4 Ways to Look Wow on the Weekend

What are you doing this weekend?

Whether you’re shopping, catching dinner and a movie, or entertaining friends at home here’s how to make your weekend plans a whole lot more stylish.



1. Look COZY this Weekend in a Big Chunky Knit

Weekends are when you want to feel relaxed, but still look stylish too. An easy way to dress up leggings or skinny jeans is to wear them with a big, chunky knit sweater. Blush combined with black is the color combo of the moment if you want to look chic. Add some tall riding boots, a great tote, and a silky scarf, and you’ve got a high-end equestrian look that is classy and casual. Anyone ready to go to the movies?


burgundy faux-fur-vest


2. Go FUNKY  Saturday Night in Faux Fur Vest

Are you heading out for a glass of wine and some good conversation with friends and want to dress up a little? The cool way to do it is to pair a silky bow tie blouse with jeans. Take it one step further and add a shaggy faux fur faux fur vest and you’ll look like one rockin’ boho momma!.


3. Look PLAYFUL Running Around in Colored Jeans 

Weekends are a fun time, and what better way to send that message than to add a shot of color. Green is this fall’s most popular shade. Green jeans with a chambray shirt look natural, sporty and fun. Add a soft, unstructured leather bag, flats and a stack of bracelets, and you’re ready to do some serious shopping.



4. Dress DRAMATIC at when You Go out in a Colum of  Black

Here’s a way to look weekend wow if you’re headed off to an afternoon play, museum visit, or any other event where you want to look a little artsy. Start with black turtleneck and leggings to create a dark column of color that elongates and slims. Then add a dramatic poncho or wrap and some fab booties. ( A poncho will instantly refresh your fall wardrobe– try one) Less is more when it comes to accessories. You want to keep the focus on your statement piece (your poncho) for maximum impact!

Like these? Check out more cozy ways to look fab on fall weekends.


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46 thoughts on “4 Ways to Look Wow on the Weekend

  1. I see that most of the fashions shown are very pricey for ladies on a fixed income. However, I take these ideas to the mall and shop outlet prices for the same look at half the price. We can all enjoy the “look” without breaking the bank.

  2. Look #1: tried on the MK boots a couple weeks ago, it was love at first sight but disappointed it was not a wide calf boot. Live near Saratoga Springs very much wanted the equestrian look. So chic!

    1. Laura! I have found Vince Camuto is a Rock Start with Super Hero Powers when it comes to shoes! I can wear his sexy heels all day long! Give his shoes a try.

  3. Hello Deborah,
    the dramatic look is quite my style. Similarly I go in such a look to brunch with my friends on saturday. Your looks are always wonderful. Best regards from Munich – Martina – Lady 50plus

  4. Deborah,

    I love you blog and look forward to all of your tips and advice. I am neither long and lean, nor short and petite. I’m 5’5″ tall and wear extended size bottoms right down to my ankles! While I love the look of skinny jeans and leggings, it’s not really the most flattering look on me. Any suggestions for alternatives?

    Thanks for keeping us fabulous!

    1. Hi Teresa,
      The most flattering pant for all body types is the boot cut pant because it makes your legs look slim, and since it flares a little at the bottom it balances out your hips. Bootcut is your best bet and they’re always in style. So happy to hear you are enjoying Fabulous After 40. Cheers! Deborah

  5. Am enjoying your Blog immensely. Rushing toward 80 well, perhaps not rushing !, I have taken numerous tips from your wonderful blog. and I do appreciate all the fashion help. Many thanks. Having downsized and relocated, we need to carry on regardless of age.

  6. I have been wanting a pair of the Reva Tory Burch flats – many of the reviews describe blisters and being uncomfortable – not good for walking. What is your experience? I am looking for an attractive pair of black flats for city walking.

  7. These looks are cute but I live in sunny so cal where its often 80 degrees in January. I wear sandals year round. Even on a cool day, I’m probably too warm, due to the “change”. The worst part is fall, when its usually HOT (often 90-100 degrees) when cooler weather clothes are coming out. Help!

    1. Hi Sandra, That’s a Burberry poncho bu there are lots of others out there. At 5′ 2″ I would go with a shorter poncho, or even a capelet (short cape) and some boots with a wedge or heel to give you some extra height. You don’t want to look like you are drowning in fabric. Cheers, Deborah

  8. Hello Deborah,

    This is a wonderful website!!! I have a question what’s the best legging or stright leg jean/pant?

    Thank you,


    1. I bought a pair of Vince Camuto that she suggested. They are very nice and a nice weight, not like the thin leggings.

  9. Response to Leanne’s comment about Long Tall Sally. I just checked their site, and they do have longer inseams. Their inseams actually START at 34″ and go up to 38″ at least in some styles. I was getting worried because even though I take a 33 (which is also getting harder to find), my daughter takes 34-36 depending on her shoe height.

  10. The gap has skinny black pants in long length which are not leggings, but are actually better because they have slightly more structure so that you can wear them as pants or leggings. I just tried some on today – 30 percent off. I am over 5’9″ and find regular length quite long – and the long length is very long there.

