Cuddly Faux Fur Vest Styled 2 Ways

In today’s installment of my 2 Ways/7 Days series, I’m styling this faux-fur vest. Many women don’t even consider a faux-fur vest because they seem a little too far ‘out there.

Ironically, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. They’re a versatile option and an easy way to make a plain outfit a little more stylish and fun. But don’t stop there: depending on the vest and what you wear it with, a faux-fur vest can also be one of the quickest and classiest ways to achieve an edgy, street-chic look that’s appropriate at any age. They are warm, cozy, and, as far as I’m concerned, one of your best fall accessories.

Here are just a couple of ideas on how to style a faux-fur vest.

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Light Up Your Wardrobe With a Long Vest

Days like this remind me of that song from Annie: The sunll come out / Tomorrow / Bet your bottom dollar / That tomorrow / There’ll be sun! /


There’s nothing like a sunny day to lift your spirits and get you going. Of course, wearing a fabulous new outfit doesn’t hurt either (wink, wink!)  Today I’m partnering with Nordstrom to bring you a great idea for a casual outfit that will brighten your day and make you look chic. Continue reading “Light Up Your Wardrobe With a Long Vest”


4 Ways to Look Wow on the Weekend

What are you doing this weekend?

Whether you’re shopping, catching dinner and a movie, or entertaining friends at home here’s how to make your weekend plans a whole lot more stylish.



1. Look COZY this Weekend in a Big Chunky Knit

Weekends are when you want to feel relaxed, but still look stylish too. An easy way to dress up leggings or skinny jeans is to wear them with a big, chunky knit sweater. Blush combined with black is the color combo of the moment if you want to look chic. Add some tall riding boots, a great tote, and a silky scarf, and you’ve got a high-end equestrian look that is classy and casual. Anyone ready to go to the movies? Continue reading “4 Ways to Look Wow on the Weekend”


How To Wear a Long Vest and Look Hip

If the thought of a long vest on a middle-aged woman gives you scary flashbacks of Bea Arthur in the 70’s TV show Maude, don’t head for the hills just yet. The latest vests are much more attractive and are an easy way to update your casual wardrobe at 40, 50 and beyond. Here’s how to wear a long vest.



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