Slimming, Elegant Plus Size Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Dear Deborah,

My daughter is getting married, and I’d like to lose a few pounds before the big day, but realistically I will never be skinny. Can you suggest some slimming, elegant plus size Mother of the Bride dresses that will make me look fabulous? Thanks, June

Hi June

I’m so glad you aren’t setting unrealistic goals that you must achieve before the big day.  Many women wait until the last minute to get a mother of the bride or mother of the groom dress, thinking they will lose a lot of weight, but they never do.  As a result, they’re lucky to find any dress that fits, let alone one that they like. The best thing to do is accept the weight you are and order your dress ahead of time. If you do drop a few pounds, then have your dress taken in. It doesn’t matter what you weigh. So long as you choose a style that works with your body, you will look gorgeous in your dress.

Here are some beautiful options.

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Flattering Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses for Spring & Summer

The hall is rented, the wedding dress is bought, and the catering and flower arrangements are all underway. As exciting as it is to know that your son or daughter will soon be married, you may be stressed out because you still don’t have anything to wear.

Finding the perfect Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom dress can be challenging, especially when you are plus size. If you don’t get the style and fit just right, you risk looking matronly.

Here are some flattering Spring & Summer Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom dresses for plus-size figures that will make you look modern and fabulous.

Spring and Summer Plus size mother of the bride - Lilac lace dress

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Lace is Lovely

Lace is always an excellent choice for mother of the bride or groom at any time of the year. This pretty 2- piece tea length lavender dress combines lace and chiffon in a very figure-flattering way. Lace-up top makes your face the focal point while a floats skirt gently skims your curves and camouflage a larger bottom half. Three-quarter length sleeves highlight your slim forearms and show off some skin, which is a very youthful look.

Add some gorgeous heels and a chic clutch, and you’ll feel confident greeting friends and family on this most important day.

Spring and Summer Plus size Mother of the Bride Dress fuschia - Pink wrap style

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Wrap Style Enhances Your Curves

A Mother of the Bride or Groom dress doesn’t necessarily have to be full length. And depending on the formality of the wedding, it might not be appropriate to wear a long gown. If you’re looking for something in a cocktail length, this is a great choice.

This chic plum-colored wrap front dress is very flattering for gals with curves because help to carve out a beautiful waist in a soft, elegant way.

I know a lot of women prefer to keep their upper arms covered, which is another thing that this dress has going for it. And can we talk about the flare sleeves that are so pretty and feminine? Wow!  This is a lovely, sophisticated dress. Pair it with sparkly bag and accessories to bring out the sparkle at the waist tie.

Spring and Summer Plus size Mother of the bride dress - Navy gown

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This Gown is Sheer Delight! 

Here’s another idea for the woman who prefers some arm coverage but doesn’t want to look bundled up, then this glamorous dress may be for you. Sheer fabric on the arms and neckline give this blue mesh column gown an elegant, high-end look. It’s almost as if this dress were strapless, but without the bareness or worry about your dress slipping down.

The beautiful embellishment and royal blue color make it extra special. Team it up with silver heels and clutch, and you have a stunning look for Mother of the Bride or groom.

Spring and Summer Plus size Mother of the bride dress

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A Two-Piece is Slimming

Elegant, timeless, and minimalist are good ways to describe this very popular Mother of the Bride dress, which is a big seller on my blog and in stores. You can’t go wrong with this champagne-colored sheath dress and matching lace jacket for any type of wedding. The tone on tone layering creates a soft and slimming silhouette. Plus, this makes a fabulous dress for many other special occasions too.

Spring and Summer Plus size Mother of the bride dress pink



This Sweetheart Neckline is Figure Flattering 

A great way to flatter your figure when your middle is your trouble spot is to put the attention up near the face, which is exactly what this stunning plus size Mother of the Bride does.  Continue reading “Flattering Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses for Spring & Summer”


Can The Mother of The Bride or Groom Wear a Black Dress?

Dear Deborah,

My son is getting married in September. When I was shopping for a dress, I  saw a lot of beautiful black dresses, so I bought one.  Mine is simple. It has a lovely bolero jacket covering the sleeveless floor-length gown.  The jacket and bodice of the empire waist dress have a classy, textured glitter finish, and the dress is tailored and elegant.  

black mother of the bride dresses

My problem: when people ask what color I am wearing, they are shocked when I tell them the dress is BLACK.  I thought the old rules of not wearing black to a wedding no longer apply.  I asked the bride if she minds my wearing black — and she approves of it.  That said, I don’t want to offend the guests or send the wrong message at the wedding.   So should I shop for another dress?  

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Chic Floral Mother of the Bride Dress

The flowers are blooming, spring is here, and I’m on a high after watching Megan and Harry’s stunning royal wedding. It got me thinking about what I would wear if my daughter or son were getting married.

Today I’m excited to be partnering with David’s Bridal to show you the chic, figure flattering floral Mother of the Bride dress I’d choose.

navy floral mob dress

There are lots of things to think about when shopping for a mother of the bride dress from the color, to the length, to finding the perfect style that suits your personality. But what women stress about most is finding a style that flatters their body type. Continue reading “Chic Floral Mother of the Bride Dress”

Mother of the Bride

Sophisticated Summer Mother of the Bride Dresses

If your son or daughter is getting married this summer, congratulations! It’s the most popular time of year for a wedding, which means finding the perfect mother of the bride or groom dress should be a cinch, right? …….. Not always so!

