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The Military Jacket – How to Style it Over 40

Can I wear this look after 40?

Hi Deborah,

I am so glad I found your wonderful website.  I have a question that relates to what is “age-appropriate.”

I am 43 and very petite.  I am in love with a trendy jacket, although I usually stay away from trends.  The jacket I am talking about is the military jacket.

My only concern is the age-appropriate perception of this jacket due to the adornment?  My idea would be to wear it with some nice fitted jeans, a simple white top underneath and simple, sleek black or metallic heels.  No excessive accessories.  I have tried the jacket on, and it fits beautifully.

Your thoughts on the age-appropriateness of this ensemble are greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Gail
military jacket fashion for womenHi Gail,

This is part of the utilitarian trend that is so popular at the moment. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this piece.


  • You love it
  • It’s a statement piece that expresses your personality
  • You have ideas about what to wear it with
  • It’s age-appropriate*


  • Since it has a lot of adornment and is a statement piece, you might get as much wear out of it as you like – not practical.
  • It’s expensive if you are on a limited budget.
  • It is age-appropriate, but it’s a strong statement piece, so it would work best if you were in a creative or fun profession or you live in a cosmopolitan city. You have the right idea to keep whatever you wear this with simple, so it does not look like a costume.

Another option is to put your money towards a high-quality coat that is still fun but has more lasting power.

This cute military coat by Tory Burch has big brass buttons but is more subtle than the other jacket and more practical too. Still, I don’t think it is anywhere near boring. It’s a classic. Good luck deciding.

Here are a few examples of women over 40 who are not afraid to make a statement and know how to rock a Military jacket.



Stephanie from North Carolina looks stunning in a commanding military jacket that is crisp and classy.



Yvonne, a 40+ style blogger, stands out from the crowd in a powerful purple military jacket with a glistening gold braid.


Deborah from Australia is low-key and lovely looking in a classic naval jacket with a sporty zip front.



Army green never looked so good as it does on Valerie, a 50+ blogger with style worth saluting!


This 40+ Instagrammer takes us back in time with a swashbuckling jacket that more Pirates of the Caribbean than the modern naval officer.



Miriam, 56, from the Netherlands, looks polished and patriotic in a navy officer’s coat and bright red bag.



Codigo, a Spanish-style Instagrammer, combines a pink velvet tank top and classic skinny jeans with a stunning Captain’s jacket adorned with gorgeous gold embellishment.





Yvonne, a  40+ style blogger and fashion lover, looks fab in a masculine military jacket punctuated with pretty pink accents.

Funky - Blazer


If you want to see some more Military jacket options, check out my post on The Utilitarian trend.

I’m always on the lookout for Stylish women to feature. Be sure to add the #fabulousafter40 HASHTAG to your Instagram posts so I can find you easily!

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11 thoughts on “The Military Jacket – How to Style it Over 40

  1. Hi Deborah! The second image from above (the image ABOVE the image of Stephanie from North Carolina): do you know where this jacket is from? I am obsessed. It´s so so beautiful but I can´t find it. Thanks a lot! All the best.

    1. Hi Natalie,
      That’s a great jacket, but an old post, so I doubt you could buy this now. However, why don’t you direct message Stepanie through her Instagram account and ask? It might help. Direct message @hautegreyfox Cheers, Deb

  2. I just saw the post is from 7 years ago. in 2016 I would wear that jacket in a snap! It just goes to tell you it’s timeless and a good investment.

  3. Go for it! You only live once. Why limit yourself to mainstream clothing? What have we got to lose – some teen friend’s gossip? The advantage of our age is that we can do whatever we want; if not now, then when? If you “own it” when you wear it even the young people will look at you and envy you: they will think, “that’s how I want to be when I am older!” When you put that jacket on you will feel special, unique, artistic, ready to conquer the world; even a role model to young people. I have a similar jacket and I love it; I wear it a LOT more than I thought I would; who doesn’t like the feeling I just described above? That and my attitude of not thinking what is “age-appropriate” at all gained me some younger friends who, in turn keep me young. Remember, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about at all, as Mr. Wilde would surely tell you. Now I really must know where I can get that jacket, because I lost my funky military jacket while traveling. What’s the brand?

  4. Love your newsletter – it’s so refreshing and positive! Makes one feel that aging is okay!

    Just a comment on the models, although they are beautiful, please can you model 40+ women so that we can see how these clothes ideas would look on older women. Most of these girls are probably in their 20s and everything looks fab on them! :)

    1. Hi Meena,
      I am as frustrated as you are when it comes to trying to find photos of women over 40 wearing the clothes!!! The only magazine that I know is More Magazine, but even then, they are mostly tall and thin. I hope that one day soon, stores will realize that women 40+ want to see real women our age modeling clothes. Thanks for your comment!

  5. Well, for me personally I would stay away from this jacket only because I could not see myself getting a lot of wear out of this piece. I don’t function on what other perceive as “age appropriate” I just wear what I like. This is also probably on the more expensive side since its designer. I don’t mind doing trendy pieces here and there but I wouldn’t suggest anybody spending big bucks on something that is not a classic or basic piece you would wear like a hundred different ways. Again, nothing wrong with a super trendy item just don’t spend a lot of money for it.

    1. Hi Budget Chic,
      Well, sounds like you gave the exact advice that I gave!
      Good to hear that we are all on the same page! For more great budget wardrobe building tips pick up my ebook, Chic on the Cheap.

  6. Hi Gail and Kelly,
    I’m so glad to hear that both of you are out there trying trends and not just sticking to what is “safe”. That is the tough part of being over 40, is where to draw the line in trends vs FUN vs classy vs looking age appropriate.
    One thing I like Kelly, is that your military jacket is in dark brown. That will give it a softer look than black or navy, and will make it more wearable.
    Good luck with your search, hope you will share photos of your finds and creative ways to wear this falls latest trend!

  7. I agree too – spot ON. I have a military style jacket (dark brown with darker brown buttons – much more “casual” military) and I have worn it a few times, but it doesn’t feel as “right” as some other jackets I wear. I’m going to make an effort to pair it in interesting ways and wear it more often this fall.

  8. Glam Gal Deborah, thank you for the thoughtful and great advice. I also think you are spot-on! I especially agree with your comments on the price and statement piece quality of the jacket, which definitely I had considered and probably lent to my uncertainty. I will definitely keep looking and I am sure I will find a jacket that will have a more timeless quality to it. BTW – loved your idea of the red plaid shirt under this jacket – how fun!

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