  11. Thanks Pat and Liz for the website tip offs.

    Unfortunately Long Tall Sally only make up to 34 inch inseam (I’m a 36 inch inseam), and LongLegs is all sold out of anything black! I’ll have to be quicker next season.

    I’m guessing we tall women are just not meant for leggings, hey? And they say that plus size women have it difficult! If only they knew! :-(

  12. Hi! I love the look of a poncho and leggings but I have two questions….
    What should I be wearing under the poncho? Say i need to take it off inside? And two, does the legging idea work for women who are a little curvier? Thanks for you help…love your site!

    1. Hi Maire M,
      Under the poncho goes either straight legged jeans or you can do flair jeans if those look better on you. The leggings on curvier women can be done, but you have to make sure your top comes down past the hips or you will look like you forgot to put your pants on!!! Also leggings can be worn with boots to really balance out the curvy body! Make sure the boots come up to the knee for the most flattering look. Those boots that stop at mid calf are just not flattering! The ankle boot is cute too. Try flipping up the hem of some straight legged jeans with them. Good luck!

  13. I would like to see stylish items for a woman on a budget. Shoes, clothing and items that are not frumpy . I always see items on the site that are adorable but way over my budget.

  14. I live in the uk, we have a shop here called long tall Sally they make clothes for tall girls. I get my leggings there. I have a 34″ inseam and they are long on me. Funnily enough I’m wearing mine right now with a long tunic style jumper.! I think they ship to the states and have pop up shops there also. Check out their website. Hope it’s of some use!

    DEB, love your blog-very useful and fun! I’ve been seeing red jeans everywhere here, I think their cute. I would buy if I could find them long enough.

  15. Chico’s uses SOMEWHAT older models – probably 40-ish women who look a little younger, but they certainly aren’t 20, and Chico’s market is definitely over 40’s – I buy LOTS of my clothes there.

  16. I totally love the look of leggings with a short dress or long tunic — thanks for validating that look for women over 40. Just as you noted, you can get away with a short dress if you wear nice leggings or cigarette pants to disguise or distract from bad knees/legs. Eileen Fisher has terrific straight-keg pants (black) that are a cross between leggings and slacks — very slimming and flattering with short dresses.

  17. The idea of skinny jeans/pants with a looser fit top has grown on me. But colored jeans/bright colored pants are just so not for me. I think they look kind of silly – like something a kid would wear. The look comes and goes over the years but I’ve always felt the same way about it. That said, I think if you are very thin it’s easier to get away with the bright color on bottom but the top almost always needs to be lighter for it to work I’d guess. I really don’t like the look of a darker color jacket with bright colored bottoms.

    Jcrew used to have Lauren Hutton modeling – Sundance uses some older models as well. And some European companies. And Talbots in recent times. The U.S. is really caught up in the whole “youth” craze of trying not to grow old. A lot of companies are missing a big market.

  18. Not sure of the brightly coloured jeans ladies, might just stick to tops. They say if you can remember a fashion phase the first time it come around you maybe shouldn’t be wearing it the second time. I do remember wearing brightly coloured jeans in the 80’s so maybe not for me. Having said that I might be tempted with the nice purple ones. :)

  19. Hi Deb,

    Any ideas where to get leggings to fit a six foot tall woman? I love the look, and I’m long and lean(ish), but I haven’t managed to find leggings to fit a woman who usually takes a 36″inseam anywhere. The look of leggings is lovely, but I’m certain they’re NOT supposed to be worn on the knee!

    Thanks for the terrific work you do, and the great tips generally (more tips for the tall girls would be very welcome!)


  20. I’ve noticed that Garnet Hill catalogue uses older (and yet gorgeous) models. I really love them for it. Take a look! I’m pretty sure they’ve been using one of their models for at least 10 years.

  21. Hi Jolyanna,
    Thanks for your comment. The biggest problem is trying to find pictures of women wearing clothes I would wear.

    For the blog I use use photos taken from designer sites, retailers, online catlogues and all of thes use under 40 and way under 40 models.

    It’s very frustrating and sad…Frustrating because it’s very difficult to imagine yourself in something being worn by a 20 something and sad because these designers/retailers don’t seem to think that women over 40 still want to be be stylish and are stylish.

    If any of you gals know of a designer. retiler/catalogue out there that uses mature models please let us know.

    I hear Ann Tylor is switching to a boomer market. Right now they use young models. It will be intersting to see what kind of clothes they’ll offer and what kind models they use in the future. We hope they get it right… meaning mature models + chic clothing.

    Cheers, Deborah

    1. These retailers should read this blog! They need to realize there’s a huge market of over forty women that want to look good and are willing to spend! What do they think happened to us? Do we disappear and/or become frumpy when we reach forty or above?

  22. I think the clothes are great and the idea of fashion for over 40 is a good one.

    Maybe you should use more mature models, though. If the ones here are 40…they are just reaching that age.

    Women in their late 40’s, and throughout their 50’s and beyond want to look great, too. And many do. I would like to see THOSE women modeling.

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