If you’re still struggling with what to wear to look sophisticated and appropriate at your child’s wedding this June, July or August, here are a few fabulous Summer Mother of the Bride dresses that are totally in sync with the season.Mother of the Bride dress pink sweetheart neckline

Pink is Perfect for Summer MOB Gowns

Your choice of dress as Mother of the Bride will be influenced by many things, from the location and formality of the wedding to the color scheme for the bridal party, your body type and also what’s trending this season. For Summer, pink is the color being favored by many Mother of the Brides and grooms. Continue reading “Sophisticated Summer Mother of the Bride Dresses”


Favorite Winter Mother of the Bride Dresses

When you are the mother of the bride or groom and the wedding is in the cold months of Nov, December, January or February, what do you wear to be in sync with the season? Here are some favorite colors and styles of winter mother of the bride dresses.Mother of the Bride Gold Gown

Metallic Mother of the Bride Dresses – Perfect for Winter

You’ll never go wrong in a metallic dress, and close to Christmas gold is a festive choice. This is the time of year for glistening Christmas trees and sparkly lights, so if you want to shine, a metallic gown is lovely. Continue reading “Favorite Winter Mother of the Bride Dresses”


Wanted! Mother of the Bride Dresses With Sleeves!

When it comes to choosing the right Mother of the Bride dress, style and color are important.  Finding a dress that covers the arms is also at the top of many women’s wish list. If you prefer to camouflage the jiggly bits, no worries. There are lots of options out there. Let’s take a look.

1. Long Sleeves

For some women, nothing short of a full sleeve will do. Plus size mother of the bride dresses with sleeves are particularly popular for women who carry extra weight in their arms. The only drawback is that long sleeves can be hot. Plus, they don’t look as delicate as you may like for an affair as romantic and sentimental as a wedding.

If you know that you absolutely want arm coverage, there are more subtle ways to achieve that.  Usually, it’s only the upper part of the arm women fret about, so here’s how to cover that.

mob dresses sheer sleeves

Blue Dress | Pewter Dress | Cream Dress

2. Sheer Sleeves

This is a great trick many celebrities use. Instead of long, opaque sleeves, they wear evening gowns and cocktail dresses with sheer sleeves. A gown with see-through sleeves gives the illusion of coverage but looks light and airy. It’s the perfect mother of the bride or mother of the groom dress with sleeves.

mob dresses lace sleeves

Silver Gown | Blush gown | Navy Gown

3. Lace Sleeves

Lace sleeves are another great solution. A lace sleeve like this will contain the jiggle, but make your dress look romantic and feminine.

4. Elbow or 3/4 Length Sleeves

A 3/4 length sleeve dress is a favorite with the Mother of the Bride. You still show some skin but in all the right places.

5. Full Sleeves

If your arms are really full, a regular width lace sleeve or a sheer sleeve may be too tight, so a great option is a dress with mid length full sleeves.

lace mother of the bride, mother of the groom dress with sleeves

Blue Lace Dress with Jacket | Taupe Lace Dress with Jacket

6. A Jacket

Here’s a great way to cover up and looks stylish. Many sleeveless dresses come with a matching jacket to cover the arms. Take a look at these two dresses. Whether you like your arms covered at all times, or you just want to cover up for the church, these evening sheath dresses with lace jackets are a gorgeous option.

caped mother of the bride dress

Pink Cape Dress | Blue Cape Dress

7. A Caped Dress

These dresses are new and interesting. Dramatic types love them. The unique chiffon overlay creates floaty, full sleeves to camouflage wide arms and gives you a very ethereal look. This style would be a good option if you want semi arm coverage, or if you just like the fashion-forward feel of a glamorous cape.


If you are the mother of the bride or groom and you need to know what to wear on wedding day then be sure to pick up a copy of Tweak Your Chic: Mother of the Bride!

It’s full of tips and photos showing you how to look fabulous on one of the most important occasions ever.



Does This Hairstyle Date The Mother of the Groom?

mother- of the groom
Does Kim’s hairstyle date her?

Of all the times you want to look fab, the day of your son’s wedding is one of them. As mother of the groom you want to find the perfect dress, shoes, jewelry and of course the perfect hairstyle too.

Here’s an email I got from one of my readers, Kim, who wanted to know how to look modern and pretty on this special day.

Fabulous After 40 hair expert Chris Maclachlan  has some great suggestions for her.

Dear Chris, Continue reading “Does This Hairstyle Date The Mother of the Groom?”

Mother of the Bride

Help! What Color Should I Wear To My Daughter’s Wedding?

Dressing the Mother of the Bride – Tips for Deciding what Color to Wear

The most often asked question asked by a  Mother of the Brides  is “what color should the mother of the bride wear?” Choosing the right color is stressful and scary.

Many things need to be taken into consideration such as the time of year, the formality of the event, how the color photographs, the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses and the color of the wedding flowers, not to mention what looks good on you.  How can you be sure that you are choosing the right color? Continue reading “Help! What Color Should I Wear To My Daughter’s Wedding?”

Mother of the Bride

Top 5 Mother Of The Bride Trends

Gone are the old, stodgy ideas about how a Mother of the Bride should dress. Here are the top trends in Mother of the Bride Dresses for 2019.

Left: Lace Mermaid Cold Shoulder Gown | Right: Off-the-Shoulder Beaded Lace and Chiffon Gown

1. Off the Shoulder/Cold Shoulder

In the last few years, shoulders have become a fashion focal point, so it’s no surprise to see cold shoulder and off the shoulder MOB and MOG gowns making a big splash in the wedding world.

Pretty, elegant off the shoulder dresses that highlight décolletage and shoulders pull out all the stops. When it comes to looking pretty and glamorous, an off the shoulder or cold shower dress is a great choice. Continue reading “Top 5 Mother Of The Bride Trends”