright or contrasting colors may not be your best choice. A dark pattern with less contrast is a good solution if you are short or heavy.

3. Finish with Show-Stopping Shoes

The key to pulling off the palazzo look is all in the shoes. There are a couple of ways to go.

If your pants are very long and full, then you will need some lift to counter the fullness of the pants and make you look tall and slim, especially if you are not so tall, to begin with. But, don’t worry you don’t have to wear towering stilettos. With flowy palazzo pants, wedge sandals are a natural choice. They fit in perfectly with the casual, bohemian feel.

If you are average to tall height, then you may not need a wedge. You can go for flat slides or sandals. Just make sure they are really cute because your shoes will be at the front and center of all that swishing around. black and white palazzo pants


4. Don’t Skimp on Length

Length is also key to getting the look right. Too short and you’ll look chunky, too long, and you’ll look sloppy. Yes, your pants should be on the long side, but the billowy bottoms should barely touch the floor. Your pants should swish along as you walk, but you shouldn’t be tripping over them or fraying the bottoms.

blue and white palazzo pants

5. Add Soft/Slouchy Accessories

Silk palazzo pants demand accessories with the same relaxed look and feel.  A soft bag with a slouchy shape that echoes the silhouette of your pants is your best choice. Avoid anything stiff and boxy.

The same goes for jewelry. Make it long and loose, dangly and fun, and if you can incorporate some boho texture into your look, in the way of leather, suede, fringe beading or embroidery, all the better to go with this fashion theme. A big floppy hat is a perfect topper for palazzo pants style.

Wondering how to wear CROPPED wide leg pants? Here’s a look at this new style with five tips that make it a cinch.



The Non-Frumpy Way to Wear a Peasant Skirt

If you grew up in the ’70s, you probably owned a peasant skirt. These flouncy tiered skirts seem to resurface every summer, and there’s always a handful of 40 +women who love to embrace this gypsy look. The problem? Peasant skirts can often make a mature woman look frumpy. Here’s how to style a peasant skirt, so you don’t look dated.

frumpy tiered skirt

Continue reading “The Non-Frumpy Way to Wear a Peasant Skirt”