How to Wear Taupe and Not Look Washed Out

Fall is about earth tones, like copper, rust, green, and burgundy, plus a handful of calming neutrals. At the top of the list is Taupe- a color that communicates stability and reassurance. Can anybody wear taupe, or does it wash you out? That really depends on the shade of taupe you wear. When you wear the right taupe, You won’t look washed out. There are two types:

Cool Taupe

Taupe is usually thought of as cool beige or a grey-brown. It has pink/ violet undertones and flatters women with cool (pink) skin and ashy hair.  If you have had your colors done and know you are a winter or summer, this is the taupe for you. If your skin and hair are warm (more golden than pink), then cool taupe is going to wash you out. It will look flat and lifeless.

Warm Taupe

Women with warm skin and hair who are a Spring or Autumn look best in Warm Taupe- a cozy beige grounded in nature. Warm Taupe is less ashy and more reddish than cool taupe. It is great for bringing a warm complexion to life. I’m a spring, and warm taupe looks great on me. The slight hint of gold in warm taupe complements the golden undertones in my skin and hair.


warm taupe sweater


Sometimes warm taupe is hard to find, but luckily this year, it is everywhere.  Warm taupe comes in a range of shades from light to dark, including oatmeal, honey, caramel, tan and more. The color is my taupe utility jacket called sand.


How to Wear Warm Taupe

Mix varying shades of Warm Taupe for an elegant tone-on-tone look. Combine textures, too, to make your outfit look more interesting, not flat.

Mix Shades of Taupe

More Ways to Wear Warm Taupe ( Cozy Beige)

  • Wear Warm Taupe with Black – a very chic combo.
  • Try it with Leopard Print, as I have
  • If you find a Warm Taupe Utility Jacket, snap it up Hint, you can usually tell it is warm if the zippers are gold.
  • Wear Red with Warm Taupe – another beautiful combo.
  • Add Warm Taupe accents to an outfit such as a bag and shoes.


Black and Taupe are Chic!

taupe sweater coat


An Oatmeal sweater coat is cozy!


Try a sand-colored sweater dress.

warm taupe accessories

Warm Taupe Accessories tone down this hot paprika color and add to the elegance.


What do you think of Fall’s Stand-Out Neutral? Do you wear taupe, and how do you wear it? Please send me a photo!


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  1. Thanks, Deborah, for so many great ideas for dressing this fall! I have gotten lots of good ideas from you on what clothing items to pair together and accessory ideas too! I’ll have more confidence when I dress now. Thanks again!

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